Rex Ryan thinks he may have his best Jets team yet


Rex Ryan has promised not to guarantee any more Super Bowls, but the Jets’ head coach isn’t done talking up his team.

In fact, Ryan says this year’s Jets might actually be his best team — better than either of the teams he led to the AFC Championship Game, which would suggest that he thinks this year’s team should get to the Super Bowl.

“Overall, in my opinion, I think this has a chance to be the best team that I’ve had since I’ve been the coach here,” Ryan said, via the New York Daily News. “And I say that because I think we understand complementary football; sometimes your offense is going to be rolling. Sometimes you’re going to have to ask your defense to — that old hockey term — stand on their heads.”

The Jets sure haven’t looked like a good team in the preseason, but Ryan says that doesn’t matter.

“If you go back and talk to me about last year’s preseason, I don’t think any of us could tell you a single score,” Ryan said. “I don’t think there’s any way. But we could probably name almost all the regular-season games. There’s a big difference.”

If there’s not a big difference between the way the Jets play in the regular season and the way they played in the preseason, then Ryan’s assessment of his team is going to be proven wrong in a big way.

71 responses to “Rex Ryan thinks he may have his best Jets team yet

  1. I can’t wait for him to tell us how the Jets could beat either team playing in the Super Bowl, if the Jets hadn’t been eliminated in week 10.

  2. This is the most talented defensive team he has had since his Baltimore days.
    But the rest is the worst. They should really work a trade for a more talented running back in the very least.

  3. These guys might not be better than the Dolphins at the end of the year! Sparano’s offenses were awful and this is the guy the pick to be OC? Pretty funny!

  4. I have finally figured Rex out. He is clueless and will go with any stupid idea in his head that he thinks can motivate his team. Really?

  5. There u go again Rex flapping ur mouth. Why don’t u let the plays on the field do the talking instead. How ur players perform on the field will let us know if it’s the best team u ever had.

  6. He’s right, there is a chance. He should have also mentioned that this team has an equal chance to win the Stanley Cup.

  7. I really don’t understand all these sassy-mollasy Rex Ryan comments. Every coach gives a press conference, so they all “open their mouths”.

    As a Jets fans, I love that Rex loves the team. I love his passion and his belief.

    If you’re not a Jets fan, why would it in any way bother you what he says?

    Plus, his first two years he went to the AFC championship game, which leads the reasonable person to conclude that the man knows what he’s doing.

    But then again, if you all didn’t comment on it as if you’re some ethics or behavior czar, there’d be no story, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

  8. This is a clear example of been able to see and not accepting what you see. Rex will be Fired next year. My Dolphins arent the worst… that i do can see.. Go TBow..

  9. fordmandalay says:
    Sep 1, 2012 10:19 AM
    ……..if the Jets hadn’t been eliminated in week 10.
    Best post so far. Rex is on his way to another DC job in (fill in blank)

  10. I would hate to be a Jets fans, false hopes. It going to be long season. All you have to do run on the Jets and play with two TE sets. Offensively, stack eight men in the block and their done. Sporano will run the same plays over and over, three and out will be very common place.

  11. And you would think this guy would have learned by now to just shut up. Its pretty sad if this is his best team. Especially when your 3rd string QB was the only one able to get in the end zone. This should be his last season as a HC for the New York Jests.

  12. He’s right though. Given strong improvements at a few key positions (QB, RB, TE, WR, OL, DL, LB, CB, safety, ST) the Jets could well be superbowl bound.

  13. Brandon Jacobs Runningback formerly of the Giants and now of 49Wes was right about Rex Ryans big mouth…The man is delusional at least in the comments he makes are not based in reality…

  14. On paper, The Jets look like they have a below average offense, a potentially great defense and an above average special teams. Rex is just seeing things from his area of expertise. He sees the potential of having a great defense and thinks that makes the team the best he has ever coached.

    Maybe Rex Ryan has lost so much weight because all he has left to eat is his words.

  15. If this is the best Jets team yet, and he guaranteed Super Bowl appearances for previous teams, then logically he’s guaranteeing a Super Bowl run for this team.

    Way to go Rex.

  16. Hard to believe the Jets will be going for their 4th Super Bowl in the four years that Rex has been there…And if he says this is his best team ever then it must be right?

  17. Yep, he should probably just vent to the media about all of his concerns with his team. The dude believes in something that he helped create. Lets bash him for that….idiots.

    9-7 AFC Champ Game
    11-5 AFC Champ Game
    8-5 through 13 games last season before things went very, very bad.

    I think this man has earned some respect….even from the fools that constantly post negatively about the Jets. Get a clue, fellas.

  18. And lets not forget….this team may very well have the best defense in football. That alone can carry you a very long way.

  19. Might be time to expand nfl drug testing rules to the coaches. I’d be shocked if that team even sniffs .500. I expect them to be in the battle of their life with miami for 4th in the afce.

  20. It might be believable if they seemed like they were making moves to win. They extend Sanchize?! They pick up Tebow?! No running backs?! Or O-line?! It’s laughable.

  21. I don’t blame him for talking while he can. Next year he’ll be a DC somewhere and no one will be putting him in front of a mic.

    Rob Ryan will probably never be a HC because Rex and Buddy have proven that Ryans can’t coach offenses.

  22. How could your team possiably be that good when your first team O cant score a td…… good luck Rex seems like the jets like the media attention more than winning or even scoring for that matter

  23. Why does Rex open his mouth? Nothing sensible comes out of it, so it’s a complete waste.
    With Sparano on the side lines, it’s been field goals and field goals, that won’t win games as the Dolphins all know. His vision of an offense is pathetic, unless he has figured out a new playbook.

  24. I understand why Rex Ryan talks up his team every year, It builds up player confidence. The only thing that kills him is the fact that the Jets haven’t done anything he has said or put out there. Eventually, the players are going to start to see the trend and stop believing in what he says. I know the fans already do.

  25. Apparently calling people out ensures your comment won’t post so I’ll just say this:
    QB- tebows a downgrade for backup. Better FA’s out there.
    RB- lost LT. downgrade. Green is weak.
    OL- laughable.
    TE- unhappy about his lack of contract.
    WR- Holmes is a pissant. Hill is raw. Nothing else worth noting

    Otherwise stout D and my fantasy team hopes they do well BUT having your O go 3 and out nonstop gets your D winded and hurts their cause.

    7-9. Rex ends up in Arizona as DC in 2013 season.

  26. While the Jest Offense has not looked any good, that Coples kid sure has looked good, he lets the Jets play their base 3-4 on run downs and then when they go nickel they can go 4-3 and put Coples on one side and Maybin on the other and get after the passer. Their D is going to be special, if they can get anything out of their Offense they should be pretty good. Special Teams is always a strong suit for the Jets, so they will be solid there. ROT, WR and QB are the only question marks and they are big ones unfortunately for the Jets. I think they will be better than last year, but I think Buffalo has passed them in the division and they are not in NE class. So I think they miss the playoffs, even though they will be a better team that last year.

  27. rex and the whole jets organization should so embarrassed.
    To constantly run your mouth and come up empty for over 40 years………….. laughable.
    They just need to look across the stadium and see that talk does not win super bowls – good teams win them.
    giants have been to 5 super bowls and won 4 – including 2 in the last 4 years – i don’t hear coach coughlin running his mouth – he has too much class – as does the entire giants organization – much like the steelers, pats, and packers.
    games are won on the field by successful organizations – rex ryan is a complete loser – as well as a fool – and the jets as a whole are an embarrassment.

  28. The best QB they have won’t be playing, and his name is Greg McElroy. A strong arm, which Sanchez doesn’t have and the guy can scramble, but knowing the Jet’s they’ll either trade him or cut him.

  29. I have two questions:
    #1 Does Rex realize his big mouth has made him a big joke…certainly he’s not too stupid to realize everyone is laughing at him???
    #2 Does Rex realize even the best defense needs at least a “game manager” QB (and that Sanchez/Tebow aren’t even that good)???

  30. seriously where are you guys get off saying that the jets have a good defense? please explain. they suck.!!!!!!

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