The full list of Saturday waivers claims

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Friday’s roster cuts sent hundreds of game-ready NFL players onto the market.  Players with less than four years of experience landed in the waivers system.

And less than 30 were claimed by new teams.

Here’s a full list of the 29 players who were awarded via waivers on Saturday, according to a source with knowledge of the transactions.  Six players attracted two claims; no player drew three or more claims.

Jets:  NT Isaako Aaitui, WR Clyde Gates, TE Konrad Rueland.

Dolphins:  WR Anthony Armstrong, LB Sammy Brown, DB Troy Nolan, DB R.J. Stanford.

Patriots:  C Matt Tennant.

Browns:  LB Tank Carder (Dolphins also made a claim), NT Ishmaa’ily Kitchen.

Jaguars:  TE Brett Brackett.

Colts:  LB Sergio Brown (Giants also made a claim), T Mike Person (Seahawks also made a claim), NT Martin Tevaseu.

Raiders:  DB Philip Adams, LB Keenan Clayton, T Willie Smith (Giants also made a claim; pictured).

Redskins:  DB Crezdon Butler.

Cowboys:  TE Colin Cochart.

Giants:  T D.J. Jones.

Eagles:  T Nate Menkin.

Vikings:  G Mark Asper.

Saints:  DB Rafael Bush.

Buccaneers:  DT Corvey Irvin, G Julian Vandervelde, C Cody Wallace (Redskins also made a claim).

Rams:  RB Terrance Ganaway, DE Kellen Heard.

Cardinals:  LB Jamaal Westerman (49ers also made a claim).

10 responses to “The full list of Saturday waivers claims

  1. The fact that teams are so loathe to claim other teams’ players on waivers when it costs nothing to acquire that player except a roster spot and assuming their (often modest) contract, is why I’m not really convinced that “teams don’t sign each others RFAs” is collusion when doing so requires not only giving that player a considerable contract but also giving up a potentially high draft pick, assuming the other team just doesn’t match your offer.

  2. ESPN Mike Reiss reporting that the Patriots did make a claim on Person, so if Seattle did also, that would make three teams for him.

  3. Wow the scarcity of these moves is saddening and makes no sense, there’s a ton of losers on rosters right now that could be replaced by somebody who has talent and upside for the future plus a lot of cost savings potential and youth!

    At the end of the year several teams are going to prove to have been terrible all year long, and I’m wondering how they will justify their poor 53 man rosters when they passed up THIS opportunity to try and do something positive instead of turning in a poor season’s performance with the terrible rosters they have.

    This is shocking and there are some really interesting and talented football players out there that deserve a job.

  4. I’d like to see the league increase not only the overall roster limit, but the gameday rosters as well. It just seems like its very difficult to build any depth on your team, let alone build a cohesiveness within the roster itself. Seems like each team has 10-15 new players every year, and it leads to a watered down product overall.

  5. Still disappointed that the Jets cut Ganaway in hopes that they could practice squad him, only to lose him to the Rams.

  6. I swear I read the Vikes picked up Tori Gurley who they tried to sign last year off the pack’s practice squad, so me thinks there list isn’t complete.
    Of course players not picked up are free and available to go anywhere so there is still hope for some of them as the season rolls on.

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