The other Notre Dame pulls off road upset

Will there be an update every time my kid’s high school team wins a game?  Probably not.  But for a squad that was freshman-heavy and victory-challenged in 2011, Friday night’s opener for a very small Catholic school on the road against a much larger public school was a no-lose proposition, since everyone expected Clarksburg Notre Dame to lose.

They didn’t.

Florio Jr.’s team gutted out a back-and-forth 30-27 win.  Up 14-0 and eventually behind 20-17 with the home team in the red zone, a fumble recovery turned into a six-play, 90-yard drive that turned the thing around for good.

I could go on.  (And on.)  But if you’re inclined to get more details you can check out the highlights in Part 3 of the WDTV Fifth Quarter, hosted by a guy whom you may remember from our old PFTV days.