Witten will be evaluated by doctors again, still could play

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Yes, it’s unlikely that Cowboys tight end Jason Witten will play on Wednesday, when Dallas travels to New Jersey for a regular-season opener against the Giants.  But there’s still a chance he’ll play.

And not the overused Dumb and Dumber “so you’re telling me there’s a chance?” chance.  If doctors conclude when re-examining Witten early this week that he’s able to play, then he’ll play, a source with knowledge of the situation told PFT late Friday afternoon.

Witten, who practiced Saturday, wants to play — risk or no risk.  But the risk is sufficiently significant to keep the doctors from giving Witten medical clearance, so far.

As Adam Schefter of ESPN explained it on Friday, this isn’t like a shoulder or an ankle injury, where the player can gut it out and suck it up.  This is an internal medical condition.  Witten’s spleen was damaged.  It almost had to be removed.

It would be a surprise if Witten plays, given the league’s unprecedented sensitivity to health and safety.  And if Witten ultimately talks his way onto the field, it’ll surely happen only after he signs a stack of documents exonerating anyone involved of any responsibility in the event his spleen pops like a touch-me-not.

22 responses to “Witten will be evaluated by doctors again, still could play

  1. Boy, you idiot Redskin/wrestling fans get more annoying with every post. As a Giants fan, I hope that Witten is healthy enough to play. You ALWAYS want your team to play against the best the other team has to offer.

    Except for the Redskins. I couldn’t care less if their whole team goes on IR at this point. At least this multiple personality Skins troll would shut up and go away.

  2. I’m thinking this dolt voiceofreasonsays wrote this article because neither know what they are talking about. Adam Schefter also the drama queen of ESPn always has to over exaggerate the situation. Yes the spleen was injured but never to the extent of almost having to be removed. Also Wittens been practicing for a few days now and been in full pads so saying it would be “unlikely” or “a surprise” that Witten plays is absurd. He will be playing on Wednesday night. Also voice if Cooley was always better how come he was replaced by a substance abuser and then later cut? Oh he must have been to good and was making the coaches and other players look bad. Yeah thats Cooley. lol

  3. Witten may be a slightly better receiver than Cooley–MAY be–but Cooley was a FAR better blocker. He was easily the best blocking TE in the league for several years, and it’s sad that so few fans ever got to see it.

  4. ya midget fan keep your BS up and by the way what team gave your team a beat down 2 times.???? last year. prepare for 2 more beat downs. also rex grossman was the QB at the time. HA HA HA you F &*$* loser.

  5. As a Giant fan the only 2 Cowboy player I really like on that team is Witten and Demarcus. These guys come to work, play hard dnt showboat, and they not stuck-up snobs that think they’re entitled to a championship but they want to earn it. Witten talked about trying to win a ring not talking trash like Carr saying No Salsa dancing, U just got there wat are U talking 4? Anyway I like Witten and I dnt want him to jeopardize his career to play NY opening night. Its not how U start its how U finish, The Giants proved that last Yr. So get better and dnt rush it. Especially when U can help smack the Eagles and Skins around. As for the rest of The Boys…… Go Gmen.

  6. witten has been always better than COOLEY but he also has always had a very good qb in romo that gets him the ball a lot as they are bffs lol but that being said eli was the best qb in the east but RG3 will def change that!!! HTTR and voiceofreasonsays is a Joke troll of a redskins fan, not stating what a majority of skins fans feel as we hate the cowgirls and vagiants but also have a lot of respect for them as they have won super bowls and not only NFL championships. Filthydelphia eagles are truly the jokes of the NFL and can’t respect those Turds they have rever won a bowl and will never win one!!! HTTR

  7. as for weed being a illegal drug that is a big loaded crock of crap, it shouldn’t be illegal and won’t be illegal in couple years when smarter civilians get older start voting!! alcohol and tobacco have killed and harmed more ppl in one year than all time harm that weed has caused and no one has ever died as a result of marijuana. It was actually only prohibited after a lengthy smear propaganda campaign by the logging and paper companies as hemp is the cheapest and best way to make the most durable paper products!! Hemp could actually help this country if made legal from everything from renewable fuel to strong rope to helping reduce logging and destroying natural resources to valuable medicine thats not addictive and dangerous like oxycodone is. who cares if logging and pill companies go out of business if the whole nation benefits from making hemp and weed legal!!!!

  8. Before marijuana was made illegal, a guy named Harry Anslinger tried to get it banned based on a platform of racism against black people and other lies and made up facts.

    But get this: the first eight times marijuana prohibition was brought to a vote, it failed! EIGHT TIMES we said no to banning marijuana! But the ninth time, the prohibition passed, and that’s what’s still on the books today. His stubborn persistance paid off for him. Does that seem fair to you?

  9. Some moron always has to come on here and talk the “weed should be legal” bs. It’s not and it shouldn’t. There’s far too many idiots who let it ruin their lives. But enuff about that, wasn’t this about football.

  10. I’m tired of all these Redskins fans talking about last seasons sweep. The Giants swept the skins in 08,09,10 and the giants were swept by the skins was in 1999!!! Giants are going to thiesman RG3 !!!

  11. @welllemmeaskyouthis i wasnt even going to comment on this until i saw your dumbass post…u say that people will let marijuana ruin and take over their lives…but what the hell has alcohol and tobacco done..oh yeah and dont forget about pain killers and pills…oh yeah the government made those legal and taxed them so those drugs are ok. thats the BS

  12. “Witten may be a slightly better receiver than Cooley–MAY be”


    Witten 696 receptions, 7909 yards, 41 TDs. 7-time Pro Bowl, 5 time All Pro. Three time NFL Alumni TE of the Year.

    Cooley 428 receptions, 4703 yards, 33 TDs. 2-time Pro Bowl, 1 time All Pro. Nobody ever felt he was the best except for Redskins fans and MAYBE his mom.

    You’re right, it’s really close. That’s sarcasm.

    You’re pretty clueless when it comes to blocking TE’s, too.

  13. “witten has been always better than COOLEY but he also has always had a very good qb in romo that gets him the ball a lot”

    It helps that Witten’s not slow as molasses or more interested in blogging and pottery than football. Cooley’s been a joke ever since he committed the double whammy of showing off his playbook and his weiner.

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