Browns’ 53-man roster has 15 rookies

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The dust has settled (sort of) on the reduction from 90 to 53 players.  And now that the Browns’ roster is determined (sort of), more than a fourth of the players are rookies.

In all, 15 of 53 players are entering their first season in the NFL.

While looking for the best 53, G.M. Tom Heckert apparently wasn’t paying attention to the abundance of players without an abundance of experience.  “I’m going to be totally honest with you, [team spokesman Neal Gulkis] just told me that,” Heckert told the media on Saturday.  “I didn’t really know it was 15 so it’s obviously not something that we planned.”

The current 15 rookies are, in alphabetical order:  defensive back Johnson Bademosi, receiver Travis Benjamin, linebacker Tank Carder, linebacker L.J. Fort, defensive back Tashaun Gipson, receiver Josh Gordon, defensive tackle John Hughes, linebackers James-Michael Johnson, defensive lineman Ishaa’ily Kitchen, offensive lineman Ryan Miller, running back Trent Richardson, offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz, defensive back Trevin Wade, quarterback Brandon Weeden, and defensive lineman Billy Winn.

Nine are draft picks; the other six (I are good with the number things) were undrafted.

The Browns also didn’t care about fitting anyone’s formula for how many players a team should have at each position.

“I don’t know if Pat [Shurmur] told you guys, but you can see there are some unorthodox — maybe too many guys at one position,” Heckert said.  “We talked about it in our meeting the other day and we wanted to keep the best 53 or what we consider the best 53 no matter what position, if we have to go light at one position or heavy at another one, we were willing to do it so I think it worked out that way at least right now and we’ll see how it goes.”

Given the way the Browns have performed the past few years, it should be no surprise that 15 first-year players could claim jobs.  In order to keep the guys who picked those players around for another year beyond 2012, however, those rookies need to step up.  Quickly.

21 responses to “Browns’ 53-man roster has 15 rookies

  1. The Browns won’t be very good again this year but at least it’s justifiable. There are some very good athletes in this rookie crop who are not afraid to hit and there is new ownership that will not allow the mess of the last 13 years to continue. Things are slowly but surely beginning to look up in Cleveland. That said, it’s going to be another long year.

  2. Perhaps not quite so good with the number thing – 10 of the rookies on the roster were drafted by the Browns this year, including supplementary pick Josh Gordon.

  3. If everyone will calmly recall, the plan was to “build through the draft” which is what H & H have done. Why would this even be a surprise? Yes, time will be required, but Cleveland tried getting a bunch of veteran cast offs from the Crennel era and look what it did. Seriously, willie mcginest waaaaaaay after his prime, I could’ve out run him!

  4. Something tells me this gives them a pretty good chance at starting another rookie (by the name of Matt Barkley) at quarterback next year.

  5. The truly amazing part is that the Browns actually found 53 players worth keeping.

    This franchise has consistently drafted in the Top 10 for much of the past decade and what do they have to show for it? Not much.

  6. This team is so young they have guys still trying to get their Boy Scout merit badges!
    But, it’ll take more than rubbing two sticks together to create some fire in Cleveland. All we keep hearing is, ‘we’re on the right path.”
    I’m afraid these guys are going to get lost again, in the thick of things.
    I don’t see Richardson having a great career in Cleveland. He has poor blockers that are so bad they couldn’t block enough sun to create a shadow. And, I am concerned that his knee is going to constsntly hamper him.
    Holmgren and Heckert went against the grain in drafting high for a running back. I think it will cost them in the long run…..”their jobs.”

  7. Love the sarcasm. So what if the Browns have 15 rookies on the roster. Maybe 5 will produce. Maybe more. The fact is that they are sticking to the plan. Holmgren will probably be out. So far Heckert has been better than average. Still do not like the Weeden pick and Hardesty. Go Browns! You Cleveland haters get a life.

  8. 15 rookies are a bad thing? if it was the other way and it was 15 veterans over the age of 30, the negative comments would be the same. btw…the 1992 Dallas Cowboys had 17 rookies…so this isn’t so rare!

  9. The 70s stillers & the 90s cowboys were young teams that built through the draft and had success. Claims that it cannot work in the cut & paste NFL are ridiculous. It seems to be the best way of skinning a cat. Glad my Brownies are going that way. We might stink this year–though i have faith–but at least we have a difinitve direction and the will go see it through. Here is to hoping that JH3 keeps the plan if not all the personel in place.

  10. As to the oddball numbers at positions: 4 RB’s is kind of a lot, 8 OL seems a bit skimpy, and 11 DB’s is quite a cluster. only 6 LB’s, and one may or may not be suspended for the first 3 games? Could be trouble.

  11. Browns fans can suffer one more losing season if we see substantial progress on the field.

    Look what the Lions did. They were plain awful, like the Browns have been. And their winning ways didn’t come out of nowhere if you were paying attention. That’ll be the Browns sooner than you know.

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