Giants to start Sean Locklear at left tackle


Sean Locklear will be the man responsible for protecting Giants quarterback Eli Manning from Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware on Wednesday night.

Locklear will start at left tackle for the Giants against the Cowboys in the regular-season opener, according to the Star-Ledger.

That news comes as something of a surprise, as Will Beatty had been expected to be the starter at left tackle. Beatty is back at practice and feeling no pain after missing time with a back injury, but the Giants have apparently decided that Locklear is a better option. Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said the team thought about moving right tackle David Diehl to left tackle, but thought Locklear was a better choice.

“We did, we did. Very much so,” Gilbride said. “But right now, Sean is playing very well, so he’s been really as good as anybody we’ve had.”

Locklear will have to be as good as anybody the Giants have had on Wednesday night, when he’s protecting Manning’s blind side from as good a pass rusher as there is in the NFL.

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  1. DeMarcus,

    Time to pin your ears back and get you some. Let’s see if Lock-knees can handle what you have – I highly doubt it, but no matter. When the double team comes Ware’s way, somebody else will win their one-on-one battle against the Giant’s O-line. Let’s just say Eli better have his head on a swivel. I can’t wait for the game…..

  2. Locklear is a servicable tackle , but struggles on the left side with his footwork . He’s much more comfortable on the right , but he should probably be able to keep Eli upright for most of the night .

  3. I’m not a Giants fan by any stretch but if you’ve seen any Giants game in the last couple years you know they know how to coach up their Oline. That said I have no idea who this Locklear guy is but he’s going to have more than D Ware to deal with. He’s no longer the biggest sack threat on this defense.

  4. True story: I googled Locklear to see if he was still in the league a couple of days ago. I’m glad to see him get a starting spot, he was good for the Seahawks in his younger days.

  5. The Giants O-Line wasn’t very good last year either, but give Eli credit. Good quarterbacks feel the pressure in the pocket. He’s one of the best in the league at moving around and getting away. Having said that, Locklear vs. Ware is the definition of mismatch.

  6. @jsrdc

    Funniest comment of the day. Tell me again how many times have the cowboys or Demarcus ware sacked Eli last two games? Dallas’s oline made Eli look like vick. Chumps.

  7. Dallas fans need to be concerning themselves with how they will stop the Giants’ pass rush and the Giants’ offense.

    Dallas is extremely short-handed and underequipped to handle EITHER.

  8. “umainebearman says: Sep 2, 2012 11:08 PM

    I’m not a Giants fan by any stretch but if you’ve seen any Giants game in the last couple years you know they know how to coach up their Oline. That said I have no idea who this Locklear guy is but he’s going to have more than D Ware to deal with. He’s no longer the biggest sack threat on this defense.”

    Then who is?

  9. @Mr. Wright,

    “Ware ain’t going to do anything.” With a name like yours, how could you be so wrong? Ware won’t be blanked. He is arguably the best OLB in the game, and pretty much a lock already for the HOF. He will be disruptive, and the Giants O-line is already in disarray. He will only expose it that much more, and Locklear can’t handle one Mr. DeMarcus Ware.

    Don’t let my arguments be the voice of reason. Allow Ware’s play to do the talking. We will certainly see how the man “ain’t going to do anything. After the game, let’s see what your hater self will have to say then….

  10. As king of the NFC East, RGIII laughs in the face of this pitiful, pitiful division we are forced to be a part of and easily manhandle.

    My prediction:

    1. Redskins 14-2
    4T. Eagles 3-13
    4T. Cowboys 3-13
    4T. Giants 3-13

  11. Just don’t run right at DeMarcus Ware on third down, if you do, he will say you are playing dirty….

  12. Ware only had 1.5 sacks in two games (actually all in one game and that took Eli spinning into him) against the Giants last year, and that was after they had lost Beatty for the year. Ain’t much to fear from Ware.
    The Cowturds offense? Oooh, they got plenty to fear. Giants had 8 sacks in their 2 games against them while the cowturds could only muscle up 2. And Osi was out for one of those games.

  13. “jsrdc says: Sep 3, 2012 1:10 AM

    Ware won’t be blanked….. He is arguably the best OLB in the game, and pretty much a lock already for the HOF”

    Giants already did that to him once last year.
    I don’t see no rings on those fingers.

  14. Oh, man. The Seahawks tried Locklear at LT after future Hall of Famer Walter Jones retired, and it was an unmitigated disaster. He was so awful they moved him back to RT, where he sucked as well before they restructured his contract and let him leave.

  15. Ware is over rated, if he played in Cleveland or K.C. you’d hardly hear about him. That being said, Locklear ain’t exactly Anthony Munoz…

  16. Locklear was actually in Washington last year, and didn’t stick. Funny how when he was in Washington, the Internet geniuses had him as part of the worst ol in football, part of a team that only gets Olsen who suck. Now he’s with ny he’s serviceable, since the giants know what they are doing. This just prooves that the Internet crowd doesn’t really know personnel as well as they can just parrot the same tired rhetoric year after year without thinking at all, as long as it allows them to make a point that favors the teams they already like.

  17. Ware will get a sack, maybe two. But Spencer is hot garbage and Ratliff is out. As long as those sacks aren’t both strips deep in Giants end of the field, not a big deal.

    If I was a Cowboy fan, I’d punch myself in the face. Then I’d wonder how the mediocre at best O Line plans to block JPP, Tuck, Osi, Kiwanuka and Joseph?

    You can’t double them all.

  18. Eli will protect Locklear. Eli knows exactly what the cowboys are doing. Was Dave Deihl a superstar left tackle? Not by anyone standards. He was serviceable. Just like Locklear. Eli will protect Locklear. Think about it….

  19. Locklear was absolutely terrible as a swing tackle with my skins. Having said that, Eli is the type of QB that will make up for bad oline with quick reads and a fast release.

  20. “Dallas’s oline made Eli look like vick.”

    And you think that is somehow a good thing for Manning? Instead of looking like a two-time Super Bowl winner he looks like an overrated guy that can’t read beyond two progressions? Ware got 1.5 sacks against the Giants in the 2nd game last year by the way. That was with Diehl starting at LT.

  21. Sorry didn’t mean to say he’s not the biggest meant to say he’s not the ONLY sack threat. While we have alot of the same personnel coming back on the Oline this IS NOT the same defense Eli faced last year. New coaches at many positions have brought alot different look to whats being done on offense and defense. I love the fact that everyone thinks its the same Cowboys team from the last couple years. no fan of any other team has a clue to the way the players on the Cowboys have developed because they only know what Sportscenter and the “expert analysts” on NFL network tells them. Its going to be a good game for sure but theres going to be alot of disappointed Giants fans coming up with excuses for what just happened to the Giants late Wednesday night.

  22. @ cowboyscountry: Derrick Thomas’ single game sack record falls Wednesday.

    If you’re talking about that record being broken but Osi or JPP or Tuck or Ojomo (you get the point) then, yes, it very well may be broken. Remember Osi is one of three guys to have 6 in a game, JPP had 16.5 in just his second season last year, Tuck is Tuck and Ojomo led the team in sacks in the preseason. It’s gonna be a blood bath.

  23. Well, if we’re gonna see how Locklear does at LT we really couldn’t have picked a better guy to test him against, if he can limit Ware then i’ll feel alot better about him starting.

  24. Really Giant Fans? You think that Romo is going to drop back 40+ times to throw?

    Get ready for a heavy dose of DeMarco – Vickers-Felix. The best way to slow that d-line is to pound the rock in their grill. Screen passes will be in abundance and then they will expose that pathetic secondary of the Giants with Dez and Miles. I like our chances against Coe and Webster and whoever else you want to roll out there.

    Good luck Giant fans your going to need it!

  25. I watched Locklear a few years with my team. He really seemed comfortable at RT. He was getting overpowered and flat out beat at any other spot. I’m sure players can improve over time but he is the fire vs Ware game one.

  26. I wish you cowboy fans the best of luck for this season, God knows you need it. In the meantime, I suggest you shut up until January. That is if you can make the playoffs & win a game. If not, just shut up.

  27. The Giants are a Weak Lucky Team,with a QB that just had WR’s with Good Hands,Eli is As Weak As His Name Sound…

  28. @voiceforeason I think you need to have a conversation with yourself and figure out where this voice of yours is leading you. The Deadskins 14-3 ? You really believe RG3 is the answer for special teams, Defense and the overall team performance? You are a world class fool. I guess your moral victories by defeating my Giants twice last year punches your ticket to the Super Bowl lol. Your pathetic!

    As for as the Giants addition to the O-Line is a far cry on how bad and beat-up The Cowboys O-line and D-line is. D Ware might have a big game against the Giants, but it will equal to another Dallas lost. You Cowboys need to worry about stopping the Giants Wide Recievers which is far better than yours. Dez Bryant is a joke! He’s good for like 8 games and vanishes in the game. As for as I’m concern Hakeem Nicks career is dominating Dez Bryant’s.

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