Jags coach Mike Mularkey hasn’t heard from Maurice Jones-Drew

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With a week to go before the season starts, Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey still doesn’t know if his best player is coming.

When reporters asked Mularkey about rumors that running back Maurice Jones-Drew was ready to end his holdout and report to the team, Mularkey said he’s not interested in hearing rumors. He’s interested in hearing directly from Jones-Drew. And he hasn’t.

I have not heard from Maurice,” Mularkey said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I’ve heard those same things just like you have, but nothing from the people [Jones-Drew or his agent].”

Mularkey said the Jaguars haven’t decided whether Jones-Drew would play in the opener if he reported this weekend.

“That’s hasn’t come up, that discussion. We’ve got to get him in first. He’s got to come in. We’’ll go from there. That has not been addressed yet,” Mularkey said.

If Jones-Drew continues his holdout into the regular season, he’ll give up $261,765 a week, or one-seventeenth of his base salary of $4.45 million. That’s a lot of money, but considering that Jones-Drew has already incurred more than $1 million in fines for skipping 38 days of work so far, Jones-Drew may be willing to lose even more money in his quest to convince the Jaguars to pay him more money.

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  1. Jared Allen chases Gabbert everywhere, Jennings shows he can’t take 20 carries against the ones. Jags lose at Minny 20-9 and MJD’s price goes up.

    Khan has spent millions in the locker room, weight room, team charters and all the rest. If he’d of shelled out a couple more we’d of had MJD in camp and this season would be a lot more promising.

  2. Hmm, makes me wonder if its really about the money or something else..I mean he doesn’t seem to care much about the money coz he is piling up the fines like crazy.Wants a to be traded but after seeing how he’s handled this case, teams won’t go for him..ok.they might but I’m positive NE,Philly,Steel City and some of these teams that don’t entertain drama queens won’t go for and also the kind of money he’s asking for after what he’s gotten so far,haaha..nah it won’t happen so I think his up for something different..Big fan of Drew but he better stop playing hardball and just show up and play

  3. A player has real leverage if their absence is the difference between making the playoffs or not. This is not the case for Jacksonville in 2012.

    “If Jones-Drew continues his holdout into the regular season, he’ll give up $261,765 a week”

    Do what you gotta do MJD… just don’t expect 99.9% of the world to be able to relate.

  4. Just show up a$$hole. You held out a few years ago and got what you wanted. Play out the contract that YOU signed already

  5. This guy had the balls to criticise Cutler for not coming back into the championship game 2 years ago when he was hurt, this guy still has 2 years left on his contract! “What about your “team” MJD. Hypocrite!! I guess Cutler means more to his team since the Bears gave him a new contract while he was still under contract.

  6. I really hate that MJD is being vilified here. He does a lot for the city of Jax, and has been a stand up guy from day one. He’s outplayed his contract and everybody knows it. I don’t think it’s asking too much for a franchise that he’s sticking with, knowing they won’t sniff a superbowl during his career, to show a little love and open their pocketbook for the face of the franchise. The RB position has probably the shortest shelf life in football, and this guy deserves to be compensated according to his production.

    All that said, he’s killing my fantasy team!

  7. U hear that sound?……..the sound of FF players that drafted him early and is depending on him, and didnt draft his backup

  8. Maurice Jones Who, you are an old story now and are put in the category of ME players who quit on your team and quit on the contract you wllingly signed. How effective could he be after missing all this time, See Chris Johnson. Move on Jags

  9. Just curious, what has MJD done for the city of Jacksonville aside from football? He doesn’t live here, he doesn’t have any mini football camps to support youth that I have heard of and any jaguars sponsored event I have been to, he has always had a scowl on his face? I was a MJD fan, but I have agree with the poster who brought up the Cutler incident. He is a hypocrite and is making it obvious that he doesn’t care about the team, city or the fans.

  10. It’s important to understand that he is already signed, he has 2 years left on a 5 year front-loaded contract. He got some 18 million dollars up front and 3 years of the contract money HE agreed to. He has 2 more years coming.

    There is no “outperforming a contract”- he is getting what he agreed (a-GREED) to and should come to work. I don’t blame the team for holding his feet to the fire and Jaguar fans in general seem to support the team in this.

    New owner Shad Khan is drawing the line in the sand. Good for him.

  11. I don’t blame MJD in the least! Hold out for what you can. Every player should! As long as owners can drop a player on a whim with no obligation to the player’s contract then holdouts should not be frowned upon. It’s a two way street!

  12. so does the same hold true for when a team signs a player to a contract and subsequently releases him? cant have it both ways.

    In related news, i bet this really takes the sail out of the wind for Mike Mularkey

  13. There is no “outperforming a contract”- he is getting what he agreed (a-GREED) to and should come to work. I don’t blame the team for holding his feet to the fire and Jaguar fans in general seem to support the team in this.\

    Then there should be no such thng as “underperfoming a contract”…A signing bonus is in leau guaranteed contracts. If his contract has been front loaded (including bonus),

    1440 yard average last 3 years. 11.3 total touchdowns per year avg.

    how hasnt he played up to his contract? jacksonville is NOTHING without him…

    not really a Jville fan either but facts are facts.

  14. This a 5-11 team without him & 7-9 with him.

    Sucks to be one of the best at a position that is undervalued in the league. He’ll report this week, he got paid in 2009 but not enough to pass up $130k take home each week. He’s too grounded of a guy to go full douche like that.

  15. Running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who held out from training camp in the hopes of getting a new contract, will report to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, a source familiar with the situation told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

  16. thelastpieceofcheese says:Sep 2, 2012 10:18 AM

    The jaguars have become the no. 1 cheapskates of the league.

    Is this how Kahn made his fortune, underpaying employees?

    You are so off the mark. Jones-Drew has already been paid about $30 MILLION dollars. He has 2 years left on the contract HE SIGNED. Why renegotiate with a already signed running back with 2 years to play?

    Sure, he won the NFL rushing title last year but practically every other quality back was hurt; also, he was their only offensive weapon so he got the ball. I say good for him- he did it against defenses who stacked the box and knew he was coming.

    He’s far from being underpaid. Had he not done ANYTHING over the 5 year contract, he still would have gotten over $20 MILLION dollars guaranteed.

  17. awesome.. i had to auto pick my draft lastnight and mjd, ryan matthews, jahvid best and kenny britt were my first 5….. smh… this helps me alot.mm

  18. What a bonehead. Everybody on this thread could only dream of making that kind of money. Why do these idiots even sign contracts if they don’t honor them. You never here of the owners paying players less for having bad years. This should be a two way street.

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