Jaguars get first real victory of the season

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The Jaguars won three games in the preseason, but their most recent preseason victory is the only one that matters.

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew has reported to the team, ending his 38-day holdout without getting a new contract.

It’s a win for the Jaguars.  Agent Adika Bakhari declined comment on the question of whether Jones-Drew received any concessions or inducements to report, which means at a minimum that Jones-Drew didn’t get a new deal, or an adjustment to his existing one.

At most, Jones-Drew can hope for a waiver or reduction of his fines, which at $30,000 per day exceed $1.1 million.  That’s nearly 25 percent of his $4.45 million base salary in 2012.

Of course, if he hadn’t reported this week, Jones-Drew wouldn’t have been able to earn the first installment of his $4.45 million base salary, which is paid out in 17 checks of $261,764.70 each.

Even if the fines are waived, the holdout accomplished nothing.  Jones-Drew didn’t get a new contract and doesn’t know the new offense.  Both the player and the team will be affected by his absence, once the real games start in seven days.

That doesn’t change our (or at least my) relatively new attitude on player holdouts.  If a player believes that he’s not receiving fair value for his performance and if he’s willing to incur the fines and risk not getting a new deal by withholding services, he has every right to stay away.  Still, Jones-Drew underestimated the resolve of owner Shahid Khan — and now the experiences of the 2011 rushing leader will provide motivation for other owners to take a similar stand in the future and a warning to other players regarding the potential consequences of swinging for the fences, and hitting only air.

19 responses to “Jaguars get first real victory of the season

  1. The difference between MJD getting a new contract or playing out his current deal is about 30 million dollars. If he waited and played out his old contract at his age and number of carries his next deal would be for the veterans minimum and that’s if he’s lucky.

    Honor the contract!?!! Tell that to Leftwitch and then last year to David Garrad the Jaguars starting QB last year who was cut one week before the start of the season to save 6 mil.

  2. When the real checks potentially may stop coming, you dont have to be an idiot to know you have to tuck tail.

  3. The thing is, this was not a holdout on a rookie contract, it was his second and RBs rarely command much value beyond their second contracts. In addition, when he got this contract it made him the 3rd highest paid RB in the league before he had even proven himself, so he can’t even really say that he was underpaid, it was just a front-loaded contract (that he himself wanted negotiated and signed). Big win for the Jags ownership here, there wasn’t really any other way for this to end.

  4. MJD looks like a complete idiot. His first orders of business should be to apologize to Mr. Khan, fire his agent, and then remember forever that the team comes first.

    Mr. Khan not only called his bluff, but he also schooled him in the process. Hopefully they do not forgive the fines incurred and truely stick it to him.

    Every owner should follow the blueprint laid out by Mr. Khan, I know Bud Adams certainly wishes he had done the same.

  5. I’m glad to see the Jags hold out. Way-to-go Shad Khan. MDJ may have had good numbers last year as a RB but there’s a new sheriff in town (Jags country) and he (MDJ) needs to prove himself to remain a Jag. Gosh, the fines alone would help a slew of homeless people. Good luck on getting them waived. I know I wouldn’t have a hard time even surviving on the leftover of money he will get. LET’S PLAY SOME (REAL) FOOTBALL!

  6. Both loss this one. The Jags only hope to win is MJD, and that went out the window with the holdout. Short term victory yes for Jags, long term says this will result in a 3 win season. This is a win for the Jags if they intend to leave Jacksonville, otherwise its a disaster.

  7. shakdelrio

    Khan – 1

    Bhakari – 0
    Slight correction:
    Owners – 2
    Bhakari – 0

    He’s also Matt Forte’s agent. They played hardball with the Bears last year, then again this year. In the end, he signed the exact same deal this year that he could have gotten last year.

  8. Way to go Khan. Give him 1 week to learn the offense, then impose the full max of fines if he is not up to par. He created this mess!!!

  9. Even with MJD the team has no shot at a Super Bowl. They should give Jennings a really good hard look this year and see if they can move foward with him. If they think he’s worthy of the starting role trade MJD in the offseason.

  10. Meeeh….I don’t think either MoJo or the Jaguars saw much point in having him strain his body in the preseason. About all he really has to do is take the ball if Gabbert hands it to him, and block if he doesn’t. I’m sure he can pick that up in a few practices.

  11. MJD is back, really good Defense, Gabbert is better, Blackmon – it’s all good! Jags will win 10 games this year and surprise everyone. Go Jags!!!

  12. To everyone that says he should honor the contract….shut up. The nfl cuts under contract players all the time…treat others the way you would like to be treated.

  13. gojags says:
    Sep 2, 2012 1:02 PM
    @flsnupe – Wish you were a NFL GM/OWner particularly for any of the teams Hou, Ten, Indy.
    If I were I would be just as good as the junk running things for the jaguars.

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