Jaguars welcome back Jones-Drew

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He’s gotten on the train.  And the conductors have welcomed him back with open arms.

Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith and coach Mike Mularkey have issued statements regarding the end of running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s 38-day holdout.

“It’s great to have Maurice back in the building,” Smith said.  “He has been a valuable part of this organization, and his presence in the locker room and on the field will make those around him better.  We’re glad to now have everyone in and working as a team to win football games.”

“I had a really good visit this morning with Maurice and I welcomed him in,” Mularkey said.  “It was good to finally speak face-to-face.  I can tell he’s ready to go, so we’ll be working with him to get him up to speed as quickly as possible.  It’s great to be able to proceed with our preparation for the opener and the season beyond with Maurice as part of the plans.”

Missing from the quotes was any reference as to whether Jones-Drew will play next Sunday, when the Jaguars visit Minnesota.  Mularkey previously has said that Rashad Jennings will get the start.

Also missing was any comment from owner Shahid Khan, who publicly inflamed the situation with remarks that riled up Jones-Drew.  If, as it appears, Jones-Drew received nothing to report (there’s even chatter that his seven-figure fines won’t be waived), Khan would be wise to do or say something that would appear conciliatory and magnanimous.

UPDATE 3:58 p.m. ET:  And Khan has now issued a separate statement.  It may not be completely conciliatory and magnanimous, but it’s definitely not inflammatory.

24 responses to “Jaguars welcome back Jones-Drew

  1. Smooth move MJD. Way to give up over a million dollars for no reason. He should have shown up on time if he was just going to cave in the end anyway. The Jaguars are a joke team with a joke owner. He should have kept sitting out and demanded a trade.

  2. What is the purpose of the fine if it is always waived?

    Khan won’t waive it, he is going to make an example of MJD.

    What would keep MJD from doing the same thing next year?

    I still think Khan will charge the fine, tell the coach to use him up, and trade him at the end of the season.

  3. Let’s see an NFL team is a business hierarchy with the owner at the top. I am retired but has the work world changed so much that the employee does not need to suck up to his boss’s boss?

  4. So he’s probably paid the team like $1 million in fines now for all his no-shows. He’s not in football shape, so he’ll probably get hurt soon. And it’s a new offense, and since he hasn’t been there, he doesn’t know anything.

    As a Colts fan, I’m loving this.

  5. Absolutely, MJD is one of the top backs in the game. That being said, and correct me if I am wrong, was he not under an existing contract when he started sitting out? News flash- Out here in the real world, when us normal people act like MJD and so many other spoiled, self-centered athletes, the result is different………. WE GET FIRED !!!!

  6. Why should Khan feel obligated to be magnaminous just because this player was finally forced to do what he is being paid to do? Who cares if his little feelings got hurt or he felt “disrespected”? The owner must have felt disrespected when MJD tried to extort more money from him after he’s been paid millions of dollars. I’m sick of players feeling they are entitled to anything but their paychecks. They’re all grossly overpaid anyway.

  7. If the owners want to preserve the game financially long term it’ll start by standing up and not giving in to guys like MDJ in Jacksonville and Wallace in Pittsburgh.

  8. Aside from saying it’s nice to have him back, Khan shouldn’t do anything. He was on point with his comments and it makes a point that nobody is bigger than the team. He should pay the fines…waiving them just establishes precedent that you can throw a tantrum and then not be held accountable.

  9. Khan has stated publicly he is letting Gene and Mularkey handle this. He doesn’t have to say a thing. MJD created this situation. When pressed for an answer he simply said the fact that he was holding out was not something he gave great consideration to. The whole thing was a waste of time and preparation. Khan and Jag fans hav a right to be frustrated over the whole dumb scenario.

  10. Interesting how I made a comment when this first came out criticizing Florio for taking another jab at the Jaguars and it disappears. Guess I shouldn’t expect fair treatment from PFT.

  11. They are going run him into the ground the next two years and then throw him out like yesterdays trash.

    Jones Drew needs to fire his agent. Look at what he’s going to make over his career and look at what the other top backs are going to make over they’re career.

  12. The “real world” which so many posters identify with and reference is actually the “surreal world” of professional sports. Some things apply and some things don’t it depende on the circumstance.

  13. It wasn’t a calculated risk…. It was a knee-jerk reaction to the things his idiot agent was whispering in his ear.
    The agent just wanted a cut of a new contract. He doesn’t care that he set his client up for certain failure.
    Just like he won’t care that MJD has a sub mediocre year and gets nothing but low ball deals going forward.
    The dummy just ruined the short time left in his career by listening to that ambulance chaser.
    Maybe next time he’ll get him free coffee for life….

  14. NFL’s 2011 rushing leader held out for more money because he doesn’t like being the 8th highest-paid running back. It didn’t work, but I understand why he did it.

    But do the guys whose bodies are on the line ever get respect from fans during a contract dispute? Rarely. Why is that? Jealousy? Resentment? Billionaire-worship? Why are you so quick to service the owners “below the table” with your opinions and comments?

  15. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the foundation of our republic. These guys are not slaves but they have sold their service contracts to their NFL teams. They are not “all grossly overpaid”. MJD had the right to stay out of camp. He exercised that right. The team fined him, as is their right under the collective bargaing agreement. They could have cut him but they see him as an asset. The reason most of you hardliners, many of whom believe you are underpaid, don’t stay out of work is because you can not do it financially nor do you have the guts to standup to the owner. Mularkey is smart to try to establish a positive working relationship with MJD now that he has reported.

  16. Anyone see a hamstring injury coming ? It’s clockwork wuth holdout RBs… Hope Im wrong… But we’ll see

  17. agents, gofers, family, the usual suspects talking crap in his ear. The NFLPA could have told him, brother, you got another thing coming if you think the Man is gonna throw down $25 Million for you. No national ad contracts for you either. Jack-off -town is the pits. Demand a trade a better way to go. NY has 2 teams that want ya, need ya, gonna pay for ya.

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