Jets downplay Stevie Johnson’s success against Darrelle Revis

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There’s a perception that Bills receiver Stevie Johnson has found the way off Revis Island.  The Jets disagree with that notion.  Strongly.

“Stevie Johnson’s a good receiver and he’s caught some balls, but I wouldn’t say he’s got Darrelle Revis’ number,” coach Rex Ryan said, per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “He goes up against all types:  Big, strong, fast, shifty.  He goes against them all.  And I’ve never walked out of a game saying, ‘This player got the best of Darrelle Revis.’  Never.  Never felt that way.  Do you realize how special this guy is?  It is amazing what we ask him to do.”

(And there’s the latest comment that will be printed and laminated for the next round of contract negotiations.)

Linebacker Bart Scott has an explanation for the belief that Johnson can beat Revis, one on one.  “It’s like Michael Jordan playing against Dominique Wilkens and Dominique gets 20 and it’s like, ‘Ohhh! He lit Jordan’s ass up!'” Scott said.  “Come on, man.  Nobody’s indestructible.  A lot of times when he gives up yards, he’s got the whole half of the field with no help.  Everybody was doubling everybody else on the other side.  It’s easy for [Johnson] to get [some yards].”

Revis realizes that any success by any receiver will be used against him.  “That’s the position I’m in,” Revis said.  “The success that I’ve had is the reason why maybe people criticize me a different way.   You just roll with the punches.  I’m not panicking over nothing.  I know how to play ball.  I play great ball.  I’m not panicking because a guy got 70 yards.”

Actually, it was 75.  More importantly, Johnson scored a touchdown in Week 12.  It was the only touchdown Revis surrendered all season.

“You’d almost sign up for that now,” Ryan said regarding Johnson’s potential production in Week One.  “That’s their No. 1 receiver.  If they’re going to spend a ton of their time throwing [at Johnson], we’d probably say, ‘If you’re going to catch seven balls for 70 yards, go for it.  That’s fine.’  That doesn’t usually beat you.”

And that’s all that matters, really.  The Jets beat the Bills twice last year.  And seven of the last eight.  If the Jets can make it eight of nine, the ugliness of the preseason will be quickly forgotten.

59 responses to “Jets downplay Stevie Johnson’s success against Darrelle Revis

  1. Lol at how Revis is “beat” when he gives up 2 yard slants in Cover 0. Standards are so much higher for him. The fact that we’re still talking about one mediocre game from a WR proves how good Revis is.

  2. @realnflmaster

    How do you expect to score? Is your secret weapon Greg McElroy, since he’s the only QB that could actually get into the end zone in 4 preseason games?

    Stevie Johnson has absolutely murdered Revis the past few years. If it wasn’t for STEVIE dropping the ball in the end zone, they would have won one of those games. “A Little Success” does not equal 8 catches for 75 yards and a TD that Revis directly face guarded 1 on 1 all game.

  3. Stevie has a unique stlye…. and The Great Revis has difficulty with it…. Rex needs to relax, nobody is saying anything is wrong with his goldenboy lol

  4. their games won’t be measured in johnson vs revis. that jets o-line is going to have it’s hands full vs that front 4 of buffalo. and if they can’t manage them, it could be a long day for the jets. let’s see if the jets run D got any better this year too. they took a step back last year.
    buffalo could be a surprise team in the east. especially if NE’s o-line doesn’t come together quickly.

  5. I don’t understand what it takes to make these idiots shut up…no matter how bad they look or how badly they fail they just keep talking…i can’t wait to see rex ryan get fired when they fail again

  6. Let’s not forget, Stevie also played w a bad groin all season last year, and it looks like the same story this season. Just admit that Stevie matches up well with you and move on you dork. Still, Champ Bailey is the best CB ever, let’s see Revis do what he does at 35.

  7. Revis is special and is in his own class at the cornerback position in today’s NFL. But Stevie Johnson is an excellent wide receiver and gets direly overlooked because he plays for the Bills. If he were on the Cowboys or Steelers people would perceive him in a way more consistent with his big-play talent.

  8. Stevie can gain 200 yds vs. Revis and the Jets this year, its all good and the Jets will still sweep the hapless Bills again.

  9. Look, here’s the facts: over a span of six career games, Johnson has 22 catches for 283 yards and 3 touchdowns. Those numbers average out to 3.7 receptions for 37 yards and .5 touchdowns per game. Remember folks, this is the Bills #1 target. Sure, he scored a TD on Revis and also caught a long ball on a play where communication broke down and the play was obviously broken. Woo, I’m sure Revis is downright TERRIFIED of Johnson.

  10. Sorry but why does Bart Scott’s opinion matter? He’s terrible and embarrasses himself every time he talks.

  11. Not a Jets or Bills fan but I saw that game, Stevie did Revis bad. Revis tried to be physical but it didn’t work and Stevie was talking a lot smack as well. If it’s on where I am this season I’ll be paying attention to their next match up.

  12. No Jets fans, he is not the greatest CB ever. Even being a Bills fan, I know the greatest every was Primetime. Sanders was an absolute blanket and ball hawk. Quit living with your heads in the clouds.

  13. Stevie Johnson owns Revis Island. Not to mention Randy Moss has burned some villages on that island. Lets not forget the the 1 hander Randy had that bruised homeboys hamstring.

  14. This comment is just plain sad on two fronts…..

    1) I am making the comment so it will be deleted by the moderators as soon as they get the notification that I made it.


    2) The so called “Revis Island” is now not large enough to contain the overblown and super sized head of its so called proprietor Darrell Revis.

  15. Why is it every time Revis gets smoked, theres a ton of excuses for why it happened? getting smoked by Ted Ginn Jr at a crucial part of the game for a td… Moss catch one on one when he played the “hamstring” after he was beat etc

  16. Johnson was targeted 16 times against Revis last year catching 11 for 159 and 1 touchdown. 4 catches were over 10 yards one of 26 and one of 52. Most of the other catches did not convert 1st downs but every time Johnson caught a ball on Revis the bills subsequently converted the first down by other means. Also, Revis had one holding penalty and no picks. It seems that Revis is the key to moving the ball on this defense. So, without Revis this defense is average at best and maybe against Johnson they will be average.

  17. Hey dynaco, Boomer played for Cincy.

    And hey Bart Scott, if everyone was doubling on the other side of the field, wouldn’t that give Revis all the room he needs to blanket Stevie? I guess that will teach you which side to double, instead of trusting Darelle to TCOB.

  18. Who cares. Neither team will face the Redskins in the SUPERBOWL this year anyway. Instead of wasting as much internet space as you already have, you should’ve raved about how deep, DEEP the Redskins are at RB and QB.

  19. I don’t know any other team that flaps their gums more the Jets and then when the end of the season comes around we’re all sitting back laughing at them.

  20. All the response from the Jets to the question are off.
    Revis has a difficult time with Steve. Nobody is criticizing Revis. There is no deeper analysis to this.
    Why are they making my head hurt?

  21. Interested to know if the replacement refs are going to flag him for grabbing or holding(he is quite
    good at getting away with it)or is he going to look
    even better because of there ineptness.

  22. Revis is a joke! Dez Bryant was having his way with him and cromartie in the opener last year until he got hurt. And what excuse did sexy rexy give? Revis was battling fatigue. Afterwards nothing else about “fatigue” was mentioned.

  23. oh good! we all needed to hear Bart Scott open is clown ass again. He might be the most irrelevant player in NFL history.

    the only reason he plays is because being on the field gets him as far away from the coaches ear that he can be. but at least his rants are one and the same and we all know by heart.

    “blah blah blah blah blah blah im gonna do this, blah blah blah blah blah i was held all game long blah blah blah blah im black so anything you say is racist, blah blah blah blah blah blah i love rex ryan blah blah blah blah blah i got held because im black blah blah blah blah blah this is the best team ever blah blah blah………

  24. “Isn’t it 11 catches for 164 yards and 1 td last season vs Revis”

    So that’s 5.5 catches for 82 yards and 0.5 touchdowns per game.

    That’s hardly “owning.”

    “Stevie Johnson has absolutely murdered Revis the past few years. If it wasn’t for STEVIE dropping the ball in the end zone, they would have won one of those games.”

    So you’re saying that if Stevie Johnson hadn’t let his team down, his team would have won, therefore Johnson is awesome?

  25. We’re talking about the Jets here, right?


    There, fixed, now we are back to normal…

    The Jets are gonna be terrible this year. Revis is their best offensive weapon, ha ha. lol@jets.

  26. Thanfully the fans will get to see the whole 22 player film this year… and see for ourselves if Revis really has 1/2 the field to himself.

    Kinda makes you ask what the rest of the Jets defense is doing.

    Maybe he has some safety help.

  27. If Revis had to bey the rules every other DB has to obey, he would not be that good. Watch any replay, and you will see him commit two or three fouls on every play.

  28. hey dyanco if you think that no jets are scared of the bills you must not have been watching when your soon-to-be-backup qb sanchez got punked by drayton florence…

  29. Revis, practically single handedly, caused the Patriots to change the way they do business. I’m convinced that Gronkowski and Hernandez were the answer to Revis shutting down half the field. I give Revis a lot of credit for that. However, give Johnson credit too. While he doesn’t kill Revis, he had decent games and limits the Revis effect.

  30. Just give up and admit that Stevie Johnson has figured a way to make plays on Revis. No man is perfect, everybody has their own personal kryptonite and Johnson is Revis’s.

  31. voiceforeason says:
    Sep 3, 2012 12:28 AM
    Who cares. Neither team will face the Redskins in the SUPERBOWL this year anyway.
    Well, you are finally correct. No team will be facing the Redskins in the Super Bowl or playoffs. If they want to face the Redskins in the post season, they will need some golf clubs.

  32. Jet fan here but my glasses are not tinted too green. I do realize we have some difencies this year Revis is not one of them. He is the best corner in the nfl hands down. All you jet haters know that and wish you had a player of his caliber. He gave up 1 td all season and now Stevie Johnson owns him please. We as jet fans have plenty to be worried about this season but don’t be a moron an post about Revis you all know he is the best.

  33. Revis is the best. Thats a gimmie. There are 21 other players on the field for the jets. If they dont play up to a higher standard, Revis is just another good player on a crappy team with no SB rings and will always be the LITTLE BROTHERS to the GIANTS in GIANTS STADIUM.

  34. Ty Law used to maul the receivers he covered. Made him a pretty good shutdown corner. GM’s like Bill Polian cried and got the rules changed. These days it’s pass interference or at a minimum defensive holding, except for Revis, who has some kind of free pass when it comes to the NFL rules. If you can get by him and his dirty tricks, like Stevie Johnson (or Randy Moss), you have a good shot at a big gain.

  35. keepyerstickontheice:

    I wouldnt call averages of less than 4 catches, 40 yards, and half a touchdown a game over a 6 game sample size “schooling.” If you mean by Revis standards, yes you would be right. But by the rest of the NFL cornerback standards that would be marginal at best.

  36. Do Bills fan think this is finally the year they win a playoff game? I mean they did win one as recently as 15 tears ago but I still think they are due for one.

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