Khan welcomes Jones-Drew to the train

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Earlier this afternoon, the Jaguars issued statements from G.M. Gene Smith and coach Mike Mularkey regarding the return of running back Maurice Jones-Drew.  Conspicuous in his silence was owner Shahid Khan.

Khan has now spoken.

“I am delighted that Maurice is back with the Jaguars,” Khan said in a statement released by the organization.  “I know Maurice will be very impressed with the winning environment and attitude that Coach Mularkey has created, and I am sure MJD’s teammates are fired up to welcome him home.  The Jaguars are a better football team today than we were yesterday, and now our entire franchise can move forward together and as one.  Nothing more needs to be said.  Go Jaguars!”

It was wise for Khan to embrace Jones-Drew, without pointing to the contract scoreboard or spiking the proverbial football.  Khan won his showdown with Jones-Drew — and now the team and the players need to focus on coming together and winning when it really counts.

36 responses to “Khan welcomes Jones-Drew to the train

  1. They are going run him into the ground the next two years and then throw him out like yesterdays trash.

    Jones Drew needs to fire his agent. Look at what he’s going to make over his career and look at what the other top backs are going to make over they’re career.

  2. “Conspicuous in his silence was owner Shahid Khan.”

    With his money, attitude, ‘stache and mullet what the heck do you think the guy was doing last night? Going to bed early so he could get up and speak to the media? The man was at the club surrounded by 30 women. I’d be his wingman.

  3. Man, I’m a Charger fan and I must say. It’s got be pretty exciting for Jags fans to have a new owner come into town and have a positive impact on the team. He seems to be handling things very well. Good for ya’ll, I’m a little jealous.

    Good luck guys. Footballs back!

  4. @KIR
    What in god’s green earth are you talking about ?
    The man pocketed $22 million the past 3 years.
    Running back pay is not what it once was. This is now a passing league. Running backs are no longer paid at the top of the heap.

  5. KIR—-Jones Drew would have came back to play even if his agent told him not to. At the end of the day, when the real money is at stake, these guys won’t sacrifice that weekly pay check. It’s just way too much money for them, and they’ve got bills to pay.

  6. MJD is being paid very well for these two upcoming seasons, via the signing bonus that entered his bank account before playing one single down under this contract he no longer likes.

    If you call using a back the way he is being paid to be used “running him into the ground”…so be it.

  7. Why do people think MJD makes too much money? He doesn’t. He brings in more money than he gets paid. He’s pretty much the only player worth mentioning in the history of one of the most pathetic franchises in NFL history. Now they’ve made him mad and he wants to leave. I think Kahn just wants to completely destroy the team so he can move it to a better market.

  8. Well you explain how the Jaguars are the one most pathetic franchises in NFL history ? Really I know were got the greatest but hell I know we aren’t the worst. How you think Kahn just wants to completely destroy the team so he can move it to a better market when he has put 3 million into the locker room and millions into the speaker system and brokering deals to expand the Jaguars and Jacksonville brand !! Know your facts

  9. Khan has already proven he won’t back down to players who refuse to honor their contracts, no matter how good they are, kudos to him. He joins the ranks of the Steelers and Pats in standing firm, unlike some of those spineless (or just plain senile) owners like the Titans (the CJ2K mess) and Jets (Revis).

  10. KIR – MJD is the 9th highest paid (base salery) running back in the NFL. When you add in his signing bonus, he makes much more. So while no, he is not making 8 mil like Chad Johnson, he is still making top money for his position.

  11. Mr Khan may have welcomed MJD back on the train, however he charged full price and a bit more for the ticket, and it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the running back!!

  12. sdb0ltz:

    Thanks for the encouragement. One can only hope your team can bring it together for the sake of San Diago…which of course means “a whale’s ….”

    Best of luck this year!

  13. “Jones Drew needs to fire his agent. Look at what he’s going to make over his career and look at what the other top backs are going to make over they’re career.”

    MJD’s got the same jerk agent as Matt Forte. Forte didn’t get the kind of deal he expected, and MJD feels under compensated. Time for both these running backs to get agents that know how to write a great deal in the first place, with provisions for performance and peer pay equality in a rising market so we can skip all these holdouts.

  14. tabcdef9: Well said. This agent misjudged both situations, placed his clients in untenable positions and should be sent down the road—extremely poor judgement.

  15. I know the Jacksonville area Burger Kings are thrilled to have MJD back.

    That way, when they give away the “two free tickets with each Whopper purchased,” someone will actually TAKE them!

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