Maurice Jones-Drew to report to Jaguars today

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And now, all we’re left with waiting to see are the officials.

Maurice Jones-Drew will end the longest player holdout of the year today, according to multiple national reports (it looked like ESPN’s Adam Schefter saw the mass text first).

The Jaguars have played tough-guy throughout this entire process, but it will be interesting to see how the return is handled.

They’ve made it clear they don’t intend to give him the new contract he wants, but there are other considerations.

Will the $30,000 a day fines be demanded, or do they give him a pass as a condition of his return before the start of the regular season? And does coach Mike Mularkey hold firm on his promise to keep Rashad Jennings as the starting running back?

How the Jags handle this one will be interesting, and will also be monitored by players who might think about doing business with them in the future.

Players already there won’t hold Jones-Drew’s absence against him, because they all hope to be in a spot one day when they can ask for more money, even if it’s not from Shad Khan and the Jags.

58 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew to report to Jaguars today

  1. Hoooooo-rayyyyyyy!!!!
    The Jags’ season has been saved. Instead of going 3-13, they might now finish 4-12. This is really good news…

  2. It’s nice to see that Schefter is the one reporting it. You know, since he is the one who has been preaching MJD’s holdout will last until Week Ten. I passed on him in every fantasy draft based solely on Schefter’s information.

  3. Cue the week 1 pulled hamstring. Midget Jones Divahad 0 leverage, should have done this next season, the last year of his deal. Jags managemet with the stones to tell Midget Jones Diva no, good for them.

  4. Good for the Jags. The fines should stay because there’d be no incentive for players to return in the future. Setting this precedent now of not fining players is a bad idea.

  5. What team gives out new deals to players with two years left on their second contract (not-rookie contract)? Or to players who have received 70% of their money and have only played 60% of said deal?

    The Jags handled it perfectly. Mojo is awesome but the team comes first.

  6. FINALLY!!
    I think he does need to be penalized at least a game check or something close to, but great news for this organization.
    MOJO + Jennings = Best 1/2 punch in the NFL, PERIOD.

  7. what a quitter all talk and no standing to your words. once again the owner looks good.mjd loser. !!!!!!!

  8. of course we can ignore that Alfie Crow reported this more than 1 hour before adam reported this ‘per sources’. Just like ESPN…stealing other sources whilst bragging about their ‘sources’. Can anyone else remember when ESPN used to have SOME integrity?

  9. bad move from the start for mjd. pay your fine and get back in the lineup. love the way this guy plays the game.

  10. This team will be much better than anyone thinks. Blackmon is the real deal. Gabbert is better. Jennings is a really good young back. Marcedes Lewis was lost last year but made the pro bowl 2 years ago. Malarkey is disciplined and has these guys attention and brought in a really good staff.

    The defense was #6 last year even with losing half the starters in the 2nd half of the year. Branch looks the part of a impact rookie DE and Ross adds depth.

    Jag fans are going to be all over the national media and haters. I’m hoping to get blocked every week on here.

  11. When Welker cried about wanting more money, everyone said pay him and the Patriots are being cheap. But MJD held out for more money, everyone told him to shut up and get back to playing. Hmmm. Welker is white, and MJD is black. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?

  12. briang123 says:
    Sep 2, 2012 11:32 AM
    When Welker cried about wanting more money, everyone said pay him and the Patriots are being cheap. But MJD held out for more money, everyone told him to shut up and get back to playing. Hmmm. Welker is white, and MJD is black. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?

    Oh hush now. This is not a black vs white league. Every team deals with this stuff different. Take a deep breath and calm down.

  13. briang123

    (In my most patronizing voice)

    Hum…maybe because Welker was in the last year of his deal and MJD still has two years left.

    Maybe because receivers are more valuable than running backs, running backs are fungible commodities.

    Maybe because Welker didn’t hold out of camp even though he had a right to not being on contract before he signed his franchise tender.

    You know ignorant, race baiters like you should be banned form the board.

  14. briang123 says:
    Sep 2, 2012 11:32 AM
    When Welker cried about wanting more
    money, everyone said pay him and the
    Patriots are being cheap. But MJD held
    out for more money, everyone told him
    to shut up and get back to playing.
    Hmmm. Welker is white, and MJD is
    black. What could possibly account for
    the difference in treatment?

    What a sorry attempt to bring race into it. First off, Welkers contract was up. MJD still has 2 years left on his. Second, Welker didnt sign a huge contract to begin with. MJD has been paid a lot more money than Welker will ever see. Third, it could probably be argued that Welker adds more wins to his team than MJD does for the Jags. But yeah, you are probably right that this is a race issue.

  15. Briang; Welker was a restricted free agent,MJD has two years left on his current deal. Welker is a receiver in a passing league; MJD a running back. Both players have been superior performers at their positions. Each can choose to with hold his services as he sees fit. Their situations are different you don’t need race to account for fan reaction.

  16. @rodgers419

    “Jacksonville is one of the worst run franchises in the league. They’re going to average 4-12 over the next decade.”

    Seeing how Jacksonville, in the history of the franchise, has only had one season where the have not won more than four games (they went 4-12 their first season in the league..1995), I would bet you the farm that they don’t average 4-12 over the next decade.

    A lot of people bashing the Jaguars will be eating Crow this year.

  17. rodgers419 says:
    Sep 2, 2012 12:09 PM
    Jacksonville is one of the worst run franchises in the league. They’re going to average 4-12 over the next decade.


    Based on what exactly? I’m sure you have done a ton of homework on the Jags… Troll

  18. Haha I love this. I literally couldn’t care less about MJD or the Jags, but this whole thing is actually immensely entertaining to me.

    Khan called his bluff, and MJD didn’t expect it and wasn’t prepared for it. Good for Khan — and now MJD looks like a complete jag (no pun intended).

    Khan wins, MJD loses — big time. What a douche.

  19. Rodgers419…typical cheesehead who thinks his toilet paper is worth more than a wad of used chewing gum.

  20. What happened with MJD was that he someone who overplayed his hand in his contract dispute and just like others have said, RBs are not valued the way they once were.

    Bringing race into this argument is ridiculous on so many levels. MJD should honor his contract and just play football!

  21. Sandy has returned!!! He is ready to blow up some nice sand on the beach yall! (SANDBLOWER: a person who’s rear end is so low to the ground, when he farts, it blows up sand everywhere) GO SANDY GO!!!

  22. Team fines for holdouts don’t pertain to the stars of the NFL so looks like MJD took off from work for a month and a half without penalty.

  23. While this is GREAT news for the Jags and their fans, as MJD will end up having an immense impact this season as he always does, BUT…

    From a Fantasy Football perspective, I would stay away…. history shows that no matter how good a player is, particularly RBs & WRs, when they hold-out and miss training camp, they lose significant effectivness early on in the season.

    Look at what happened to CJ2K last year after his hold-out, it was like week 8 or 10 before he got back to form (greatness). For that reason, I would stay away from drafting MJD… and if you already did, I’d look to unload him in a preseason trade as his stock will never be higher.

  24. Another hold out that would rather pay $1 million in fines than play in a single OTA or exhibition game. Mike Wallace and MJD, both pulling the jersey over their shoulder pads while running down the tunnel while the National Anthem plays. Atta boy! Atta boy!

  25. It is so funny to me that people bash the Jags but know nothing of them. If you dont like them or are uninterested in them, I’m good with that. Just say so. It would be to your advantage to use facts when you talk trash. Stating an opinion a fact just makes you look like an idiot…

    For example: “The Jags are one of the worst run teams in the league”. What is that based on? Is it because you don’t like them? Thats perfectly fine; just say that. The Jags ownership had only been in place for eight months. You can already tell he is terrible? Your vast football knowledge and prognostication skills are amazing. What team do you work for with that incredible skill set?…..Oh…none?…Shocking.

    Jag fans enjoy trash task. We really do. Just use sound logic and accurate details. Don’t be lazy like the national media when reporting on the team. Don’t use one tweet a national writer saw on twitter as his “research” on his Jags story. That is laziness and just plain sad. It just makes you look stupid. We love our Jags in Jville; we don’t expect everyone else to. Bring it…

  26. Briang
    dude do your homework before you play the race card….Jeez not even applse to oranges as far as comparisons go.

  27. For everybody here who thinks Khan won, watch very carefully to see how many seats have tarp on them next year when every top free agent seems to sign with another team instead of the Jags in free agency. This wasn’t just about doing what was right and paying MJD for outperforming his contract, it was about showing other players around the league “Hey if we give you a contract for an above average player, but you play like a great one, Jacksonville has no problem going back to the bargaining table with you before the it ends.”

    “This thing is bigger than Nino Brown. This is big business. This is the American way.”

  28. To the race baiter that’s trying to make this into a black-white thing, you are ignoring some basic facts. Welker had played out his contract, MJD has two years left. Welker showed up and signed his franchise tender, MJD sat at home and pouted. Big difference especially to the fans.

    To this race baiter, who do you think you are, Tom Jackson or Chris Carter? Get a life!

  29. Like I have said all along, he won’t sacrifice paychecks. These guys like money just like the rest of us, no way he walks away from 300 K a week or whatever it is he makes per game.

  30. Papa and 49er…

    They’d “better not make him pay the fines”? Do you mean the fines that the players voted for in the new CBA last year to cover a team to prevent a hold out? Yes, they better not enforce the CBA, that would be terrible.

    Yes, it would be terrible to have more seats with “tarp on them”. It is bad enough some have tarps on them, but the ratio to stadium size and market size has clearly been explained on here multiple times. I’m sorry if you do not understand math and truth.

    As far as truth. Again let’s not let the truth get in the way of a perfectly good illogical rant….but….

    How exactly did the Jags not treat their best player right? If you mean when they went to him two years ago, tore up his rookie contract with a year left and told him they wanted to give him a new deal. The deal was one of the best ever for a running back at the time, was front loaded with the bulk of the money coming in the first two years….oh….and he was not even the starting running back yet and had not yet rushed for 1,000 yards in a season. The Jags paid him or what they thought he might become and took a huge risk at the time. If that is what you mean by not treating their players right, then yes. They are a terrible organization and are bad to their players.

    Point of fact…rarely are the “top free agents” that big of a prize to the team that signs them. Typically the big spenders in FA do not fare well when the games start. Good teams build through the draft and patch in “cheap” FA (see New England and Green Bay).

  31. Jax… it’s your team for the immediate future, & you’re entitled to your opinion, but Atlanta is over 3 hours away to the north as is Tampa to the south. (The 2 cities closest to J-ville with NFL teams) So it seems you’re the one that doesn’t understand math & truth here, as the areas between those cities are densely populated. Plus they had no problem selling out when McCardell, Smith, & Brunell were there, so what’s the difference now?

    As for treating your best player right, you proved my point. They took a shot on MJD before & it paid off, BIG TIME! The team needed to step up & do it again, and if it doesn’t pan out, do what every other team does, cut his pay or cut him. But the players around the league would’ve seen hard work, battling thru injury, & putting up stellar numbers gets you even more $$$ in Jacksonville.

    I’ll say this and I’m done. You can tell by my name I’m a Browns fan. Have been my whole life, so I know a thing or 3 about bad ownership, and losing your team. Like it or not MJD is the face of the Jaguars, b/c no one else outside the city can name a soul on the team save him. Either make sure the face of your franchise is happy or get a new face, and I can all but guarantee you Gabbert or Blackmon ain’t it.

    I’m glad your season tickets don’t have any tarp on them. I sincerely hope you will be able to say the same thing 5 years from now, b/c if an owner can do this to his #1 player, imagine what he’ll do to the city.

  32. Papa:

    Yes, you have experienced bad ownership. Props to you for sticking to your team. You are a true fan.

    The Jags did sell out a bunch in their earlier years. I think it was a combination of it being the new thing in town and the teams early success. Once the newness wore off and the team faltered, people stopped caring. The Jags are just now really getting into building their solid fan base. The fans who attend now are the ones who will raise their children as Jag fans and build their legacy in the area.

    Only having MJD as the only nationally known player is a challenge of being a small market. It does not mean there are not quality players on the team. Most people do not pay attention to any team unless ESPN reports on them. Sadly we are all left of hearing about Tim Tebow all the time because that is what the majority of the fans want to hear as they are in the large market (NYC). Just because the “average fan” can’t name anyone else on the roster is not an indicator of the talent of the team. I can’t name more than a handful of Browns, but thankfully to Cleveland, their success is not dependent on me.

    ATL is a 6-hour drive from Jville. No competition for fans there. Orlando is the “prize” the Florida markets are after. Miami and TB have arguably worse ticket sales problems than the Jags. The Orlando market shows TB games for the NFC game and it has been reported here locally that they switch back and forth on showing Jag or Dolphin games for their AFC game.

    Like you, win, lose or draw, I’ll be in the stands

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