Maurice Jones-Drew wouldn’t do anything differently


Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew said when he ended his holdout today that he doesn’t regret anything — even though he doesn’t have a new contract.

I have no regrets. If I was able to be born again, I’d do it the same way,” Jones-Drew told reporters today. “It ran its course. I’m ready to play football.”

Ultimately, Jones-Drew ended up getting a vacation in the month of August, when other NFL players are doing their hardest work of the year, but he didn’t get any more money than the $4.45 million he was always due on his current contract. And considering that Jones-Drew called his holdout “a dispute over money,” the fact that he didn’t get any extra money would suggest that he didn’t accomplish what he wanted to accomplish.

But Jones-Drew says he’s glad he handled his holdout the way he did.

“I did something I felt was right, and I’m always going to feel right,” Jones-Drew said. “I’m not going to feel wrong for doing what I did. That’s why I can come back and not have a negative attitude about it. Not one person here can say what I did was wrong.”

Actually, some people would say it’s wrong for Jones-Drew not to show up for work during training camp and the preseason when he had a contract. But Jones-Drew thinks he handled his holdout exactly the right way.

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  1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what he did. Teams can cut any guy any time. With non-guaranteed contracts, it goes both ways. That’s the way it is. You may not feel MJD is worth more than what he is owed, but it’s still his right to do that.

  2. Recent results from players who were preseason holdouts tells me that MJD will have a sub-par season for him. Hope that was worth it.

    Revis 2010
    CJ 2011

    And in 2013:

  3. It actually makes a lot of sense. Why play in the preseason when you can be as good as he is and blow up the NFL still and outplay that contract for yet another year so you can get a better one.

  4. I’ve come to see the past the rhetoric and and now see the business side of the NFL. No one should be put down for a holdout. Unions do it all the time. If someone wants your services, you have the right to negotiate. If you have a contract and you fail to live up to it, then there are consequences. If a person is willing to face the consequences, then it isn’t an issue. Although I just used the analogy of lbor unions, in all reality analogies don’t work so well here because the industry of the NFL is quite unique. The shelf life of an NFL player isn’t long. A running back, in particular, has a very short career, typically speaking, due to injuries and the availability of other players who can step in. Management has no problem making business decisions: cutting guys, asking guys to take a pay cut, making trades. As much as we fans love the game, the game is a business, and the market determines value. Men are using their skills as a means of earning a living. Greed can be a problem for many, but in principle I think holding out is acceptable.

  5. millions can rightly say what he did was wrong. just more narcissistic delusions from him. i hope they garnish the fines from his paychecks. he should be due to get some money in week 5 or 6.

  6. Every Dumb ass will come here and comment on how Jones should Honor his “contract” But when a player like Leyon Washington gets cut because he broke his leg on the field where are all of these fans then? If Jones brakes his leg on the first play and the team rips his contract will you idiots even care? nope! If a grown man is risking his health to earn a paycheck then its none of your business if he wants a raise!

  7. It’s his right – it may not be what you or I do but he didn’t break any laws. It’s no different than being cut before you contract ends – just the reverse.

    However, if you’re going to sit out have the cahones to do it when it counts. Simply sitting out and missing camp doesn’t pack much of a punch – especially since you probably won’t end up paying any of the fines. Just tell me you want more money – and if you don’t thing I am taking you seriously then hurt me during the season – but don’t take a summer vacation and come slithering back with your tail between your legs right before you’re about to miss your first game check and tell me all is well – I’d have a lot more respect for you if you put your money where your mouth is.

  8. Very few if any outside opinions seem to matter to MJD, he marches to his own Kazoo, and is never out of step.

  9. How many times has a holdout ended in a good season for a player. MJD is going down. Sorry, that’s just the history of the situation.

  10. Hopefully, he stays healthy and he can be a free agent in two years along with Darrelle Revis. Unless, the owners use the franchise tag on the for a year.

  11. Contracts aren’t guaranteed in this league. It makes the argument of “honoring your contract” completely weightless when it doesn’t go both ways.

  12. He tried to pull a Chris Johnson but the owner called his bluff. Get ready for a career worst year across the board for MJD. It wouldn’t surprise me if he gets injured/out for the season since he is not entirely in football shape. Damn shame since he is such a productive back and one of the better character guys in the league.

    The holdout was probably the most boneheaded thing he could have done. Holdouts are what they are but when your position(RB) is such a changeable puzzle piece, all it takes is someone hungrier and younger to replace you! It happens all the time. If anything, he has devalued his position a bit since he will probably be platooning with Jennings.

  13. He had a contract that he didn’t honor……how can that make him “feel right”. By not honoring his contract he avoided OTA’s, training camp and practices when his teammates had to put in the work and sweat,how can that make him “fell right”. We all know the fines, over a $million, will be “erased” because if they weren’t, I can assure you that MJD then “wouldn’t feel right”.

  14. sschmiggles says: Sep 2, 2012 5:35 PM

    $4.5M isn’t enough to get you off your butt and play football? Typical spoiled athlete

    Typical Couch Potato who’s jealous.

  15. It probably hurt his team (team practice time) and may have hurt himself (possible fines). I don’t see where anyone was helped by this. It was his right to stage this though so I am glad he is pleased. . .

  16. I think a missing piece here is also who the heck are these players listening to? MJD is a smart football player so who has his ear? Owners and coaches have they any say over who these players’ agents are and what they say to these young men? Seems like there is a real dearth of altruistic mentors for these guys which makes no sense when you think about awesome veterans say like London Fletcher and all the wonderful former players out there. If it takes a village to raise a child maybe it takes something similar in idealogy to raise a player.

  17. We all know NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed but your signing bonus is. The signing bonus is all that matters. The players have a choice not to sign long term deals and go year to year but then they run the risk for injury and you can’t have it both ways. The fact of the matter is the NFL system is great for fans. I hate when guys in other sports get long to term deals then don’t perform. That being said Jones is by far the Jags best player and they should have taken care of him. I all likelihood Jones isn’t in football shape and will end up getting hurt. Khan is a dick.

  18. Hmmm…so 40 days off was worth 1.2? Wouldn’t do anything different, eh? Still on the team, same contract, but 1.2 MIL in the hole.

    “Nope, wouldn’t do a thing different”

    LOL! Send ME 1.2 MIL, you idiot!

  19. As owner (if I were), I would offer him the chance to avoid tge fines. He would have to be the leading rusher in the NFL, and reach that title by getting well over 2,000 yards, otherwise he’d have the money taken right off the top of next year’s pay.

  20. To all the posters saying he lost 30K per day…. He didn’t until the Jags decide to enforce it. And I would be shocked if they do, teams generally don’t burn bridges with their best players.

  21. “To all the posters saying he lost 30K per day…. He didn’t until the Jags decide to enforce it. And I would be shocked if they do, teams generally don’t burn bridges with their best players.”

    Hence more holdouts down the road, what do they have to lose. Khan is a different kind of owner that isn’t going to take any BS. I think he makes an example out of MJD. This is a perfect opportunity,

    MJD or any running back isn’t that valuable.

    He still has him under contract next year and needs to insure this doesn’t happen again.

    Khan took this personal, Jones-drew is headed out of town this year or next at the first opportunity of a good draft pick.

  22. @birdsfan
    Actually, it DOESN’T go both ways. The NFL has always had the right to unilaterally terminate employee contracts, and it will ALWAYS be that way. That language is in the contract that EVERY player signs, so if the players don’t like it, they can get a job bagging groceries. When are people like you going to accept the fact that employees DO NOT make the rules regarding employment?

  23. Good thing he didn’t play for Al Davis. Davis would not have played him just to prove a point. Just ask Marcus Allen. MJD is a great player but he wont see the workload this year to produce 1600 yds. The plays will be much more balanced.o

  24. Some people are totally clueless… Why should MJD holdout? Because the 5 million isn’t enough??? Most people could live 5 lifetimes without the stress of “real” jobs. So the other 30 million he’s made is not enough to play football? Oh, you idiots must be worried because 70% of nfl players endup bankrupt!!! Yeah, I feel sorry for millionaires, but especially millionaires that can’t live a lifetime on the money they’ve made…. Get a clue, he gets not an ounce of sympathy from me… He cried, missed working out with his team, and thought of himself for a measly 5 million…. Any fan that defends this is clueless, and must be a millionaire…. Give me a break… Feel sorry, or support his holdout…… Crack kills

  25. 89seminole says:
    Sep 2, 2012 10:25 PM
    Good thing he didn’t play for Al Davis. Davis would not have played him just to prove a point. Just ask Marcus Allen. MJD is a great player but he wont see the workload this year to produce 1600 yds. The plays will be much more balanced.o
    You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    It was NEVER about money with Al Davis, not concerning Marcus Allen and not concerning anybody else.

    Time to buy a clue.

  26. Hooray now all we need is for the other owners to take notice. These players today think they can sign a contract and then holdout for more.Up until this point that was the thinking. Now maybe the owners can see that if they hold tight things can change for the better for them and the fans.Thank you MR KHAN for having the SEEDS to just say no something the other owners and players just can’t seem to do.Thanks again from a fan and season ticket holder.

  27. quote”I’ve come to see the past the rhetoric and and now see the business side of the NFL. No one should be put down for a holdout. Unions do it all the time.”
    What? labor Unions holdout their services and strike ONLY when their contract runs out and the two sides cannot come to a mutual agreement,even then certain unions many times will extend run out contracts while working to come to a resolution with the employers and only after more failure will strike.MJD has two years left on a contract that he signed and pays him very well,will he have to pay the million in fines,no,and thats a shame.

  28. Hey, look at that. MJD ended his holdout at the exact same time that training camp ended. It’s almost like he just didn’t want to go to training camp. Who could have predicted that result?

  29. You have “no regrets” MJD for holding out and missing a whole offseason of work? While not putting in the same work your teammates did and also gelling with them and learning a new playbook? All because of a new contract to replace the last new contract you got?

    Weren’t you the same dude who ran to Twitter to slam Jay Cutler for letting his teammates down because he didn’t play on a torn MCL in the NFCC game 2 years ago? At least he didn’t get on the field because of an injury. You chose to set your team, a new coach, and a young offense back over money. tsk…tsk.

  30. A hold out works if it achieves something…He hurt his team by missing practice. By not practicing will probably lead to an injury. Nothing changed salary wise except that the team can fine him…I would say a very worthwhile holdout..

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