Plaxico prepares for a season without football

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With the Giants getting ready to start the 2012 season in only three days, the guy who had a big role in their 2007 Super Bowl run seems to be accepting the fact that his football career could be ending.

I’m a human being and have been through worse,” receiver Plaxico Burress tells Gary Myers of the New York Daily News.  “I’ve been in darker places.  I’m alive, I’m home here with my family.  If I don’t play football again, I have a nice shiny piece of hardware to show for it.  If it is over, football has been wonderful to me.  If I don’t play anymore, it won’t be because I can’t play anymore or can’t get open.”

Burress believes he’s being overlooked because of an off-field history that includes a 2008 accidental self-shooting that triggered 20 months in prison.

“I can’t sit here and say there are guys on these teams who are better than I am,” Burress said.  “I am looking at it from a player’s standpoint: It has nothing to do with me being able to perform.  It has nothing to do with me being 35.”

Burress, whose only offseason workout came in New England, says he would like to re-join the Jets, the team for which he scored eight touchdowns and generated 612 receiving yards in 2011.  “I know I’m better than that,” he said of his performance, which he believes was undermined by the rustiness of an extended stay at the Hotel Hoosegow.

“I got my legs back under me,” Burress said.  “For me, it’s all about getting on the field and doing what I can do.”

He insists that he wasn’t a troublemaker for the Jets.  “As far as me going into the locker room and causing a problem, after everything I’ve been through, I’d have to be crazy,” Burress said.  “I just went in and played the best I could.  I didn’t have a problem with anybody.  I had fun.  I laughed a lot.  I enjoyed myself.  I was happy going to work in the morning and being back on my feet.  I didn’t cause any problems over there.”

Whether other teams foresee problems or choose to go younger or believe that Burress simply doesn’t have it any more, the chronic lack of interest over the past six months suggests that there won’t be a sudden spike over the next six days.

Still, it’s possible that teams are laying low, waiting until Week One has come and gone before making a play for Plaxico, who can be signed at that point without his full salary being essentially guaranteed.  So if the phone doesn’t start ringing by next Monday, Burress will be relegated to the “waiting for enough guys to get injured” shelf with Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens.

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  1. Don’t understand why he’s unsigned still. Seems to have learned and changed his life and mindset after his incident, and I thought he had a pretty good season last year. Think some of the jets struggles not being able to put the ball in the endzone is because of not having him in the redzone? I’d say so

  2. “I got my legs back under me,” Burress said


    Yea, one of which has a bullet hole in it.

  3. Plax used to be a typical problem receiver. Was late to many meetings as a Giant and then ended up in jail. I don’t remember hearing about him being a problem child with the Jets last season. He’s more likely to change for the better than Owens or Chad Johnson (jail can be a painful motivator for some people).
    Also not sure why the Jets wouldn’t want him back? No, I don’t think he can be a #1 wideout on any team at age 35. But Plax is a huge redzone target and I think he’d have a good chance of snagging horrible passes from Sanchez/Tebow. Maybe Santonio Holmes doesn’t want any decent receivers on the team (makes him look better if everyone else stinks)???
    IF Plax didn’t cause any problems, it really is a mystery why the Jets don’t want him.

  4. Let’s remove the incident in “08. He was already a constant thorn in coach C.’s side with his selfish, diva-like behaviors. These jerky methods of conduct extended to the general public, such as waitpersons and other staff along these lines. His stellar behaviors extend back to The Steelers and MSU, and I am certain he was no angel in high school. Other than the above, Plax has been a sweetheart. It continues to amaze me when players such as Plax and TO and Chad can’t understand the fleeting nature of a career in football and realize that boorish behavior closes like a talented cornerback as one ages/slows down a step, and that people have extremely LONG memories for cruel and/or high-maintenance behaviors. Some call it karma. I refer to it as LOGICAL CONSEQUENCES. Hope you saved some of your kings ransom you earned over the years, though I wouldn’t be shocked to hear in the near future that you are attempting to hock your “hardware.”

  5. Note to Jets: bring him in, you’ve got no one that defenses have to worry about except Holmes. 8 men in the box bashing a mediocre Shonne Greene isn’t going to be a pretty picture.

  6. “If I don’t play anymore, it won’t be because I can’t play anymore or can’t get open.”

    Actually, that’ll be exactly the reason.

  7. Hey Plax. Miami fan here. Come enjoy yourself, have fun and laugh a lot in SE Florida this year. And if they’re not calling you call them. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Please for the love of god we need somebody to throw the damn football to (that can catch it).

  8. He doesn’t need anyone to give him another shot, he proved he’s more than capable of giving himself one….in the leg…because he shot himself in the leg while wearing sweatpants in a nightclub…remember when that happened?

  9. Unlike Brady and many of the Pats, Plax has an untainted ring. He doesn’t have to hide it in a drawer out of embarrassment – he can actually wear it occasionally and show it off.

    When people see it, they don’t call him a cheater. They don’t say, “Too bad you haven’t won one without the benefit of cheating”.

    Quite a difference…

  10. Teams already have to put up with young prima donna WR’s. Why would they want to deal with OLD prima donna WR’s?

  11. I watched Plax all 16 games last year. He’s just not the same guy.

    I think he’s still good enough to be a goalline guy, but he brings too much baggage to have him around just for that.

  12. When will these idiots stop playing victim and understand that there are consequences to their actions?
    Playing football for a living is a privilege, not a right.
    There are plenty of young men coming out of college every year. No need to recycle guys who have proven that they don’t get it.
    No matter how good they say they are.
    Move on, NFL.

  13. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I feel sorry for Plax, TO, and Chad. Big Talent but outsized personalities do not seem to transition well to life in the dull, real world, let alone the reality check of middle age. I hate reading when a super star player is broke and washed up after football and pathetically waiting for some team calling out of desperation. You want them to remain successful after football too like Troy Aikman, Prime, and even Sapp. It’s depressing when things don’t turn out for them.

  14. The Jets should be bring this guy back. My guess is that he will be signed by a team after week one. There are a lot of teams with questionable #2 WR’s and that’s where Plax would fit in best as a #2 WR.

    Shocked that The Eagles haven’t entertained Plax. He’d be the ideal big WR to compliment Maclin and Desean who are smaller and non factors in the red zone plus Vick has good relationship with Plax.

  15. Some rotten team like the Steelers or Packers or Patriots could use Plax….

    He’d be a perfect fit with those bums.

  16. Plaxico got screwed by the criminal justice system. Almost 2 years in prison for what he did was a travesty of justice. Two years probation would have been a much more just sentence. The City of New York’s belief that they needed make an example out of him to make a statement about their anti-gun policies was nothing short of disgraceful.

  17. So Dallas won’t sign him because he shot himself? Pacman shot other people and they signed him. Their top receiver now beat up his own mom. Why are they acting like they have too much class to sign this guy? He must have no skills left at all.

  18. marygratton18: I agree with your point with the exception of Plax. I feel as though he did not have a large persona the way TO and Chad evinced. Plax was a rude, surly, self-centered person and a poor team player. While he finds himself in a similar position as the other two, I believe he was in a category that was not similar to them, and it appears as though he is experiencing his pigeons roosting.

  19. It’s ok. I’m a Dolphin fan that is use to preparing for a season without football. Thank you Ross.

  20. Good to see he isnt completely delusional about being a 35 yr old with declining ability and work ethic.

  21. The phone will be ringing on Monday when teams can sign him at a bargain price. There will be an injury or two, there will be some dropped balls by guys on the bubble, and the Jets, Dolphins, Cowboys and Vikings will still be thin at the position.

  22. If he wasn’t such a head case he would be on a team right now, throw in his age and teams will shy away choosing to go with younger players that won’t disrupt the locker room.

    Plax was on to good teams with the Steelers and Giants and found a way to get booted from both.

  23. Plax….just look at it this way: You now have all the time in the world to troll flashy nightclubs wearing a sideways baseball cap and a pistol in your pocket.

  24. Just goes to show: Players who are locker room poison can’t afford to lose a step.

    If Burress had Jerry Rice’s attitude and work habits, he’d still be drawing an NFL paycheck.

  25. He’d be the Vikings second-best receiver before the ink dried but Spielman is convinced that Ponder and Kalil are so good that they don’t need any receivers.

  26. He does deserve another shot. I am shocked the Vikes havent brought him in. They have Percy Harvin and, if I may quote an announcer in a game earlier this week: “Not another WR worthy of an NFL roster.”

  27. I’m not a Jets fan (idiotic or otherwise). I wonder why so many people believe dog killers, rapists, drunk drivers who kill people, wife beaters, etc “deserve a second chance” but Plax doesn’t? He made a horrible decision and paid the consequences (bullet hole in leg, jail time, and loss of income).
    The Jets offense is such a mess (c’mon, it shouldn’t take 4 pre-season games to score a TD and your 3rd string QB is the one to do it!) that Plax WOULD make a difference on the field. Since I’m not a Jets fan…did Plax cause problems last season? If so..were they as bad as giving up and trying to fight teammates in the huddle during a game? Granted, Holmes is more talented and expensive.
    But I am curious why the Jets (or Dolphins) don’t try to sign Plax for the league minimum and use him in the red zone. Even at 35, he’s a better option than most of the ‘fins receivers.

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