Tuesday CT scan will determine Witten’s availability for opener

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Yes, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten will indeed be evaluated one more time before Wednesday night’s game between Dallas and the New York Giants.  And, yes, Witten definitely wants to play.

Specifically, he’ll have another CT scan on Tuesday, according to Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

If I get cleared, I’m playing,” Witten said.  “It’s the only way, I believe, you can approach the game.  I think people know that’s the only way I’m playing.  This is what you play for.  It’s an opportunity, especially where we’re at and how much work we’ve put into this situation.”

So is he optimistic about what the scan will reveal?  “I mean, I wouldn’t say optimistic, just because as of right now, it’s been a tough challenge to get to that point.  So I wouldn’t say I was optimistic.  Optimistic would be if it was in my hands and my control.  So no, from that standpoint.”

Witten may not be optimistic, but the guy who throws him footballs is.

“As of what I know, I think he’s going to, yes,” Tony Romo said, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Whether or not Witten plays, the Cowboys need to keep the Giants guessing as to whether he will.  So far, the Cowboys are doing a very good job of that.

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  1. Tony Romo commenting on whether he thinks he’ll play is comical. This isn’t a meniscus tear or a groin strain. It’s a lacerated spleen, and if it’s not fully healed it would be the height of stupidity to let him suit up. The speculation is unnecessary, this should be an objective decision.

  2. What’s the dollar value of a spleeen? His family will have their hearts in their throats when he takes the field. And I cannot imagine the fearlessness it will take from him.

  3. Witten is one of those players teams game plan for, so the Cowboys are doing a great job at making the giants plan for him. I think he will play just because he is Jason Witten (FHOF)

  4. Who as a fan, would not want to see a future HOF TE, play? BUT, as stated above, it should be solely based on a medical-based, objective scan, or what ever else is necessary, to insure Witt-en’ssafety, period! Spleen, potential bleeding, surgery
    and death, in a violent sport, hope he, the team, the doctors, have his best interests in mind, WTH.

  5. I don’t know why they just don’t shelve him for 4 weeks. With the bye, that would give him 5 weeks off. And at least the spleen would be healed.

    By forcing the issue, one good shot can end his season.

  6. If he is reinjured he could be gone for the season. I know this guy is important to their offense, but it is not worth rushing him back. I will be shocked if the doctors give him approval to play. If they do then I doubt their objectivity.

  7. How are we going 8-8 this year? We where 8-8 last year with a horrible secondary and horrible old ilb’s.

    Add Carr, Claiborne, Carter, Conner…… Sure not looking like 8-8 to me.

    Err, the Giants where only 9-7 peeps!

    Keep hating, but look at the reality, Giants missing both their starting corners, Dez, and Miles both are going over a hundred yards and a couple t.d’s each.

    Cowboys 31 Giants 17

    Take that to the bank!

    Different team, different year!

  8. @calizcocowboys,

    A rookie CB who missed some camp, a CB from KC who lost his job to Stanford Routt, and two linebackers, one a had been, one a never will be. Oh yeah, much improvement. Cowboys still have that porous O Line, Miles is still nursing the hamstring he pulled signing that big contract, and Dez?, go ahead and count on him. Seems like your grasping at straws. Oh btw, the only team in the NFC East you could beat last year were the Skins, and you probably wont get those wins this year. Cowboys 6-10.

  9. Witten is an animal, but he’s also a smart one. If he’s cleared, he’ll play, because he is such a competitive individual.

  10. Yeah, I’m a Giants fan. I want Witten on the field because he is just plain fun to watch. However, this is a situation where the Drs. have to protect the player from himself. He is an absolute beast and one of the most competitive guys on that team.

  11. “kingcalrbanks” – Hey seriously we get two more wins just by cutting the “Giants MVP Newman”.

    That guy help you more then he ever helped us last year.

    Also add a full off season and training camp to learn and master Rob Ryans defense.

    Our oline can be masked until they start to jell.
    You know running the ball with our stud Murray,
    quick three step drops, screens, draws, two tight end sets…… yep we are just fine guy.

    By the way, how are you masking your very poures
    secondary from Miles, Dez, Witten, and Murray out of the back field? Dude you have no corners or safety’s.

    Carter Claiborne Carr Connors Church a healthy Jenkins, Ware, Ratlif, Lee …. OMG!
    Say good nite Sheli!

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