Victor Cruz has a long memory when it comes to trash talk


Victor Cruz must be part elephant.

The Giants wide receiver keeps a file of trash talk, and isn’t going to forget anything said about him or his team that he might need for motivation later.

When Brandon Carr signed a $50 million contract with the Cowboys, he gave Cruz all he needed.

“All that salsa dancing, that’s fine, but you’ve got to come through me,” Carr said during an appearance on ESPN. “I don’t plan on seeing no dancing.”

Cruz grinned and initially brushed off the remark when asked Saturday, but admitted he recalled it.

“Yeah, definitely. You always kind of use little things to get you riled up and get you ready to play,” Cruz told Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger. “It just so happens some team gives you something. It is what it is; you put it in the back of your mind and you go out there and prepare like you do every week.”

When opponents mock his salsa dancing, as Carlos Rogers did last year, that gets his attention quickly.

“It is, because it’s so sacred for me. It’s something I do for my grandmom,” Cruz said. “So when somebody mocks it, it kind of ticks me off a little bit. That’s more so when I get upset.”

Carr didn’t go there, but then again, it’s early in the week. There’s still plenty of time.

37 responses to “Victor Cruz has a long memory when it comes to trash talk

  1. Eagles fan here… Not going to say we are the best! and look like a jag off because we need to prove a lot this year. But this year Eagles + Giants games should be pretty epic and I have no doubt they will be battling it out for dominance once again. But these cowboys fans need to shut up. Victor Cruz is a stud and he’s got a hell of an accurate QB passing to him. Good luck on that Carr it’s not even the first game and you already fit in so well with the Dallas loud mouths. Keep motivating the SB champions LOL.

  2. Psst! That salsa dancing looks more like you have ants in your pants than any coordinated dance. Poor Grandma of yours, but i am sure she tells you are a good “salsa dancer” LOL.

  3. carols rogers got eaten alive in the NFCCG. something tells me that cruz, making $500k to carr’s $50m, will still bring the salsa to the party this wednesday

  4. If he gets ticked off that his salsa dancing is mocked, he must be pretty much ticked off all the time.

  5. “cowboysallday says:
    Sep 2, 2012 12:37 PM
    Carr is gona lock this scrub down wednesday!”

    Pass the dutchie on the left hand side over there. If Carlos Rogers (you know, an actual pro-bowler) couldn’t do it, Carr aint.

  6. don’t get to full of yourself Carr, you went from under rated to way over rated in less than a year simply by changing uniforms and being the the news all the time. you’re not THAT good

  7. Cruz is going to have at least 6 receptions and a TD!! Book it.
    Redskins fans must have short term memory
    Because they weren’t running their mouths when we swept
    Them in 08,09,10 !!! Prior to last yer they haven’t
    Swept the giants since 1999. RG3 is mike Vick 2.0
    Nobody in the league is worried about him!!!

  8. why do deadskins fans talk so much they been irrelevent since the late 90’s come on get real skins area least 5-10years away from the prominent teams in the league get real

  9. Redskins fans have already inducted RG3 into the hall of fame before he took a real NFL snap. Can’t wait to see that little frame of his snapped like a twig by a real NFL defensive player.

  10. Cowboys fan here saying Im not sold on Carr anyway he was a number 2 in KC Now hes good enough to be a 1 in Dallas why Cuz we need him to be?? Not sure why the trash talk is such a surprise, when Namdi Got signed in Philly would you want him to say “boy Im Happy for this chance but i dont know if i can cover that Dez Bryant Guy??”

  11. larrydavid7000 says: “cruz is a one year wonder.!!!!”

    I think you’re talking out your a**. But, let’s say you’re right. Cruz started only 7 games last year and 82 receptions for 1536 yards and 9TDs. In the playoffs, he had 21 recs for 269 yards and 1 TD and got a Super Bowl ring. What did you accomplish last year? I’m thinking that “one year wonder” did more in his “one year” than you would ever do even if you lived to be a 1,000.

  12. To quote Carr”“I don’t plan on seeing no dancing.”
    So you do plan on seeing Cruz do his Salsa?

    The English dept at Flint Carman Ainsworth High School did a great job with Mr. Carr.

  13. All touchdown celebrations, this one included, are intended to taunt the opponent. Within the rules or not, they are unsportsmanlike, and they don’t embody the spirit of “Act like you’ve been there before”. If Grandma has any class, she’ll tell Victor to knock of the sacred dance except at family gatherings and hand the ball back to the (replacement) referee.

  14. Yawn Cowboys fans. You have no reason to talk any smack. I can’t wait to watch Cruz roast that turkey Carr.

  15. Even if Carr does a good job shutting Victor Cruz down, that just means Nicks will be schooling Claiborne on the other side.

  16. FYI – I am an old fart. and proud of it.

    Anyone who did that nonsense in the old days would get his clock cleaned – by his TEAMMATES.

    Jim Brown – the BADDEST of the bad – would score, he would quietly hand the ball to the official and then trot to the sidelines.

    The message was clear – “I’ve been before, here I am again, and I’ll be back!”

    The postgame meal is turkey and hot-dogs.

  17. lol it never seem to amaze me about these Cowboy fans. Brandon Carr a locked down corner? Where did you here this? From Brandon? Really? Lets check the game stats shall we.

    He came from Chiefs which has been losing ever since Joe Montana and Marcus Allen retired. I never heard of this guy! Really! Please don’t insult my intellegence by saying he’s a lock down corner because he’s not. He’s decent, but not lock down.
    One thing I can say dallascowboysdishingthereal in your behalf there won’t be any Salsa Dancing because he said last he’s going to come up with something different.

  18. Victor Cruz is the Jeremey Lin of football? You’re a world class idiot for saying that. Lin hasn’t won anything! Victor Cruz started hot and finished hot. Lin played well for 25 games and vanished in the wind. You cannot compare these to athletes a like to make an idiotic point.

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