Amobi Okoye questions Greg Schiano’s character

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Defensive tackle Amobi Okoye said Monday that he’s glad to be back with the Bears.

Okoye left the team as a free agent this offseason to go to the Buccaneers, but is now back in Chicago after a knee injury cost him a lot of time this summer and, ultimately, his job in Tampa. Okoye blamed the injury on returning too fast from a scope on the knee in June, causing Bucs coach Greg Schiano to make some comments hinting at an overly cautious approach from Okoye when it came to handling what Schiano characterized as a chronic knee problem.

Okoye felt that was a “kind of unfair” assessment of the state of his knee and went on to question Schiano’s commitment to living up to the standards he sets for his players.

“It really makes me question the character of he himself, because, while I was there, he was trying to mold us to be kind of like him. It made me question all the things he was teaching me, as far as TBA — Trust, Belief and Accountability — his way of doing things,” Okoye said, via Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times. “It’s like, ‘Wow, what type of guy is this?’ That really hurt.”

Schiano is hardly the first coach to express frustration about the pace of a player’s recovery from injury and Okoye isn’t the first player to get forced out of Tampa because Schiano feels he isn’t a good fit for the team that Schiano hopes to build. The guy who lost his roster spot when Okoye arrived, defensive tackle Brian Price, went through the same exact thing and so have several other players over Schiano’s first offseason in Tampa. We’ll start finding out soon if that results in a better Buccaneers team, because that will be the ultimate judge of whether Schiano’s way is the right way.

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  1. Yet another player calling out Schiano for being full of crap, can you say Ray Perkins II.

    As for the on field results thus far the team is ranked 31st in offense and 31st in defense in the preseason. Yes preseason doesn’t matter — unless you’re trying to sell tickets. When you field the most boring and generic team in the NFL with a generic coach, a generic offense and defense and completely tie the hands of the only one real potential superstar player you have (Freeman) and then people wonder why you’re having a hard time selling tickets.

    It took Dungy an entire year to pack Tampa Stadium (which was much larger) — Schiano will only earn my money if he can win, which considering he couldn’t even do that in the Big East I have serious doubts he can do it in the NFL. There is nothing about this team that is exciting and there is everything to tell you (the fan) it will be a very long year. Hopefully I’m 100% wrong and if so I’ll be extremely happy since I am a fan.

  2. Grown men don’t like being treated like children(even if some of them still are). Schiano will just go on the list of failed college to pro coaches.

  3. I’ll say this about Schiano; everyone he dumped with the exception of Dez Briscoe and Okoye has been released by the teams that traded (Price) or signed (Kellen Winslow) for them. And let’s not forget about the indefinite suspension for Tanard Jackson. I like what I see from the new coach and hope it translates on the football field, because as a fan, I don’t want to see my favorite team quit on the field anymore.

  4. Schiano treats grow men like idiots. It will come back to bite him when the Bucs take a dive. All on him.

  5. For now, my faith is in Schiano. He was smart enough to get rid of Tanard “pass me that doooob.” Jackson, Kellen “I cant practice” Winslow, and Brian “I can’t last a season” Price.

    Hopefully the other players dont get die-enchanted, but I think the know where the cancers were….

    I do hope Price bounces back, but it sounds like he needed a change of scenery.

  6. “As for the on field results thus far the team is ranked 31st in offense and 31st in defense in the preseason”

    They have no depth behind the first line, look at the stats when the starters are in, i take it you missed the patriots game when they played almost 3 quarters and looked like a totally different team esp the defense

  7. People talk about Schiano’s W/L record but many don’t realize the monumental job he did of turning around a pathetic Rutgers program. How many of you had heard of our fine state university before he took the reins? Only when one of your teams steamrolled us, probably. And consider that Rutgers has academic standards higher than the NCAA requires, Schiano rarely had blue chip recruits to work with and Rutgers will never be a football factory. He’ll be a fine addition there because he stands for something and works hard for his goals.

    But Kenny Britt? I mean, really, Greg?

  8. This team needed Schiano. They will be better than last year by a wide margin, but have a tough schedule. He might change his style as he gets more acclimated but usually guys that speak out against colleagues are the ones with the issues, not the one being bashed. If they were mature and took responsibility for their situations maybe they wouldn’t have gotten cut. You have to earn respect, your age doesn’t matter. As a fan also, I thought they were impressive this preseason, especially against the Patriots, the darlings of espn.

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