Austin Collie likely to play Week One


When Colts wide receiver Austin Collie suffered another concussion during preseason play, there was a lot of speculation that it might be the beginning of the end of his playing career.

The concussion was Collie’s fourth in the last 21 months and coach Chuck Pagano said that the team would proceed with caution in regard to Collie’s return. That proclamation, plus the NFL’s stepped-up concussion protocols, seemed to present an obstacle to a quick return to work. Not too great an obstacle for Collie to clear, however.

Phillip Wilson of the Indianapolis Star reports that Pagano said Monday that Collie is “full go” in practice and that the receiver’s chances of playing on Sunday against the Bears “look good.” That’s not what we were expecting to hear so close to Collie’s last head injury, although it is a reminder that concussions come in all different shapes, sizes and severity.

The cumulative effect of them is still a concern, but, as Collie’s father recently made clear, they represent a risk that Collie is willing to take at this point in his career. Unlike the claims being made by many of Collie’s predecessors, there’s no argument that he doesn’t know what that risk entailed should it come back to haunt him.

6 responses to “Austin Collie likely to play Week One

  1. I don’t understand why this guy doesn’t just retire. Has he seen what all these concussions can do to him post football?

  2. During the past few weeks I have read several articles saying that the Colts should cut Collie for his own good. How idiotic is that? How about this. Supposed a person had a high stress job that made them feel they needed to smoke to relieve the tension. The person knows the danger of smoking yet continues to smoke. Now his boss being the good person he his decides to fire this person for his own good because he doesn’t think it is healthy for his employee to smoke because of the tension of his job. He is firing this person for their own good. What do you think the ACLU will have to say about that? Just a thought.

  3. Can’t believe that there was no discipline handed down to Foote for that cheap shot forearm to Collie’s head. Punk play.

  4. I agree bostoncollie. That looked liked some old school Deacon Jones forearm haymakers. You want to know why some of these older players can’t walk or talk watch some 70’s football highlights. Fred “the hammer” Williamson. How do you think he got his nickname? Yikes.

  5. I’m a Colts fan and a Collie fan. Have his jersey. Still didn’t think the play was dirty. Still don’t want him to risk his future as a husband and dad and member of the community.

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