Bears pulling the plug on Brian Price


The Bears are swapping out one former Buccaneer for another.

After reaching a deal to re-sign Amobi Okoye after the Bucs cut him, the Bears needed a spot for him. They found it this morning, deciding to release Brian Price, according to Jay Glazer of Fox.

The Bucs traded a seventh-round pick for the former second-rounder in July, hoping to tap into the potential he showed in college.

In the end, they chose to go with the known quantity instead.

12 responses to “Bears pulling the plug on Brian Price

  1. I wish Brian Price well, the man has had to deal with a lot of tragedy in a short span of time. Hoping he can catch on with another team.

  2. Bucs should sign him for peanuts and then put him on IR for a year.

    The talent and desire has shown to be there, the health isn’t. Maybe the time off will also help his rumored locker room “attitude” as well.

  3. You mean the Bears traded a 7th rounder for Price in July not the Bucs.
    Not even the Bucs are stupid enough to give picks away in the hopes of bribing another team to take it’s castoffs.

    Looks like Schiano is doing a solid job of weeding the turds out on the Tampa roster…
    Traded Winslow for Seattles 7th rounder – released
    Traded Price for Chicagos 7th rounder – released
    Cut Tanard Jackson, Skins sign him – suspended AGAIN
    Cut Dezmon Briscoe, Skins sign him – released
    Let Josh Johnson walk, Niners and his college coach sign him – released
    Let Elbert Mack walk, Saints sign him – released
    Let Sean Jones walk, Lions sign him – released
    Cut Jeff Faine, only now have the Bengals signed him.

    The Bucs might not have the depth to contend this year but it looks like they are at least identifying the wasted space on the roster and trying something new.

  4. I know Price only cost the Bears a 7th round pick but I think it’s time to pull the plug on working out deals with the Bucs.

  5. It’s a shame this kid had to go through what he’s gone through…He has a lot of talent and can still be a very good NFL player, but maybe he needs to take some time to help him get past the death of his sister…Good luck to him and I really hope we see him back with a team really soon

  6. It’s very annoying when you write poneglect neglect to mention basic information like the player’s position.

  7. Bears would have kept him if they hadn’t been able to pick up Okeye for nothing….I don’t think Price is ‘football ready’ right now, but hopefully he get there….

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