Dolphins to work out Jabar Gaffney today

The Dolphins owe it to themselves to look at every wide receiver that comes available, and they’re going through the Patriots cuts closely.

Already having worked out Donte Stallworth, they’re working out Jabar Gaffney today, according to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.

Gaffney would walk in the door as the de facto No. 1 receiver. He caught 68 passes for 947 yards and five touchdowns for the Redskins last year, but got caught in the Patriots sudden youth movement.

A move could happen quickly, and should.

17 responses to “Dolphins to work out Jabar Gaffney today

  1. I was really REALLY mad the Pats cut him. He’ll help them if he signs there. He’s a perfect #2-#3 WR. Can go most of the game with no targets & will still catch one when you need him to. Sigh.

  2. As a Skins fan who watches every game closely, Gaffney will be great for Tannehill. Great route-runner with reliable hands. The guy gets open and is very underrated.

  3. wvfinfanatic: branch isn’t much of a deep threat anymore. he basically does the same stuff as bess, but is obviously much older.

    gaffney can still play. he’s no #1 receiver, but he’s a reliable target and the fins could use a few guys tannenhill could actually depend on

  4. Wtf is the problem with Jeff Ireland??? Every year since he’s been here he needs to fill holes after the last cut downs. For 5 years now you’re still working on the offensive line & receivers???? Does he realize there is a draft & free agency? So tired of this clown!!!!

  5. Question: How do you know if your passing game is in serious trouble?

    Answer: If you consider Devon Bess your number 1 receiver.

  6. Branch is old, but so are the rest of the FA, I’m just saying bring him in for a workout, along with cooley and winslow jr. If there is no deep threat, there will be no need to play anything but a cover 2 and spy bush. The 2nd rounder for davis should land us the #1 we need…crossing my fingers for bowe!!

  7. I’m still confident he’ll be back in New England after Week 1…Brady likes him and he was hurt all preseason so he didn’t have much of a chance to play so I think he’ll be added again once contracts are not guaranteed

  8. Gaffney will not sign there is Patriots have told him that he will be back after his injury heals….UNLESS, Dolphins offer him a boatload of money.

    Miami a tough place to play right now…That organization a mess…and 4-5 wins looks difficult.

  9. The NFL is ALL about passing, passing and passing some more and when teams get tired of passing, then they start to really throw it and the GM on this team has acquired no receivers for his rookie, #1 pick QB and is now dumpster diving a few days before the opener to find someone else’s scraps. This is someone who admitted out loud on tv that his team has nothing but 4, 5 & 6 receivers. Saying that as though someone other than him is responsible for those stiffs being there.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  10. I have no idea how much of a deep threat Gaffney is but I know that he can catch the ball reliably. If he and Stallworth could come in and just hold on to the ball, we could find enough offense to win on that side of the football game.

    Our defense is going to be the porous game losers! If we score 21 they will score 24! The secondary is a hump we cannot overcome with players off of the scrap heap. Ireland needed to think about this before the beginning of football season. He just picks the wrong guys in the wrong order! Ireland is snake-bit!

  11. Oh, Why is broken down David Gerrard still on this team? Does Ireland think that he can trade either Moore or Gerrard for a starting Cornerback? Only the Cardinals are in that serious of trouble at QB and they will have to get desperate first. I guess that Devlin goes so you can keep your so-called trade bait! This is a no-brainer! Make aninjury settlement with Gerrard and move on with three health0y QB’s. Use the Gerrard slot for a WR. I would rather add Plex than keep Gerrard!

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