Hill OK with Rex’s joke, calls criticism of Jets’ offense “strange”


Jets coach Rex Ryan says he was just joking around when he said he didn’t want to draft wide receiver Stephen Hill, and Hill says he accepts that.

Hill told reporters that he was informed today of Ryan’s comment that Hill was “Not my dream pick,” but Hill didn’t take any offense, because Hill knows Ryan was joking.

“I know he was, definitely,” Hill said, in comments distributed by the team’s PR staff.

While Hill doesn’t have any problem with what Ryan said, he does have some qualms with the widespread criticism that the Jets’ offense has faced this preseason. Echoing what others in the Jets’ locker room have said, Hill says we’re going to see something different from the Jets’ offense when the regular season starts.

“It was kind of strange,” Hill said of the criticism the Jets took during the preseason. “Like you just said, it is preseason. The games start this weekend, and we’re looking to put on a show.”

If Hill does put on a show, you can bet Ryan will never again try to distance himself from that pick, joking or not.

22 responses to “Hill OK with Rex’s joke, calls criticism of Jets’ offense “strange”

  1. Hill needs to realize when your offense is completely inept throughout the pre-season, that indicates there’s a problem and people are going to talk about it.
    Even if Hill took offense to Rex’s comments, what’s he supposed to say? “F-you fat b_ _ _ _ _ _?”

  2. How are people still confused about this? What do you think Rex was saying in the war room? “Smart player, 6’4″, 215, crazy wingspan, 4.35 forty? And we have a need at receiver? Screw that, let’s go get that Burfict kid.”

  3. the only thing rex and the jets get out of these comments is ink. when namath says the team is more interested in headlines than it is wins, this is what he means.

  4. bills had one of the worst defenses in the league last year and suddenly they’re going to be posting shutouts? riiiight. i do think it will be low a scoring game because the jets will try to run all over the bills like they’ve done the last 3 years.

  5. Should the Jets go out and hang 30 on the Bills this Sunday, can we then all agree that preseason games are MEANINGLESS?

  6. I would give major props to Rex if his offense comes out week 1 and lights up the scoreboard like never before and then proceeds to explain that he wasnt going to give any of his gameplan away during the preseason. However, the likelihood of that happening is extremely slim, and if it did happen, the entire NFL would probably have it stopped by week 2. But for the rest of the season Rex would reminisce to reporters about how great that first week was…

  7. it’s absolutely comical how badly this crap gets blown out of proportion. Each week a local hack – generally Mehta or Cimini – misrepresent a Ryan joke and then outlets like this one take it at face value. the jets televise most of Ryan’s interviews so anyone can see what was actually said and in what context. but that that doesn’t sell so spin that truth.

  8. wow, the jets hate here is amazing….

    sanchez accounted for, I believe, 32 TD’s last year — not earth shattering, but not bad at all. I guess, all of a sudden, for no reason, he’s going to completely forget how to play.

    Now, he also accounted for 24 turnovers, and that’s the real problem. If he can cut the turnovers in half, the way we play defense…look out. 11-5, playoffs….and then, once again, jets haters can buzz off.

    we’ll see

  9. The reason why people are talking about the Bills defense is because 1 of the 4 D-Lineman on this team was on the last years team. That was ROOKIE, Marcell Dareus. Kyle Williams went on IR early in the year. Mark Anderson and elite DE, Mario Williams are the additions. A lot of the reason why they were torched in the air was because the secondary had to help out too much in the run. They also drafted a CB that has looked like he could be a future shut down DB like Nnamdi (before he was put into a zone defense in Philly) and Revis. The defense is going to be real good. If Freddy/Stevie/Fitz stays healthy, the offense will be fine as well.

  10. I’m tired of Bill fans thinking they have 85 Bears type D and every other day hearing some crap story about the Jets.

    These are both seven win teams and I can name 15 quarterbacks better than both these guys before they even come into consideration.

  11. @jimjet.. As a jets fan I agree to a degree. The problem is acquiring Tim Tebow. This will add to much pressure to Sanchez. I do believe Sanchez is a good qb. But let’s be real, he is not a Brady, Manning, or Brees. Unless you are one of those, the fans, coaching staff, and teammates, will not be committed to Sanchez, and he knows that. This will become the problem. No matter the person, all of us would not want this pressure. the J! E! T! S!! Chants will turn to Tebow chants after our second loss. Tebow was the worst pick up the Jets have grabbed in my lifetime. I may get some bad responses from this, but if it wasnt for Tebows good boy followers, he would be talked about in the same conversation as Jamarcus Russel, and Ryan Leaf…. Check stats before bashing me.

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