Jason Garrett echoes Jerry Jones’s support for replacement refs


Cowboys coach Jason Garrett won’t contradict his boss when it comes to the NFL officials’ lockout.

Just as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has insisted that the league will be fine using replacement officials while the regular refs are locked out, Garrett said today that he believes the replacement officials did their jobs well in the preseason and will continue to do so in the regular season.

The NFL does a great job of putting a great product out there for us and we’re just going to go play, Garrett said, via the Dallas Morning News. “It’s our job to play and coach The officials are going to be fine. I think they did a good job during the pre-season.”

Garrett said he doesn’t expect to have to yell at the replacements when the Cowboys open the season on Wednesday night, at least not any more than he would yell at the regular officials.

“I think we’ll probably have a similar relationship that we have with the regular officials,” Garrett said.

Garrett knows the company line on the replacement refs. We’ll see after Wednesday night’s game whether Garrett still has such a positive view of the replacements.

12 responses to “Jason Garrett echoes Jerry Jones’s support for replacement refs

  1. “The officials are going to be fine. I think they did a good job during the pre-season.”

    I said exactly what you told me say Jerry. can we go for ice cream now?

  2. You know, every single article y’all write on the refs lead to one thing. All but a guarentee that the officials are going to completely lose a game for teams with no chance of a decent game. Why dont you “journalist” be a little less biased and just report news, and stop trying to make this a blog site. With the refs have an extra man on the sideline that is communicating with the booth, the calls should be correct and they should be rather timely. Why dont you stop assuming this is going to be the worst thing to happen to the world and just report news and stop trying to add your two cents.

  3. Oh well, if Jason Garrett says they’re cool, then as it is written so it shall be!

    I mean when it comes to NFL opinions I trust the most – Jason Garrett’s right at the top of the list. You can’t look at his body of work as a coach for Dallas and not just give him the benefit of the doubt…

  4. Boy oh boy that Cowboy organization is kissing a ton of replacement ref butt. Guess they’re hoping for one of those game changing calls to go their way.

  5. What?? The employee parroting the exact sentiments of his boss? The same boss that signs his (extremely large) paychecks?

    Gotta be a first.

  6. Well said timebandit24.

    Never seen the media slanted so far in one direction before.

    Hard for me to sympathize with the refs when the average ref takes home $154,000 annually for a PART-TIME JOB! That’s more than 3-times the national average a person takes hone for a full-time job.

  7. They must think we are idiots. Replacement Refs have botched 2-3 major calls in every game I’ve watched. Some of the bad calls, as in calls against unsportsmanlike conduct for minor on field celebrations lead one to think Replacement Refs have never even WATCHED an NFL football game. They will be a difference maker, in a bad way, as to the outcomes of games.

  8. I really believe that everyone crying “They can’t be any worse than the regular refs!” is in for an EXTREMELY rude awakening.

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