Joe Flacco likes the no-huddle offense

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We’ve seen a different offensive approach from the Ravens this summer.

After years spent running an offense that tilted toward the conservative, the no-huddle offense has arrived in Baltimore. The Ravens used it extensively against the Jaguars in the third preseason game and saw a great deal of success from the look.

It wasn’t the only offensive scheme they showed during the exhibition season, but, in an interview for Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column on, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said that he views the offense as being “total no-huddle” this season. It is a development that Flacco likes quite a bit.

“I think the no-huddle can add a couple of minutes to the game for us,” Flacco said. “I think we could get another possession per game out of it. The bottom line is, I’m happy we’re doing it. Very happy. Defenses have gotten so complicated. When you slow it down and get into a huddle before every play, you’re playing into their hands, allowing them to dictate the tempo of the game. This way, we take control of the game.”

Flacco’s desire for a new contract was a big storyline this summer and it will continue to be one as long as the Ravens don’t lock the quarterback up for the long term. This season is setting up as one long opportunity for Flacco to state his case for that long-term deal.

A more aggressive offense is going to put more of the responsibility for success on Flacco’s shoulders. The defense has some aging stars, but it is going to be missing Terrell Suggs for at least the majority of the season and that puts more pressure on the offense than in past Ravens seasons. That will fall on Flacco as well, which means there shouldn’t be too many questions left unanswered about the quarterback by the time all is said and done.

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  1. This will elevate Flacco’s game. Flacco has operated in a “defense can win this just don’t lose it for us” since he has been in the league. He has never tried to outscore the other team – like Brady. Flacco has a much better arm than Brady. And finally he has a receiver with Torrey Smith!

  2. My boy Flacco will put up big numbers on offense this year. This year, he’s going to take the next step to becoming elite.

  3. The no huddle can add a couple minutes to the game? That only helps your team if the offense is picking up first downs and staying on the field. Otherwise, you’re just killing your defense even more than you already do!

    And seriously… Please stop acting like the ravens didn’t throw the ball more because they were conservative. They simply did it because they were good at running the ball and Flacco couldn’t recognize defenses and blitzes.

    He still doesn’t understand the concept of the pocket and continued to drop back way too far instead of stepping up to help his own protection.

    But hey, supposedly the ravens are “allowing him” to do whatever he wants this year. SO… If he doesn’t get it done this year then no more excuses, RIGHT???!!?!?

  4. I’m really surprised it took them this long to do this, Flacco excelled in no-huddle, shotgun formations at Delaware.

  5. That should say two aging stars not “some aging stars.” There are two starters over the age of 30. A common misconception of the media. The defense is overall very young.

  6. I’m concerned about my Bengals if the Ravens go No-Huddle.
    The Bengals D is good because they are able to constantly rotate situational guys in and keep the line fresh. We have some DTs built for the run and some built for the pass. I have a feeling they plan to rotate Taylor Mays and Jeromy Miles or Nate Clements at Safety as well depending on down/distance because Mays is better against the run and Miles & Clements are better cover guys.
    If the no-huddle works than it could be a rough Monday night.

  7. Hopefully for the Ravens, Flaccid can get his completion % up to 58% this year. That’s brutal considering the defense expects the Ravens to run, and they throw a lot of short dump-offs. And it would be nice if he could hold on to the ball instead of fumbling 11 times again.

  8. Anything anti-Cam Cameron works for me!

    We knew how upset Flacco was when Jim Zorn got fired and when it comes to football methodology if the quarterback knows what suits him he should have it his way; only if he’s a passer though.

  9. But I thought Joe Flacccid was already the best QB in the NFL??? At least according to himself…. How could it possibly get any better?

  10. Its funny how idiots can remember that Flacco completed 57.6% of his passes last year, but always neglect to mention that he was throwing to a brand new rookie starter in Torrey Smith who had no offseason due to the lockout, 2 second year tight ends who caught a whopping 12 passes combined entering last season, and also had brand new pass catchers in Lee Evans and undrafted rookie Laquan Williams. Not to mention released his two go to guys for the first 3 years of his career in Heap and Mason. But no, apparently that chemistry was supposed to already have been there according to moronic trolls.

  11. Keep on hating haters. He sure looked torching Pittsburgh last couple years. Have fun with that quilt blanket of an offensive line.

  12. Flacco-on-his-back-o is obviously infatuated with the likes of an actual mutli-Superbowl champion quaterback, Ben Roethlisberger, so on-his-back-o is under the impression he is capable, like Ben, of high performance with the no huddle. Please do it Sacko, and watch your season fade away – again.

  13. As you can see, some of our fans are still celebrating our 2 super bowl wins last year. Not me. Being realistic, with all our issues, I predict 7-9 this year at best. Without Suggs, having to rely on 2 OLD defensive stars, and Flacco’s fragile ego, it will be a long season.

  14. Won’t help him when Polamalu comes around the edge and strips him of the ball to seal the game winner – yet again.

    Always the bridesmaid!

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