Leslie Frazier plans “limited exposure” for Adrian Peterson’s debut


Vikings coach Leslie Frazier has already said he’ll wait until game time to decide if running back Adrian Peterson can play in the opener against the Jaguars. And now Frazier says that if Peterson does play, it won’t be the full workload he’d get if he weren’t coming back from a torn ACL.

“We recognize if he’s able to get in this first ball game, it’ll be with limited exposure,” Frazier said. “We’ll talk about it as the week goes on and see how he’s doing and if it’s even a viable option to let him play.”

The Vikings continue to say that Peterson is making good progress a little more than eight months after reconstructive knee surgery, and Peterson continues to say that he plans to play in the opener. But Frazier says that no matter how fired up everyone is to see Peterson on the field in the opener, that won’t happen unless the medical staff thinks it’s the right idea.

“You really have to take the emotion out of it,” Frazier said. “You have to really hone in on what’s best for him, what’s best for our team. Adrian is not just another guy on our team; he is in so many ways the face of what we try to do. We have to be able to see the big picture when it comes to him and that’s the way we’ll approach it.”

In other words, it’s not a lock that Peterson will play against the Jaguars. And if he does, don’t expect him to get 20 carries.

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  1. I’m a Viking fan..of course I want to see him play. But, they have to be smart about this. If there is even a tiny question of whether he should play or not, he should be in street clothes on Sunday.
    Don’t screw around with this guys future.

  2. Unless a maximum play count is decided upon and agreed upon before the game begins, it is going to be hard to pull him once he gets in.

    No matter how many plays 1 – 5 – 10 I hope the VIKINGS win the game and he stays healthy.

  3. Seems like a smart move. Gerhart, while certainly not at AD’s level, has shown that he’s no slouch when it comes to carrying the rock. That affords the team the luxury of taking it slow with Peterson and easing him back into action. If the team had some scrub at RB2, it might be a different story.

    If Gerhart plays well, don’t be surprised if him and AD split carries this year. That would really be the best scenario for all parties involved.

  4. They are going to wait and see if they are trailing by three scores in the middle of the first period before jeopardizing his health for no reason. Smart move.

  5. @11wheatd

    “I mean it’s only Jacksonville, how hard can it be?”

    Right…Jacksonville was only the sixth ranked defense in the league last year, including a defense tied for fourth in the league in yards-per-carry.

    Keep telling yourself “it is only Jacksonville.”

  6. Doesn’t seem wise to put him in just 8 months removed from a torn ACL and MCL.

    I wish him the best, but beast or not it takes longer than that to fully heal from these type of injuries.

  7. Toby is 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Nothing special. AP is 3 yards and a cloud of dust, followed by a tank rolling over everything and destroying all in its path enroute to another 50 yards. Very special. Play the man.

  8. Lifelong Vikings fan here. Watched all four Super Bowl losses. Trade him, right now. He might still be a beast, but who cares. Passing league now. Trade Peterson and Jared Allen and forget the next couple years. Get something to build on. Jared is great, trade him to New England and let them pursue something this year. We are a ways away.

  9. myhornispurple says: Sep 3, 2012 6:34 PM

    Adrian’s a MONSTER but why risk it. This season is for next’s. Be patient with 28 and Webb will lead us to victory!

    Wow kinda early to be giving up on the season.

  10. Adenaguy, you still need a running game to compete in this “passing league.” Just ask the packers. Of course, no running game and a 15-1 record still ALMOST got them to the super bowl!

  11. Does it really matter except for people that have AP in fantasy? Have you seen the rest of the NFC North? This is a mail it in season for the Vikings coming from a die hard Vikings fan…

  12. jvillenole says:
    Sep 3, 2012 4:05 PM
    Oh…one more thing….need I remind you that the Jaguars won more games last year than the Vikings?
    Oh one more thing, the Giants had less wins than the packers last year. Ask a packer fan how that one went down.

  13. @contra

    RESPECT THE CHAMPIONSHIPS ’29,’30,’31,’36,’39,’44,’61,’62,’65,’66,’67,’96,’10

  14. @contra

    What does that have to do with this conversation? One team you mention was the SB winner, and the other was the number one seed in the playoffs.

    There is a night and day difference between the SB winning Giants and the 15-1 Packers, and the 3-13 Vikings and 5-11 Jaguars.

    My point was aimed at the comment from 11wheatd. His comment was as if the Vikings were 15-1, and the Jags 3-13, and the Vikings didn’t need to worry about the Jaguars defense. His implication was that the Vikings were head and shoulders better than the Jaguars.

    Not the case at all.

  15. myhornispurple says:
    Sep 3, 2012 7:20 PM
    Dear Mikemnz
    Yes too early to know 100%. But I’m usually right JOE WEBB #14 is the one we’ve been waiting for.


    That’s funny!!! Joe Webb…. Great runner for a QB. LOUSY PASSER!! If all it took was a running quarterback to win games Bobby Douglas would be a hall of famer. He isn’t because he was a lousy passer just like Webb.

    Need another example… Tebow is no longer in Denver…

    So I Webb is playing the Vikings are screwed.

  16. “I mean it’s only Jacksonville, how hard can it be?”

    It’s Minnesota…that’s who

    Thus begins the race for the #1 pick

  17. Save AP as much as possible and get Toby and Percy involved heavily. Percy and Ponder looked like they had great chemistry last year, and Harvin rushing too great wrinkle to exploit when defenses are on their heels

  18. @adenaguy

    Trade AP when his value is at an all time low? Trade Allen? Look how that made the chiefs into every year winners.

    You don’t get better by trading stars in the NFLl, you get better by surrounding stars with other talent, how could anyone like your comment after you suggest trading AP while he is coming back from a torn ACl-MCL

  19. You know what, for those of you that call yourself Viking fans, you should just be packet fans….your all negative….seriously, whether peterson play or not Minnesota stands a good chance…same against Detroit and Bears…yes the sondary is still suspect…and yes WRs are unproven but you have much more to feel good about, such as the O-line…and D-line….the O-line looked great in preseason and certainly can’t be worse than last season….the D-line has been great the past 5 yrs….but also lead the league in sacks last year….on top of that we got our old d-line coach back from the Williams wall day…as he attempts to shuffle the DTs and DEs….Harrison…Greenway…..Henderson will add aggressiveness and Raymond has a lot of upside….Winfield may still be the best tackling CB…but look at how deep we are compared to last season….my next point will be that yea we were 3-13 but 9 of them we lost by 7 or less….the bears upgraded at WR but that o-line will get destroyed by the vikings without a doubt….the lions barely escaped last season but also didn’t make any eye popping moves….the secondary can do that bad compared to a year ago…at one point the entire secondary was street players and rookies…it was expected to be horrible…I expect Harvin..Jenkins…Burton..to start but Harvin…Simpson…and Gurley to come off the practice squad in week 4….Rudolph and Carlson will prove people wrond…and look for Jordan todman in week 2 as the 3rd back….this is my Outlook of the vikings…its any given Sunday…none of you prolly gave ponder a chance against the packers when the vikings only lost by 7 points…

  20. Forget about 1-game or even 1-season. AP could be one of if not the best back in the history of the game. He is bigger than the Vikings. The team owes football caution where Peterson is concerned.

  21. I’m not going to start him in my league, so he shouldn’t start in the real league. Duh.

    Oh, and Favre planned on ‘limited exposure’ with Jenn Sterger and we all know how well that worked out for him! Hey-O!

  22. Hey Gerbschmidt.

    Nobody outside of the Packer ‘fanbase’ cares about those championships before 1961.

    In fact, half of them are when the NFL was a 7-9 team league and the Packers had the best record at the end. There was no ‘championship’ game, they were awarded a championship title for that ‘league year’.

    It’s funny they take them so seriously when half of their championships are no more important than a division championship, they’re not even conference championships.

  23. Frazier28/7 says:
    Sep 4, 2012 12:35 PM
    Hey Gerbschmidt.

    Nobody outside of the Packer ‘fanbase’ cares about those championships before 1961.

    In fact, half of them are when the NFL was a 7-9 team league and the Packers had the best record at the end. There was no ‘championship’ game, they were awarded a championship title for that ‘league year’.

    It’s funny they take them so seriously when half of their championships are no more important than a division championship, they’re not even conference championships.


    I like the way you think…. It’s not near half, it’s just a few, but having the best record isn’t much to go on. If it were the Vikings would have several more championships and the patriots in 2007 and the peckers last year would be crowned rather than bitter.

    What has never made sense to me is why a peckers fan feels the need to comment on a Vikings article. WE DON’T CARE what they think… Why should we?

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