Raiders sign Joselio Hanson

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The last time the Eagles cut cornerback Joselio Hanson, they wound up re-signing him a few days later.

That won’t happen this time. Adam Caplan of reports that the Raiders have signed cornerback Joselio Hanson after Hanson paid them a visit on Sunday. Hanson was one of the final cuts in Eagles camp, the second straight year that Philly axed him on the way to their 53-man roster. Hanson re-signed with the Eagles last year, but he’ll be in Oakland now.

Hanson will join Shawntae Spencer, Ron Bartell and DeMarcus Van Dyke at corner in Oakland. He should wind up as the team’s slot corner once he’s settled into the new system. He’s done a good job in that role with the Eagles over the last few years and the Raiders didn’t have anyone who appeared to be well suited for the job this summer.

Assuming the Raiders don’t cut Hanson just after signing him, his full salary for 2012 will be guaranteed because he’ll be a vested veteran on the roster for the first game of the season. That doesn’t figure to be a huge number, but it often keeps teams from bringing in such players before they’ve played a game. That’s not the case in Oakland and Hanson should be on the field when they try to stop Philip Rivers and the Chargers a week from today.

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  1. Wow, and i thought the brown dogs would have taken another eagles throw away scraps. Half of their team is made up of eagles trash that they threw away. Did you ever think that is why the browns stink? Just sayin…

  2. A def trouble spot. Hopefully he can help out. Our Dline should help our weakness in the seconday but still a concern. We will be draft heavy at CB next year.


  3. He’s still a very good player but the Eagles wanted to get younger and they drafted the kid out of Georgia.

  4. I Daniel Bryan Yes’d for about 5 minutes after reading this.

    …That is how bad we (Raiders) needed a corner.

  5. Hanson didnt lose his job in Philly bc of his play. They drafted a young guy but he didnt get the job bc he outplayed him. Boykin was the future their and the cut happened bc they kept extra guys at other spots. qb,rb and especially de.

  6. chargersdiehard says: Sep 3, 2012 10:11 AM

    Key phrase in the article “try to stop Phillip Rivers”. If it’s anything like the final game of last season, they better try harder!
    Poor Charger fans. Hanging onto their regular season wins like there was a trophy attached.

  7. Great pick up. Going into the first game my only major concerns were who was going to play the third corner spot (DVD and the rest of the group don’t look up to it yet), LB depth, and the health of the receiving corps.

    We should get a W against the Dolts. I expect the game to be much like the Thursday night game last year and the game in SD later in the season in 2010. We simply overpowered the Dolts physically along the line of scrimmage. Our D line against the putrid Dolts O line looks like a complete mismatch. Oh yeah, we’ll have DMAC for the game (unlike both last year), and we won’t be playing cover 1 with single high safety FS and SS matched up on the TE all the time. For the first time since 1963, the D coordinator will have the freedom to implement the scheme and gameplan that gives us the best chance to win. That means the talent we have on D (and it’s considerable) will finally be fully unleashed.

    As we unleash hell on the Dolts, I expect to see a lot of cover 3 looks allowing Branch to play as an extra LB in the box, much like Rodney Harrison did in NE. No more corners with their backs to the play all the time either in cover 1 man, which contributes to big runs. That’s why we had about 5 games in a row last year when QB’s of all poeople were running for 100 yards on us (i.e., Tebow, Ponder, Hanie, Moore, Rodgers).

    This should really be exciting. I think the improvement of our defense will the single biggest surprise to the national talking heads that really know very little about the makeup of most of the teams in the league.

    It all starts Monday night in what should be a 17-3 Raider win over the Dolts. Rivers and Turd-ner will try to get the ball out quickly with short slants, but Allen and Tarver will be expecting that. Rivers should be under pressure all night, and with no running game to help it should be a long night for the Dolts.

  8. Charleslouis99–I can’t name 5, but I can come close with 4–plus Tom Heckert, their GM, worked in Philly for years as their GM; their HC Pat Shurmur, was with Philly as QB coach and in other capacities for 11 years; OC Brad Childress was QB s coach and OC in Philly from 99-05 before going to the Vikes; Dick Jauron was the Eagles secondary coach in 2010.

    The former Eagles players are–CB Sheldon Brown–(02-09); DE Juqua Parker–(05-11); CB Dimitri Patterson–(09); LB Chris Gocong–(06-09).

  9. Joselio Hanson is not good. A lot of the Eagles secondary woes over the past few years were the direct fault of him. He would get burnt more than once every game (especially back when he was the #2 CB) and is even worse at tackling than Asante Samuel was. Good riddance.

  10. niner13 says: Sep 3, 2012 12:53 PM

    With Spencer and Hanson the Raiders now have two Niners castoffs. Good luck guys. Too bad the Niners don’t play the Raiders this season.
    “Paging Clark Haggans. Paging Clark Haggans. Please pick up the white courtesy phone and explain to niner13 why one team’s trash is another team’s treasure.”

  11. “eaglesfan94 says:
    Sep 3, 2012 12:13 PM
    Joselio Hanson is not good. A lot of the Eagles secondary woes over the past few years were the direct fault of him. He would get burnt more than once every game (especially back when he was the #2 CB) and is even worse at tackling than Asante Samuel was. Good riddance.”

    Well, Aso was supposed to be the best, then he became an Eagle and got burnt a lot. Maybe it’s your system.

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