Russell Wilson aims for greatness

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Plenty of guys have the God-given skills to be quarterbacks at the NFL level.  Few combine that talent with an obsession to be the very best at their craft.

Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson may possess the quality that separates the good from the way-better-than-good.

My goal is to be great,” Wilson recently said, via the Tacoma News Tribune.

That remark comes several weeks after Wilson hinted at his coming assault on the starting job in Seattle.  “I refuse to be average,” Wilson said early in camp.  “I refuse to be good.”

Coupled with accounts of a work ethic that could rival even Peyton Manning’s, Wilson could be on his way to being truly great.

No matter how it turns out, it’ll be fun to watch.  For everyone except Matt Flynn.

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  1. Though I’m a die hard redskins fan I live in Washington state and follow the hawks. I’ve never seen ppl around here so pumped about a player before. Hopefully the kid can live up to the expectations.

  2. This will to be great must separate Russell Wilson from every other player in the NFL, because none of them want to be great.

  3. The 2nd best QB in this years draft class just slightly behind Andrew Luck.

    The Seahawks stole him in the 3rd round, and will be rewarded for ignoring the sterotype that a QB must be taller than 6′ to succeed in the NFL.

    This kid has the “it” factor, and the internal drive to succeed, and that is what seperates the Mannings and Wilsons from the vince Youngs and Jamarcus Russells of the world

  4. He’s 5’10 and a half inches. He is not going to be a great NFL quarterback. He’s going to be a fun distraction to watch for a few years. After which, his physical liabilities will be obvious to everyone.

  5. as a 49er fan, not especially looking forward to potential Seahawk improvements this year…Seattle and Arizona both finished the season as hot as anyone

  6. Every quarterback who gets to the NFL level has an obscene amount of talent and/or skill. It is the work ethic, study skills, and drive that separates the Mannings and Bradys from the Vince Youngs of the world.

    This kid has a chance to be special if he keeps that fire alive and that body healthy. But as we’ve seen thousands of times before, the NFL isn’t a kind place that lends itself to lengthy careers. Either way, it will be a sight to see…

  7. As long as the best QB is starting on Sundays, none of us in Seattle cares who it is… Except Mrs Flynn and the writers looking to fill their quota.

  8. “I refuse to be average,” Wilson said early in camp. “I refuse to be good.”

    “My goal is to be great.”

    This guy is a film room rat with a warrior mentality and a “CANNON” arm. Hawks are dialed-in at the QB position for many years to come!

  9. yea I bet Matt Flynn is pretty upset having to stand on the sidelines making 10 million dollars to hold a clipboard. woner how long it will be before you stop singing Wilson’s praises if he and the seahawks struggle?

  10. He certainly has a chance to be great. Where you are drafted doesn’t equate to how well you’ll do in your NFL career.
    Ryan Leaf was the number two pick overall, Tom Brady went in the sixth round.
    More important for Wilson is that he is athletic, he seems to “get it” and he is motivated to be the best. And he goes to a team with a very good young D and a decent offense and coaches that seem to love him. Honestly it seems to be the perfect fit for him.
    Will he be great? I of course don’t know, but with the way the NFL is evolving, I’d rather have a 5’10” QB that can throw first and run second if needed (note that a QB like Vick is more run first it seems at times which defeats the main purpose of a QB) versus a 6’4″ QB that can throw the ball a mile but is slow as a sloth.

  11. I took Matt Flynn late on my fantasy. Idc AT ALL! I love this guy. I don’t know a single person rooting against him. Great story, GREAT dvoa rating or w/e coming out of college. I hope he becomes an ELIte QB for years to come.

  12. There’s really something about this kid…I had zero expectations for this season at the QB position, and now it looks like the best in the division.

    My gut says he is the QBOTF, and that’s something I’ve never been able to say as a Hawks fan. We could all go for some greatness at QB right now. Get ’em Russ!


  13. From all accounts this kid works harder than anyone on the team. Arrives at 6:30 AM and leaves well after anyone else. He sure seems to have averything it takes to become more than “great”. And to the punduits, I haven’t seen anything in 4 preseason games that even remotely makes you think he is too short to play the position.

  14. After seeing Russell on Jon Gruden’s QB Camp, it was obvious that he is a student of the game. He’s going to be very fun to watch and I can’t wait for him to prove the doubters & haters wrong.

  15. I truly hope he turns into a great NFL quarterback. Seattle of all cities could use one for a change. Nothing against Hassleback, I can’t remember a solid decade of strong QB play in Seattle since their inception.

    But at the end of the day, he will go as far as his offensive line takes him. Let’s hope he can physically withstand the pro game and that he can remain elusive. He already has the arm, mechanics, arm, and whatever else a QB needs.. screw height!

  16. What a Stud!!! We are so lucky to have this kid!! He really is a solid role model!!! Watch the Gruden Qb show on Russell as well as Grudens rant during the draft and pay attention!!! Gruden studies football for 20 hours a day and he couldnt stop complimenting Wilson!! This guy is a WINNER pure and simple!!! Alongside that top five defense and rushing attack, with the best homefield advantage in the nfl he has a chance to play in some pretty high pressure games week one and really fare well!! I see him contending for rookie of the year and the hawks winning the west!!! Next three years they are SUPER BOWL BOUND!!!!!

  17. The Seahawks got a real keeper. I was hoping the Packers would draft him as a backup. He is so good, and is always level headed under pressure.

    Pulling for the hawks to win the west this year.

    Then again, I’m also hoping that they win it because 49er fans are some of the worst in the league, besides New Orleans and Detroit… and maybe New England.

  18. Kid hasn’t even played a game yet and all the analysts have him headed for the hall of fame already. Why not just enshrine him tomorrow and just skip his entire career?

  19. Aren’t qbs usually the first ones in in the morning and the last ones to leave. So I don’t think that’s a big deal. I’d be worried if he wasn’t like that.

    Right now his height might not seem like an issue, but lets wait until the end of the season to make that call.

  20. Wilson is fun to watch. The first test will be the first time our o line doesn’t protect him and gets blind sided a few times. If he doesn’t panic and takes off, we will have a good or great QB. He seems to be very accurate. I think his favorite WR will be Braylon Edwards.

  21. I’d like to see him do well, but let’s hold off on the annointing just yet.
    Andrew Luck and RG III must be feeling kind of ignored just now.

  22. Watched him play several games last season while he QB’d Badgers. Dude’s a playmaker and a winner. He’s well spoken, comes across as well adjusted, -and like able and you just gotta love this guy. As a Packer fan, I feel for Matt Flynn, but I hope Wilson does well.

  23. Translations, sorry flynn but the only way you’re starting is on another team because im not giving the starting job back in Seattle. This would make a great story if Wilson end up having a better career than luck and RG3 though im routing for all to succeed. It goes to show you that no matter if you’re a first rounder, 3rd round, 6th round, you could be great like brady or bust like……. well too many to name.

  24. I think his passing will be fine, but I’m afraid he’s going to have the same type of problems Vick has with staying healthy. He’s the size of a WR, but most WR’s don’t get tackled by DL’s, they get tackled by DB’s. The sacks and pocket collapses are inevitable for any QB. Will he be able to bounce back up after every hit, week after week, without rib/shoulder/back injuries? We’re going to find out soon enough.

  25. Watched the kid in camp, traveled to see him play in Arrowhead, I only witnessed greatness from him. I am a true 12th man and have not been this excited since the Hawks made it to the Super Bowl.

  26. Seahawks have a 10 games coming before the week off.

    If he’s 5-5 or better, he’s headed in the right direction.
    Three division Away games
    New England,
    Green Bay
    + 3

    Not murderer’s row, but not exactly a piece of cake for a rookie.
    Maybe we should wait until at least then before anoiting him the next Brees?


  27. Obviously some people are just happy to have made the NFL. Russell Wilson’s not one of them. Everybody has exceptional talent at this level. It really is all about the work ethic. How cool that he has one “that rivals Peyton Manning’s.” I can’t wait.

  28. He better turn out to be good, because Pete has no excuse for starting a 3rd round rookie QB on a team that can compete for a playoff spot now when he’s got a well paid veteran QB holding a clipboard. I wasn’t impressed with his play on Thursday, floating a few passes well over target and telegraphing a pass near the goal line that the CB jumped and was 6 or so inches from a pick 6.

  29. Some of you mock the “will to be great” description, and, sure it sounds a bit like a tired cliche; but don’t underestimate the evaporation of the desire to do what it takes to be great once that first multi-million dollar deal is inked. I’m sure Donovan McNabb “wanted” to be great last year, but not as much as he wanted to eat donuts.

  30. As a Dolphins fan i am pissed that we passed on Wilson (and Kirk Cousins) and took Tannehill.

    Cant help but root for the guy. He always reminded me of a young Tiger Woods in the face haha.

  31. But Russell, you’ve achieved preseason greatness and are already a legend in the northwest with a starting spot!

    The mania and hype surrounding this young QB brought on by his coach and fans seems as likely to backfire as helping him to the next level. Let’s see if his confidence wavers if he starts 0-3 against non-vanilla defenses with all these crazy expectations from Seattle fans. Pair that with a competent backup wanting to take his spot and, man, he could be ruined.

    I hope not.

  32. if this guy is the next manning, Nick Foles must be some Brady/Montana mutant hybrid

    It’s the pre-season. Most of the guys he was playing againt, their main goal was to not get hurt. If this kid finishes with a better career than Flutie, he should feel blessed. I’d be shocked if he lasts at that size at the NFL level. It’s not about height, it’s about size. It hurts much more when a 5’11 190lb dude gets hit by a NFL lineman than it does for a guy who is 6’3 240.

  33. This guy is going to be a terrific player. You can tell just by watching him he has that “IT” factor that real good QBs have. He goes through progressions fast, he has a quick release.

    He has some talent around him too in Seattle.

    I am keeping an eye out.

  34. Seahawks have a 10 games coming before the week off.

    If he’s 5-5 or better, he’s headed in the right direction.
    Three division Away games
    New England,
    Green Bay
    + 3

    Not murderer’s row, but not exactly a piece of cake for a rookie.
    Maybe we should wait until at least then before anoiting him the next Brees?


    Not really, I San Fran, Detroit’s front 4, and a bunch of soft defeses. Them being 5-5 at that point will have more to do with their defense stepping up than anything he is doing.

    Honestly, I don’t know that you could hope for a better set up than that for a rookie. Their whole schedule this year, you couldn’t ask for much more. Basically, they have the 2 SF games, Chicago, NYJ, and arguably Dallas. The rest of the schedule,the only thing scary on it is Detroit’s front 4, and maybe Buffalo’s. But I wouldn’t consider either of them top flight defenses.

    Compare that to RG3, who gets that Dallas d twice, plus Philly twice and that’s not even mentioning the best D in the division (NYG). Outside of the division, he see’s Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and on the road in NO (not a very good D IMO, but opening the season in NO will be a tough game). They also play Car, NE, GB who you mention above, but they are not top D’s IMO. Comparatively, that is a “cake walk” any way you look at it.

  35. im very excited to see him play and win. but i hope the media gives him time to prove himself before calling him a football genius like brady,montana, elway etc. that kind of media attention can kill young talent.

  36. Talent – every QB drafted has shown some sort of talent in college. How it translates to the NFL can be a crap shoot.

    Attitude – almost every player has it. Occassionally you get the payday player, but without attitude, you won’t go far and won’t last long.

    Work ethic – some show it only during office hours, some go beyond. Again, the payday player figures in here.

    Desire – combined with the above, this is what separates “good” from “great”. Payday players don’t figure in here. Manning warned Indy what he would do if they didn’t pick him. Scribes say Brady has a chip on his shoulder for lasting so long in the draft.

    Looks like Russell has the desire.

  37. Not to knock on Wilson because I believe he is gonna be good, but Superbowl bound and clearly the best QB in the division? No offense but he has played all of one half of a preseason game against a starting defense. A mediocre defense as it is before you even factor the lack of scheming. He followed up with a just average performance against the raiders. Im not even a rams fan but im pretty sure Bradford is the best qb in the division or at least will be for the long term. Cant really blame him for the circus show they had last year. Like I said I think he will ne real good but lets kill some of the flattering until he actually consistently proves it.

  38. voiceofreason-people like you are why I loathe the deadskins. Trapped here in skin country I run into people like you all the time. Have the loved the whining since Snyder took over the team.

    Watched Wilson in high school and at Wisconsin last year. He has “it” whatever it is.

    The Wisconsin O-line was bigger than all but three NFL teams last year and Wilson completed almost 73% of passes for over 3K yards and 33TD/4INT. Don’t think a big O-line is a problem for him.

  39. It was so obvious to us Badger fans what this kid would be like in the NFL..Seattle got a steal, I was screaming when they drafted him in the 3rd, I was hoping my Raiders would take him and trade Pryor at the time. He will not be a gimmick that last only a few years, heck, his O line in WI was bigger than half of the NFL lines. Check out his back-round story sometime, the NFL needs more characters like this guy.

  40. Wilson had a very good pre-season. Next he will face the true speed of the NFL first stringers. He has his work cut out for him. Wish him well but in the back of my mind I see Matt Flynn also getting his shot this year too.

    We’ve all seen great pre season players who don’t translate to the real season for some reason. Wilson may be that person, we’ll see.

  41. INSPIRED!,,I played HSFB and was terrible but I do remember a coach telling us about the one thing all great leaders have and thats the GOD given gift to INSPIRE thier teamates to play at the best of thier ability. He said that these great leaders alow the other player to believe in themselves and thus will FROTH at the mouth (yep he said this) to get to the next play because they believe they will win that play. The gift to INSPIRE is not taught , he said this is whats termed as the IT FACTOR. Ive lived in the Seattle area my whole life and I really believe Russell has INSPIRED his team,his coaches and the 12th man.

  42. jboyxl73 says:
    Sep 3, 2012 10:01 PM
    Wow one good preseason and now he’s the next Manning ???

    He actually said “Coupled with accounts of a work ethic that could rival even Peyton Manning’s, Wilson could be on his way to being truly great.”

    Key words being ‘work ethic’, dont pick out Peyton Manning and start blabbing. Kid was a stud during the preseason hope he keeps it going

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