Shaun O’Hara retires, joins NFL Network

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Shaun O’Hara has retired from the NFL, but you’re almost certainly going to see more of him in the years to come than you did in the last couple of seasons.

O’Hara was out of the league entirely in 2011 after injuries limited him to six games in 2010, so his profile is going to expand a lot now that he’s going to work for the NFL Network. O’Hara officially moved into his new life on Monday when he announced his retirement at Giants headquarters. He’ll put his 11 years of playing experience to work as an analyst for the network.

O’Hara started his career by making the Browns as an undrafted free agent in 2000, but made his name during seven years as the Giants’ starting center. O’Hara won a Super Bowl and was named to three Pro Bowl teams during his run with the Giants, which ended when he was released before the start of last season. O’Hara’s name popped up here and there when teams needed interior line help, but he never found anything that made him want to strap the pads back on.

“I had been training all last season,” O’Hara said, via “I knew I wasn’t going to play once the season started, once it was Week 4 I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I trained in February and March and into the spring so if someone called I could at least give them an honest answer. I wasn’t offered anything that was appealing.”

When O’Hara was asked what he’ll miss most, he mentioned Eli Manning’s “big hands,” an answer that bodes well for his ability to keep us entertained in his new job.

7 responses to “Shaun O’Hara retires, joins NFL Network

  1. Yep, he’s there and he’s awful… So far he knows nothing outside of the Giants and he compares everything to the Giants and Eli. Like when you go out with friends and that one guy keeps takes the conversation over to talk about his old girlfriend….

  2. I respectfully disagree with “dequan81.”

    My take on O’Hara is that he’s been a breath of fresh air, runs out illuminating and insightful takes – plus he he mixes in some dry humor.

    I really dig that guy — O’Hara’s alright in my book!

  3. I have had the chance to watch\listen to O’Hara and the guy is not a good NFL analyst in fact NFLN’s entire cast are a bunch of bafoon’s outside of Mike Mayock and Charles Davis.

    I’m tired of seeing recently retired players with their bias towards their former team that know nothing about analyzing the game of football.

    I want to learn something when I watch these shows but and none of the current crew on NFLN can teach me anything . The coaches segment with Brian Billick is very good and the film breakdown with Mayock is equally good the rest is like watching a horrible reality show which unfortunately is what NFLN has become.

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