Tony Romo is tired of questions about windows

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Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo doesn’t do windows anymore.

That’s the takeaway from the quarterback’s appearance before the media on Sunday. Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reports that Romo bristled when asked about owner Jerry Jones’ offseason comments about the window closing on Romo’s chances to win a Super Bowl with the current Cowboys cast. Here’s Hubbuch’s description of what went down.

“The Cowboys quarterback wouldn’t even let a Post reporter finish his question yesterday before slapping his knees, exclaiming, “That’s it!” and walking out in a huff from his regular weekly media session after just seven minutes,” Hubbuch wrote.

It’s not surprising that Romo is tired of questions about the window of opportunity in Dallas. It has been discussed to death this offseason and Romo’s already made it clear that he disagrees with that take if not with the need for the Cowboys to get back to winning games and making the playoffs. Asking the same question again and again isn’t going to get a different answer, although it will clearly push Romo’s patience past the breaking point.

There’s not much question about how big a year this is for Romo. The Cowboys have not achieved at the level many believe they’ve been capable of achieving during Romo’s tenure at quarterback and the team could well look in a different direction if they fail to meet expectations again in 2012. Romo knows that as well as anyone else, but it’s an offseason question and now the regular season is upon us.

On Wednesday, Romo starts answering the questions about the size of the Cowboys window in the only way that really matters.

46 responses to “Tony Romo is tired of questions about windows

  1. I like this. Romo is showing some fire this year and is not going to take crap from anyone. That being said if you want the media to shut up go out there and do it on Wednesday night.

  2. “the team could well look in a different direction if they fail to meet expectations again in 2012.”

    That’s not gonna happen as Romo has not been the problem.

  3. They aren’t going anywhere. I hope the boring giants do not repeat. Good QB but boring! More joe buck and john gruden too. ick.

  4. try winning a couple of big/playoff type games , maybe then you can talk about that. methinks the real romo came out vs the jets and lions last year.pressure = fold up like a cheap tent.if they don’t win 2 playoff games this year tony the turnover and deer in the headlights garrett are both gonna be elsewhere next year.

  5. This Cowboys “windows” thing has been talked about and discussed to death. Don’t blame Tony for making a demonstrative point of ending it.

    Romo has always been gracious in interviews, but some of these reporters just don’t know when to quit. Maybe they’ll get it now on THIS particular subject when interviewing Romo. He’s done talking about it… he’s ready to move on and play.

  6. He has to play New York in week one then go to Seattle and face a very tough Seattle D in week two. The window for Romo on this season is going to start shutting immediately.

  7. Romo has been a great QB on a mediocre team throughout his career. He has the #2 All-Time Career Passer Rating: 96.9. The “window” talk is just non-sense. Any team can get hot at the right time and win a Super Bowl. “NY Giants x 2”

  8. Romo is one of those guys that can always surprise you with his play making ability but I don’t think we’ll ever see him play in a Super Bowl. Forget about it.

  9. From a Giants fan, this is getting a bit old. Romo may be a division foe, but we are talking about a QB who has been handicapped by a egotistical maniac owner. We are also talking about a guy who was never drafted, but has played like a first round pick. He needs his teammates to step up around him with a real coach who can put an effective system in place.

    Not some “YES MR. JERRY” coach. Get off the guys back already. He is for sure a top 7-10 QB in this league. I have no problem admitting this. When you look at their defense, who really stands out besides Ware? How about they stop opponents when it matters most. Why give the defense a free pass?

  10. Romo caving in under the intense pressure of a reporters question at a news conference. That’s the Romo we all have come to know and love.

  11. Anyone else here agree that if last year’s Giants were to have to play Green Bay 5 times, Packers win all 5. Period. Packers had an uncharacteristically bad game. Even against the Cowboys in week 17, they needed another collapse by the Cowboy D, and TWO David Tyree-like passes to win against the Cowboys. Not taking credit away, they did it, they won. But let’s keep this in perspective. Should be a great game Weds. though, I cant wait. I just hope everybody comes out healthy and the refs dont screw up the game!!

  12. The whole Jones Klan, from Jerry to his idiot son to his phony wife. Go to hell and leave the Cowgirls.
    Go eagles

  13. of course he stormed out, he has no answer for that question.
    ‘stoutfiles’ said it best. he’s been the starter for 6 years with one playoff win to his resume.
    almost anyone will get angry when confronted with their failures.
    btw, has anyone else noticed that he kind of looks like the kid playing banjo on the front porch in the movie ‘deliverance’?
    same beady little eyes.

  14. reshnsoclean says:
    Sep 3, 2012 11:36 AM
    Romo has been a great QB on a mediocre team throughout his career. He has the #2 All-Time Career Passer Rating: 96.9. The “window” talk is just non-sense. Any team can get hot at the right time and win a Super Bowl. “NY Giants x 2″


    “Any team can get hot” says the fan of a team which only knows how to get cold at the wrong moments. Enjoy your QB’s record-setting QB ratings. Should be fun to look at in the trophy case. Giants fans will enjoy looking at the recent Lombardis.

  15. It’s a shame the media don’t understand that the Ultimate Team Sport isn’t all about quarterbacks.
    Why didn’t this Post person ask a defensive players for reasons for the Cowboys’ defense being so putrid?
    Romo put up some impressive numbers last season, which is all any QB is required to do. A QB’s only responsibilities are to protect the football and put his offense into the endzone as frequently as possible. Romo did both of things last season.

  16. I don’t get all this talk of Romo not living up to his potential. Considering he entered the league as an undrafted free agent out of Eastern Illinios buried on the Cowboys depth chart for the first couple years, he has exceeded his potential.

  17. Throwing a little tantrum and storming off the way he did only serves to make him look like a thin skinned pansy

  18. jimiinpa says:Sep 3, 2012 11:14 AM

    RGIII will singlehandedly sweep these guys this year

    this is one of the dumbest things i’ve ever read. will he be snapping the ball to himself, blocking, throwing, catching? you deadskins fans are crazy if you think he is the answer to all your problems

  19. A member of the NY media pushing the envelope to get a rise out of the interviewee — that’s a new one.

  20. Romo is better than Eli and it’s not close. Give Romo that defense and he’d have 3-4 rings by now.

  21. jbl429 says: Sep 3, 2012 12:01 PM

    “Giants fans will enjoy looking at the recent Lombardis.”

    But not the older ones? A liberal education has done you no favors, it would seem. Oh yes, the reason you have to say “recent Lombardis” is because the Cowboys still have more than the Giants, despite a 16 year drought. Always with these convenient windows of time with you guys. Enjoy being the Super Bowl champs but still playing a distant second fiddle to a team that was 8-8 last year.

  22. Romo has done everything a QB has to do and THEN SOME! He can’t throw the ball, run catch his own pass and run it into the endzone! He puts the ball where it can easily be catched (as some people obviously don’t comprehend the game of football!), he HAS to have his offense’s head in the games! Romo has definitely exceeded his potential! ike301 – THANK YOU! Spoken like a true football fan 🙂

  23. I feel u bro but that’s what comes along with being the signal caller of the Dallas Cowboys. Yes it is frustrating..that town, those fans,big ego owner and local media will say ur a king when u win but can forget that the minute u throw a pick 6..Big fan of Romo.Hope his linemen and Wrs help him this yr

  24. Lets stop playing the games and we can just award superbowls….Green Bay, Dallas, New England, beat on the road twice!!!! 3 teams who have winning legacys n still can’t just say good game. Games r played 4 a reason. Luck is made. Period

  25. Having now seen the video, I can’t say Romo “stormed off,” like the headline claims.

    When asked, he didn’t say “that’s it.” He stood up and said, “Alright, that’s enough…” and everyone laughed, including Romo himself.

    Sure he was tired of answering the question, but his reaction is a non-story. Dear, please don’t aspire to be ESPN. We (fans) want real news, not exaggerated, overblown stories.

  26. Um, didn’t the window already close? He’s already proven he will choke every time the playoffs roll around. Are they magically going to get it done now with one of the worst O lines of all time and a basket case WR who beats his own mama as their best player?

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