Bill Belichick mum on status of Brian Waters

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Brian Waters, the guard who started every game from Week One to the Super Bowl for the Patriots last season, has been absent all year in what at first looked like just an example of a team allowing a reliable veteran to get some time off during the offseason. But with the regular season upon us, and Waters still absent, it now appears that he won’t be on the field for Week One.

So what’s going on with Waters? Is he retiring? Holding out for more money? Patriots coach Bill Belichick won’t say.

Well, he’s not on the roster. He’s either an active player or he’s not an active player and he’s not an active player; he’s not on the roster,” Belichick said.

Asked specifically if Waters is a holdout, Belichick answered, “I really don’t have any more to add to the situation.”

After 11 years with the Chiefs, Waters signed with the Patriots last year and turned in a very good 2011 season. The Patriots could use him on their offensive line this season, too. But there’s still no word on whether they’ll have him.

13 responses to “Bill Belichick mum on status of Brian Waters

  1. I’ve been talking about this for a month. Waters
    is under contract for 1 year at $1.4M this year ?
    Somebody tell me if I’m wrong here…Not 100%

    Mankins earned $8M last year ? Again, not
    positive on this. This guy outplayed Mankins.
    Made the Pro bowl. If the $1.4M is accurate, its a

    I’ve said its a holdout from day 1.

  2. Mankins played with a torn ACL during the season and Super Bowl one of the toughest men in the NFL and refused to take an MRI till after the season.. Not taking anything away from Waters he had a great season and would love to have him back.

  3. And yet, his nameplate is STILL on his old locker…. Belichick isn’t a sentimental old fool.

    Waters will report tomorrow, most likely, and not give a crap what number he wears.

  4. Show me the money and I will suit up us what Waters is saying if you read between the line. If Mankins is making 8M then Waters is worth atleast 5M. Better do something because Terrific Tom took a few on the chin in the preseason behind the current makeshift line. How long before he knocks Bill door……

  5. allinskins

    Brady did take some shots, but it wasnt because of week guard play. They are actually pretty solid inside. It was the two tackles that were getting him killed. Cannon wont be playing if Volmer is healthy, but none of it matters if Solder cant replace Light at LT

  6. Any other Pats fans sick of this whole Brian Waters song and dance?

    Waters owes the Patriots one. His career was thought to be over and not even the Chiefs, the team he had once captained, wanted him around. The Pats gave him a chance to revive his career and make a run at the Super Bowl.

    The Patriots owe Waters one. Do you know what the odds are of pulling a veteran Pro Bowl interior lineman out of thin air is? Not good. Not good at all.

    Belichick, pay the man. Waters, cut the crap and say what your intentions are. If you want to play football show up and get to work already.

  7. I’m getting pretty tired of this constant Brian Waters talk too…Stuff was being delivered to his locker last week and then all of a sudden it’s gone again…What’s going on? I’d obviously love to have him back and he deserves a raise but come on man let everyone know what’s going on at some point

  8. Keeping the situation between the team and the player private has been standard policy in Foxboro during BB tenure. Having a player skip training camp and pre season was done for Moss and for Waters in their first years for reasons unknown. Assignment of numbers is done for players in camp and is not a big deal. The team needs this man to protect Brady and help get the young running backs going. My guess is that money is the major issue.

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