Brandon Carr is “fed up” with Giants success


Everybody wants to knock off a winner.

That desire only grows when you’ve been able to win two Super Bowls in the last five years, something that the Giants will learn this season. You get everyone’s best shot, starting on Wednesday night when the Cowboys roll into Jersey to take their shot at knocking off the defending champs.

It’s something the Cowboys really want to do. Several members of the team have talked about being excited when the schedule was released and now cornerback Brandon Carr has weighed in with thoughts on how much he wants what the Giants have achieved twice in the last five years.

“[The Giants] have had great success, winning two Super Bowls in five years, and I think guys are kind of getting tired of seeing that. Now it’s to the point guys are getting fed up. It’s pretty much the attitude, ‘When is it going to be our time?'” Carr said, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post. “I can feel the anticipation. I’ve been hearing about [the Giants] for a long time now, and we’re all just ready to go out there and play them. We love getting the first crack at the defending Super Bowl champions.”

The first step to making it their time is beating the Giants on Wednesday night. Since they’re 2-7 in their last nine against their NFC East rivals, that’s something easier said than done for Dallas.

Hubbuch deemed this bulletin board material, which is a bit of a stretch. If the Giants were operating under the illusion that they would be playing teams with no interest in winning games, this would be something that belongs on a bulletin board. We’re guessing Tom Coughlin has enlightened them to the desires of the other team, though.

This is actually closer to the kind of respect that the Giants have been looking for all offseason. Instead of hearing about other teams beating themselves, the Cowboys are talking about how much it would mean to beat the Giants. The other 12 teams to play them this season will likely feel the same way, which means Carr isn’t likely to be the last player waxing on about how much he wants to beat the Giants.

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  1. I share that sentiment. Any team that Rex Grossman can figure out, TWICE, in one season is not worthy of being a champion. The clear fact is, GB/NE should apoligize to the football world for letting a mediocre football team get pass them. I can’t wait to see RGIII humiliate that defense for the next 15 years.

  2. @dbones750

    Carr is someone who was considered a solid #2 CB when in Kansas City, but is now treated like an elite #1 CB, after Dallas threw a bunch of money at him.

  3. The Giants are so in the heads of Dallas, Philly and the Skins. While those 3 losers make excuse after excuse the last 5 years , the Giants addd two more shiny Lombardi’s to the trophy case and are stacked this year and will be even better

    One word to Dallas, Philly, Washington: FACE

  4. Uhh Brandon, you chose to be part of a Jerry Jones team, and Jerry isn’t very good at football mngmt strategy. Tell Jerry to call me and hire me to take things over for him and I can help you with that, but until then you are on your own and I don’t know what to say to you but good luck!

  5. The Giants and Cowboys are such polar opposites. One quietly wins Super Bowls whereas the other won’t shut up about their QB meeting their expectations (hint: he was undrafted so he’s played well above his expectations, and he’s not what’s wrong with your team). Oh and their owner won’t shut up.

  6. He can be “fed up” with the Giant’s success all he wants. All he, or anyone else has to do is buckle up the chin strap and win when the games count. Until he does that, he should just shup up and play. You have to earn the right open your mouth.

  7. brandon carr is a beast…. how hard is it to realize the cowbiys have upgraded at cornerbacks… maybe not the “best cb’s in the league” but definately a major upgrade over what they had… i mean hes only had two interceptions in the preseason..

  8. @thevoiceofreason
    Usually I don’t feed the trolls but let me be clear when I say this: No one “let” the Giants beat them. They took on high powered offenses and made them look very average in key games. The Patriots are 1-3 vs the Giants in the championship seasons and 32-3 vs everyone else. So an idea the Pats “let” the Giants beat them three times is stupid at best. Next the Packers lost twice on their home field in playoff games vs the Giants in those same 2 seasons. If anything the Giants should apologize to the football world for not sweeping the Skins again last year. I don’t want to live too much into the past but I must say I know for a fact the Giants record vs the Skins since 2006 is 9-3 which includes 4 season sweeps. So congrats on your 6-10 season. Skins swept the Giants but we all know how that story ended: The Giants win the title and the Skins acquire their 20th starting qb in the last 20 years, whom they grossly overpaid for( How many great players have come out of Baylor, again? How about great qb’s out of the Big 12 in the last 15 years?). Congratulations on another mediocre season and plenty more to come under Dan Snyder.

  9. Glad Carr knows the Giants have won 2 Super Bowls in FIVE years (5 seasons). Many Giants fans kept saying they’ve won 2 in 4 years just because SBXLII was in February 2008 for the 2007 season. Doesn’t work that way even though it sounds better to say.

    If it did, the Patriots would have had a 3-peat earlier in the decade. 3 Super Bowls in 3 years (Fen 2002 – Feb 2005).

  10. Who the hell is Carr? That’s funny cause know one knows you. The comment get a life loser, is even funnier because he’s actually playin PROFESSIONAL football & your in ur moms basement eating coca puffs.

  11. I mean Brandon Carr has been in the NFC East for all of 4 months, so to hear him say he’s fed up with the Giants success is a little weird considering he hasn’t even played them yet, but for everyone saying “Who is Brandon Carr?”, thats not really an insult. He’s a very good up-and-coming defensive back; a big, physical, potential shut-down corner, so if you really don’t know who he is I wouldn’t post anything because it just shows you don’t know too much about football.

  12. Aww the new little Cowboy man is talking some trash to try to get himself noticed. One should have learned by now that overpaid and overrated defensive backs from the big bad rough and tumble AFC west don’t come into a pee wee division like the NFC east and dominate. Just talk to the Eagles about that one. Oh and little Cowboy man, whatever your name is – the blue flash you just saw was Cruz connecting on a bomb from Eli on the first play from scrimmage toasting you for 6 on national televison. Get yourself injured TODAY so you can get out of it!

  13. The haters are out in full effect !!! The last two super bowl runs the giants had to go on the road and beat the best the league had to offer
    And yet you idiots still come in here and claim the other teams just layed down?? The giants played like true champs when it mattered . Maybe teams like the cowboys and eagles should take a page out of the giants book!! And if you notice I didn’t mention the redskins because well they just don’t matter!!! With the exception of last years sweep we had swept you that 3 years prior . the last time the skins pulled off the sweep was back in 99 and RG3 Is another mike Vick I gaurantee he won’t be able to take the hits !!! JPP is gonna smash that fool

  14. Ha Ha Ha! This Brandon Carr dude is such blockbuster act. It’s funny when a player gets alot of money thrown at him 30 million I might add he thinks he’s elite. Are you serious? He’s is tired of the success of the Giants? He should be worried about his unsuccessful no playoffs career with the Chiefs which will carry over to the Giants.

  15. let me get this out of the way i am a giants fan… that being sad Carr needs 2 stop yappin because 1 hes been in the rivalry for 3-4 months, 2 he comes from a team in which he was the 3rd best db on his team (eric berry, flowers) so if anyone should be talking it should be a vet on the cowboys whos experienced the pain my team has brought to dallas for the past 5 years lol.

    i will say he is a severe upgrade to that complete overrated bum of a CB mike jenkins who i been sayin for years is terrible.. gets burned repeatedly, has one good pass breakup and then flexs like hes a beast til he gets burned next play again.. that said ELI will thrash carr purposly tommorrow to shut him up.. i cant wait to see the giants beat dallas..again

  16. Hell — Carr gave the Giants props and said what everyone else thinks – he wants to beat them. Not one thing wrong with the statement or with the desire to win. Now he just needs to back it up otherwise it is all hot air.

  17. Ok, first of all the Giants won the superbowl so that includes all divisions in the NFL, so saying he’s fed up with seeing them win doesn’t just refer to him being a Dallas Cowboy.. And if you dont know you guys will soon find out who Brandon Carr is if you missed his 2 picks in pre season

  18. I don’t get excited off pre-season games. I watched both Giants and Jets games and was not impressed. Of course because it’s pre-season. Brandon Carr getting 2 picks doesn’t justify he’s the Revis of the NFC East not!!!!

    If the Cowboys want to win the first thing they need to do is stop blaming Tony Romo. Dez Bryant and the idiots on defense are to blame. Now you add Carr to mix which makes things more interesting. I’ll compare the Cowboys to a bunch of magicians like Hoodini. They’re always on this ” Now you see me, Now you don’t type S” The Cowboys create an illusion to the league trying to justify there spot as America’s team. Oh give me break! Battles are won on the field not paper Dallas. Step your game up! Until then the Giants will continue to kick that ass! Go Giants.

  19. sounds like a hater to me…. im a 49ers fan and i dont even hate on good teams and theyre success i just like football in general and i am a huge fan of it….

  20. The only way Carr holds a lombardi in his hands this year is if he Photo shop’s himself in a Giant uniform.

    Be happy with the 50 mil you got from skeletor.

  21. @gpete1962 Instead of Brandon Carr being fed up at the Giants… He needs to be fed up at his agent for completing a deal with a sub-par lousy team like the Cowboys.

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