Bryant McKinnie agrees to deal to stay with Ravens

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Bryant McKinnie isn’t gone from Baltimore after all.

Just hours after McKinnie wrote “I’m gone” on Twitter amid reports that the Ravens told him to take a pay cut or get cut, McKinnie agreed to restructure his contract after all.

McKinnie’s agent, Michael George, told Jason LaCanfora of CBS that “Bryant really wanted to remain a Raven” and wanted to play for a winning team, so he agreed to lower his salary to stay in Baltimore. McKinnie will become a free agent in 2013.

So McKinnie will remain the Ravens’ starting left tackle, and Baltimore will not have to scramble its offensive line just days before the opener.

41 responses to “Bryant McKinnie agrees to deal to stay with Ravens

  1. So combined with his new pay cut and the remaining wages garnished as part of his multimillion dollar lockout loan, McKinnie will net enough take-home pay to buy one quarter pounder with cheese each week.

  2. McKinnie heard these words in his head right before he agreed to take a pay cut: “Fat, broke, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

  3. ravenscrap says:
    Sep 4, 2012 3:49 PM
    Old, fat and slow – as the nest burns!


    Old, fat and slow? How about you look at the steelers.

    I’m not even worried about the bungles and their noodle armed ginger QB. The last time Cincy had back to back winning seasons was in the 70’s. Yeah that franchise is a real threat to the Ravens dominance.

  4. Now all those steeler losers who sayed the ravens were in trouble because they cut McKinnie are going to flock here to say the ravens are in trouble because they kept McKinnie. Geez guys…

  5. ravenscrap says:
    Sep 4, 2012 3:49 PM
    Old, fat and slow – as the nest burns!


    I’m guessing by your screen name that you might possibly be a Steelers fan. If that’s the case, might you consider looking in the mirror if you want to see what old and slow look like? There isn’t exactly a wealth of youth on the Steelers o-line considering DeCastro is likely gone for the season and Mike Adams isn’t looking so hot through camp. The defense isn’t looking much better either with Keisel, Hampton, Harrison, Polamalu, Taylor, Foote, and Clark all well into their 30s.

  6. They knew they were doing this since the beginning of camp…just waited until he had no other options…no class but smart move although it can hurt them in negotiations with other players down the road

  7. Great now we can watch mckinnie hold our linebackers again like they’re double whoppers with cheese! He pancakes harrison every game! Mmmmm pancakes!

  8. Mt. Mckinney has missed like one game in his career. He’s a game day player and performs at all pro level. It’s good that he stayed with the ravens as he’ll help them make another run at the superbowl.

    Black and Purple

  9. randallflag52,
    Ravens dominance ? what did i miss ? what have they actually won lately ?
    go support the Orioles u bum, 10k vs Chicago…What a joke…Move them out of that hell hole of Baltimore

  10. Yeah, I totally buy his agent’s act that it’s all about McKinnie wanting to stay in Baltimore and play for a winner.

    It’s all about McKinnie having legal responsibilities to make payments and a serious question about what this agent could get for him from any other team.

  11. jesse834 says:
    Sep 4, 2012 4:29 PM
    Good, Ozzie’s #1 priority in the draft next April will be finding an left tackle.
    Don’t know about that. I see Osemele at LT and Oher at RT next year. I see that money the Ravens saved going to Flacco very soon.

  12. @cmich2006…I’m not sure how you’d be privy to that kind of information but it seemed to me that the starting job was his to lose…and he did just that, being listed behind K.O. on the depth chart. Guy’s got talent but has some issues with his weight. Ravens players know you’ve gotta earn your stripes in practice and at camp. That will come as no surprise to them come negotiation time.

  13. Hold the phone. You mean one party (management) willingly gets into a contractual agreement with the other party (the player) a then because management isn’t getting the output they want they use their leverage to force a rework of tge contract? Yet there’s hardly any honor your contracr gripes here?

  14. Without DeCastro …Roethlisberger is toast

    The stooler O-Line is swiss cheese. AND their defense is ancient.

  15. Everyone here that is OK with team’s doing this to players but not the reverse is crazy. If one side can do it, the other side can too.

  16. I’m going to be honest, this might be the first time we have seen first hand a player use a negotiation tactic that worked immediately. I can only imagine that the Ravens lowballed him when his leverage was small thinking that he would cave. Not only did he not cave, but he took it straight to twitter and just about started a media fire that the Ravens had to quickly extinguish in the form of a bump in their offer towards McKinnie.

    Isn’t social media fun?!

    Owners: Nope.

  17. Funny. Mckinnie sucks and is fatty fat and lazy.

    Three hours ago it was

    “Arizona get Mckinnie! ”
    “Chicago go get him!”
    Pittsburgh we need him so we can have at least a prayer against the Ravens!”

  18. Wonder if McKinnie paid off his $4 Million dollar lock out loan yet? Ahhhh, just let Obama take care of it! i’m glad this pile is a Viking problem anymore…….we have enough without him.

  19. The reason he is staying because he needs the money. The guy got a loan from a bank during the lockout for around $4 million and when it became due, he was broke. He needs any money somebody will pay.

  20. Just curious. You guys,mostly Raven and Steeler fans, that are so vociferous in you comments about your favorite teams. How old are you? I hope less than 9 years old as you sound way too in to it. Get a life…

  21. Good move by the Ravens. Keeping an 11 year veteran to give Osemele some lessons. Is McKinnie the player he once was, No. Does he posess the knowledge of 11 years in the NFL to teach a rookie, Yes. He has missed only 1 game in his career and is a solid Tackle. He will do what it takes to protect Flacco and gives the Ravens a boost on Offense that they need. Its not about the Steelers and their current issues on Offense (They are the Steelers) they will be there. Its about Baltimore giving themselves the best shot at returning to the Playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl. McKinnie instead of Osemele gives them that shot.

  22. timmons94 says:
    Sep 4, 2012 4:32 PM
    Ravens dominance ? what did i miss ? what have they actually won lately ?
    go support the Orioles u bum, 10k vs Chicago…What a joke…Move them out of that hell hole of Baltimore


    What are you talking about? 10 vs Chicago? Move out of that backwater town full of hill people, Pittsburg.

  23. I’m actually shocked Mckinnie signed with the Ravens after they pulled that salary cap move on him.

    He could have pulled a Jared Gaither… went to another team for the same contract he probably just signed with the Ravens, and then not only got paid the same but also got his revenge on the Ravens for cutting his pay like that.

    The bottom line is… McKinnie was the biggest reason the Ravens dominated the Steelers in Week 1 last year and got off to such a hot start.

    But hey, I can understand once you play with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, fellow alumni of The U… you just don’t want to play anywhere else.

    Also, his girl Venus plays for DC’s Tennis Club the Washington Kastles… so I guess he likes his situation in the area.

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