Chad Johnson works out on Hard Knocks, wants to keep playing


Chad Johnson doesn’t believe his NFL career is over.

Johnson, who was released by the Dolphins last month after a domestic violence arrest and has been out of work since then, appeared on the season finale of Hard Knocks and said he’s committed to proving that he deserves another chance in the NFL. A trainer put Johnson through an intense workout in front of the Hard Knocks cameras, and Johnson insisted that he has what it takes to help some NFL team.

“I know what somebody will get if they give me that chance again,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he takes responsibility for the domestic violence incident that ended both his brief stint with the Dolphins and, apparently, his marriage: His wife filed for divorce shortly afterward.

“I f–ked everything up,” Johnson said. “I’m sure some opinions, some views of me, might have changed because of events that have happened. But all I can do is say sorry. I’m human. I’ve just got to come back and live strong. . . . Somewhere along the way I lost focus. I lost something I love — I lost two things I love — because of my immature actions. I’m going to get both of those things back, one step at a time.”

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said during a coaches’ meeting that he had received a text from Johnson saying, “I’m open,” and Johnson said he thinks he can play for five more seasons. But the reality is that it will be an upset if the 34-year-old Johnson plays one more game.

48 responses to “Chad Johnson works out on Hard Knocks, wants to keep playing

  1. Dolphins should replace Nannaee with Johnson. Johnson only had 1 drop in the preseason, Nannaee has had like 15 drops.

  2. Showing Chad Johnson just proves how lame the Dolphins are. He is still the best wide receiver on the show and most interesting story on Hard Knocks. Prior to Hard Knocks, I thought the Dolphins might be 5-11. Now after watching Hard Knocks and seeing their lack of talent on the roster, I now know they will be somewhere between 0-16 and 3-13. This is a disaster in the making and we have seen the beginning.

  3. to quote the immortal Jake Blues…”…I ran out of gas! I had a flat tire! I didn’t have enough money for cab fare! My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT I SWEAR TO GOD!”

  4. What he did was inexcusable, but I’m glad he has taken accountability and apologized. I hope he can work through this and come back. Everyone makes mistakes, albeit some worse than others.

  5. But the reality is that it will be an upset if the 34-year-old Johnson plays one more game.

    What does this sentence mean? Are you implying that his moment of insanity be forever his doom and no second chance? If that is what you are getting at, I hope the same standard is held against you for any bad judgement you may exercise in life. We are prone to make mistakes, some learn from it others are wired to repeat, but what I love about America is the second chance most afford to those who at one point or the other do something completely stupid.

  6. Chad is better then n e one on r recieving core i promise u that so oeople can bash him but im still mad hes gone n wish we can get him back … Chad if u read this …have a great carreer, been a fan sence day one even when u were a pat n i hate the pats lol…go ocho

  7. Those scenes with Chad were like horrible clips from old Rocky movies. I was hearing “Eye of the Tiger” as he was running in the sand.

  8. You’re seeing a common theme in this league nowadays. If you are a loudmouth or troublemaker with diminishing skills, no team will pick you up (TO, Chad, Plax, Tiki & you can even throw Winslow in there too now). Santonio will be joining that group in the next year or 2.

  9. Hard Knocks is great TV, but I can’t see any team, other than the attention starved Jets, signing on to do it in the future.

    All of the consistently successful franchises are way too smart to join that circus. The teams that have done it in the past have probably now realized it was a mistake.

  10. Sorry Chad Johnson, you are not unlike many football players… you are a loser with athletic ability & now you have worn out your welcome. Good luck with your life, some day you will regret all your attitude… I feel sorry for you but then I remember that you only think of yourself anyways.

  11. I like chad Johnson not too much ochocinco ego but I think he is back on track and will get a shot elsewhere this season

  12. Dear Chad,

    Your act was tolerated when you were a productive player. Not liked, tolerated. You’re not productive anymore, so NO ONE WANTS TO PUT UP WITH YOUR ACT.

    Shut up and go away. Permanently.

  13. Why do I keep hearing Frank Sinatra singing , “Bring in the Clowns ” ?? Or ” You got no $$, you got no car, you got no hoe, so there you are, don’t just stand there, busta a move…. to CFL !! ” Sucker MC !!!

    BC Lions, T.O. and 85, plus Kellen at TE, wow a real football team in a deadhead hockey riot town !!HA.

  14. I echo the setiment of quite a few people on this board in saying that this season was the absolute worst Hard Knocks yet. My favorite seasons were the Jets and Ravens and I am a fan of neither, what made it entertaining was that the people from those two organizations actually display personalities.
    I’m afraid that there will be no more Hard knocks after this crappy season and showing the butt crack of the NFL in the Miami Dolphins. I am a Bronco fan and would have loved to see Denver on the show, however the only teams that will now do the show are the lower tier teams like the dolphins because they can’t make money with the product on the field.

  15. Chad’s being from Liberty City may explain his outrageous talk and perpetual self-promotion. The problem is that once he made it to the “big time”, no one ever seemed to take him aside and say, “You’ve made it out of that hellhole, you’re not going back, now how about chanelling all that energy into your PLAY?”

  16. You got a chance in NE with Tom freaking Brady and failed. You got fortunate and got picked up by the WR needy Dolphins, getting another chance. You blew that by your stupidity and don’t deserve another chance because you were given another one already; you failed. I respected you before this debacle because I thought you were just a jovial load mouth but now I shouldn’t be too surprised when you are starting to show your more alike T.O. than we knew since he is your friend after all.

  17. Imagine being Mike Sherman and receiving that text without wearing a depends. The dude had to have pi$$ed himself laughing.

  18. “Because of my immature actions,” Oh yeah and an assault or two….It is a remarkable thing to think about ALL it took as well as the length of time necessary to finally realize how his behaviors got in the way throughout his career, and how much better a wr he should have become, not to mention how elevated his reputation as a person would have been if he didn’t find it so crucial to play the fool. He WILL be lucky to play another down in the NFL. The sadder issue to contemplate for him is simply what he can do for the next forty to fifty years of his life. Other than catching a ball, exactly what job skills or training/education does Chad have exactly? Immature actions indeed.

  19. He had a great opportunity last season…to fully CHANGE his cartoon character personna,,,while playing w/NE.

    He didn’t/couldn’t do it…Then he goes to Miami & says the reason was his ‘personality’ was held back.

    Too bad…guy has talent..but doesn’t have a brain.

  20. Pencil in one more thing Steve Ross screwed up as owner of the Dolphins.

    Miami will not be any good until Steve Ross and his band of goons has left town. Ross and Dee have turned the Dolphins into a minor league baseball team.

  21. im pretty sure its not the talent level as he probably is better than 20% of the WR’s in the league…its the mental. Dude is a major mental case. He honestly and truly needs a psychotherapist….fo real, yo.

  22. He made a dumb mistake. We have all made them at some point in our life. Sometimes when it rains it pours because of the decisions we made. No one really knows what exactly happened in the car that night, but he’s taking responsibility for his actions and thats a good first step. Chad seems like a cool guy, i hope gets another chance and he and Evelyn work things out.

  23. (1) You know your team sucks when Hard Knocks has to continue to follow the player you cut, just to get an episode in the can.

    (2) Chad, you may be open, but it’s too little too late. After his stinker year with the Patriots and now this, I think his career is over.

    (3) I honestly believe Chad has a learning disability. You take his past academic record and reports of him never actually learning the playbook in Cincinnati, plus not being able to learn it in New England or Miami and it all shows a bigger picture. Not to mention his outlandish behavior as a clown, which is typical of someone trying to cover up a perceived “flaw”.

    And if that is the case, then shame on these schools. They pass these kids along , without any regard to their actual academic performance, thus not preparing them for the actual world. Another one is Vontae Davis. Just looking at him and his reaction to being traded, “can I call my grandma”, was enough for me to think he also had issues. It’s nothing new (see: Michael Oher), but it’s still frustrating. And in retrospect, makes me feel sorry for Chad in a lot of ways. Yes, he got paid millions to play a game, but in the most basic of senses, he is simply not prepared for life without football.

  24. How embarrassing to spend time in him and not on those who didn’t head butt their wife???

    Love to of known more about Devon Bess, Hogan, Wake, hell… Anyone

  25. So…we need receivers. Johnson had been impressing the coaches up to the point his personal life got a lot screwy…he appears to be truly contrite about his trespass, why not give him one more chance?? Any body drops accidental F… bombs from time to time.

  26. Its hard being a Dolphins fan and not because of the state of the team or the moves that have been made. We have the worst fans in the NFL. The amount of crying that goes on here is unreal. First year head coach lets try giving him a chance to work out his plan. It really doesn’t matter what product we put on the field you so called fans don’t go to games anyway. How about supporting your team. Shut up and let the season develop. Wow you fans are like women. Just relax.

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