DeMarcus Van Dyke clears waivers


Sixteen months ago, the Raiders liked DeMarcus Van Dyke enough that they took him in the third round of the NFL draft. Now the Raiders don’t want Van Dyke at all — and neither do any of the NFL’s other 31 teams.

Van Dyke, who was waived yesterday, has cleared waivers today, a league source told PFT.

It’s surprising how quickly Van Dyke’s stock has fallen: He’s a supremely talented athlete who’s 4.28-second 40-yard dash was the fastest at last year’s Scouting Combine, and he played reasonably well as a rookie, getting into 14 games and making four starts.

But Van Dyke struggled this year in the preseason, and Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie decided to cut ties with the former Al Davis pick. Now every team in the league has passed on a chance to acquire him.

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  1. I’d hate for the Chiefs to keep picking from the Raiders’ trash, and I don’t know if this kid is really any good, but KC really needs whatever help at corner that they can get. If Flowers isn’t ready to play on Sunday, it’ll be Jaques Reeves or Jalil Brown trying to cover Roddy White and Julio Jones. Yikes.

  2. I think he was activated to many games last year to be practice squad eligible, this kid got burned more than a blunt in the back seat of Lil’ Wayne’s Escalade!

  3. He can’t go on the practice squad. He’ll get work this year as injuries accumulate. Oakland may even consider bringing him back if someone gets hurt.

  4. larry… he’s accumulated enough time to be considered a full season… he isn’t practice squad eligible. I was really pulling for the kid… but he seems lost when actually playing in a game…. I figured someone desperate for some CB help (KC, NYG, Detroit) would give the kid a flyer.. and they still might.. may be one of those things waiting until after the first week so his salary isn’t guaranteed…. I wish the kid luck…. but he has to learn that not every receiver is going to run and react the way the receivers on his own team do….. great practice playuh…. gametime… eh… more like Philip Buchanon.

  5. the kid is not bad in coverage. the problem is he has no ball skills. he will be right there with the wr but the wr makes the play because dvd cannot turn and locate the ball

  6. Like someone said earlier, It isnt likely the team didnt like the kids talent. The team probably didnt like the kids attitude.

    It isnt like other teams didnt call the Raiders and ask them about the player. I am sure if he was well liked and a good kid, someone would have tried him out… If for nothing else, his speed.

  7. this is really the only move that I have questioned thus far by reggie, and allen. Have to wonder if Dennis and dvd bumped heads. and ego’s got in the way. good stuff from comcast bay area, and Paul G on burn rates; here it is

    For fun and giggles, here’s a look at last year’s corners and their respective “burn rates” on the season: Routt (47.4), Johnson (71.4), Van Dyke (43.8), Chekwa (64.3), Sheppard (58.8), Porter (58.3).

    And here’s this year’s crew, with last year’s burn rates: Bartell (66.7), Spencer (44.4), Lee (100, on 1-of-1), Francies (did not have a pass thrown his way), Adams (53.8), Hanson (50).

  8. The kid got passed on by 31 other teams after being dropped by the Raiders mainly because he isn’t VERY GOOD. Burn rates? Based on that stat Stanford Routt is a good corner, but he most certainly is not.

    Corners still have to tackle and play the run helping seal the edge. Even if DVD’s coverage skills improve, he will never be physical enough against the run and in tackling. It was embarrasing watching him get run over and pushed around every game. As for the return game? You need someone fearless to do that. I don’t see this kid wanting any part of that. Be ready for a lot of fumbles and muffs if he’s going to be your punt and/or kickoff man.

    It’s too bad, the kid just doesn’t want any part physical side of the game. KC will probably take him at some point. They think Routt is good and probably think they can make DVD into some kind of player. Godd luck with that.

  9. Work ethic and mental toughness.

    Supposedly, when Ron Bartell was hurt and missing time in camp, Van Dyke was being praised for his play on a daily basis. When Bartell returned and bumped Van Dyke back down to 2nd string, he sulked and his performance suffered. Then, to ice the cake, he comes out in preseason games and stinks up the joint.

    There’s no room for crybabies on an NFL roster.

    Michael Huff may have hinted, when asked about the DVD for Josalio Hanson switch, that Van Dyke wasn’t working as hard as was expected of him.

    It was something of a surprise to see a 2011 3rd round pick get cut so soon, but he wasn’t drafted by this regime. Scholarships in Oakland died with Al Davis. Long live Reggie McKenzie.

    “And nothing of value was lost.”

  10. yelix says: Sep 4, 2012 5:20 PM

    I’d hate for the Chiefs to keep picking from the Raiders’ trash, and I don’t know if this kid is really any good, but KC really needs whatever help at corner that they can get.
    Sometimes a scenery change can help, but that might not be enough for Van Dyke. Oakland has the most sketchy cornerback set in the league, and they cut him loose.

  11. villa41 says:
    Sep 4, 2012 7:59 PM
    The kid got passed on by 31 other teams after being dropped by the Raiders mainly because he isn’t VERY GOOD.

    LOL……based on your logic then Smith , Hansen Clayton, and Adams are not VERY GOOD because 31 other teams passed on these guys as well. Only difference is DVD just cleared waivers a few hours ago, and it took Hansen 3 days to sign. Lighten up, and give the kid a break. BTW most teams made their final cuts on the 31st, and are set for the season…seem like the raiders are still putting their team together in September.

    A few days ago you ripped me because I said the raiders should look at the waivers and sign an o-lineman, secondary, and a linebacker, ironically enough they did just that, and now you are all good with it….your killing me

  12. Ahhhh……………Van Dyke… For some reason, I’m not surprised by this at all. Most DB’s and WR’s who don’t start or see much playing time are on special teams. If Van Dyke did play on special teams I don’t remember a single play he was in on. You got 4.28 40 speed, ford goes down and you don’t even volunteer to return punts??? That says alot to a coach whose looking for that type a guy, and it goes along way in showing that you will do what it takes to help the team.

    As some have already pointed out, bad ball skills, no physicality. Some one will pick him up when injuries start to hit, but now, he doesn’t bring enough value. If this kid played special teams, I don’t even see him getting waived, but he’s just a body on the sidelines. And I’m so glad the Raiders are getting away from “he’s got a great 40 time” or ” he’s a great athlete”.

    And truth be told, he’s lacking awareness. Allen has been on the defensive side of the ball his whole career and coached DB’s, so this is hardly his first rodeo. He knows what he’s looking for. Who knows, they might bring him back……….then again… he cleared waivers which speaks volumes and this might be what he needs to put a fire under him, get in the gym and add about 15 pounds and become a student of the game.

  13. I find it disturbing that nobody has mentioned what a blunder the great, late Al Davis has made in picking these burn outs who have no business playing pro football. Track speed does not make a football player great.

    Are we really that blind to give Al Davis a pass in past drafts just because he’s not alive? Despite the press reports that question the leadership and football knowledge of his heir, it shows that Al Davis himself was guilty of making foolish mistakes that ruined the excellence of the Raiders.

  14. I do wish the Panthers would pick him up But He’s not the only 3rd Round pick released in the last few weeks Panthers cut a DT Not sure why PFT deleted my post about it

  15. Keep up the good work, Reg! Keep swapping out guys with character flaws for solid citizens. Seemed like a decent kid but without the intestinal fortitude for hard play. There’s better options out there and Reggie will nail one down.

  16. play4blood says: Sep 4, 2012 8:12 PM

    Work ethic and mental toughness.

    This. Van Dyke could have been a good football player but he didn’t want to work for it. He didn’t have to, at least not in the 2011 season.

    Van Dyke made it easy for McKenzie and Coach Allen to emphasize Big Al’s scholarship program was officially over. There’s little doubt Van Dyke would have made the 53-man roster if Davis was alive.

  17. Lol, As a FSU fan- I can’t say that I’m surprised. As much as I love DVD [for Madden purposes] his speed was and probably is his only strength. He’s too slender to make an impact as far as being a legitimate hitter. Had he worked harder and bulked up, even a bit-he might of made the team.

    Van Dyke reminds me a lot of Phillip Buchanon, all that speed- potential, but all for nothing. Mike Rumph had the same problem, only Ed Reed and Sean Taylor [RIP] worked out.

    Nevertheless, he should sacrifice some of that 4.28 speed and bulk up so he wouldn’t get pushed around. He’s jobless, but he should go and work out with Deion’s camp, I’m sure Primetime could teach a Hurricane how to cover.

    Him and Chekwa essentially are the same but at least Chekwa doesn’t get overpowered. He’s raw, but he’s got a lot of upside.. I think DVD does definitely have the shot to be something in the NFL but it all comes down to the question of if he wants to work for it and earn it.

    We shall see.

  18. jlb10 says:
    Sep 4, 2012 5:59 PM
    the kid is not bad in coverage. the problem is he has no ball skills. he will be right there with the wr but the wr makes the play because dvd cannot turn and locate the ball
    That’s exactly it, and he’s nowhere near physical enough too.

    If the Raiders were to play almost all man to man, like in the past, there would be a place for him.

  19. radrntn says:
    Sep 4, 2012 9:19 PM

    For whatever reason, the other teams passed on some pretty good depth players in Hanson and Smith. The other guys aren’t anything special, but they’re better than what we had.

    I don’t remember ripping anyone over a lineman. LB, and secondary, but I have said Carlisle is OK and Wheeler is much better than Wimbley.

    Anyway, it’s time to put it to the Chargers. Go Raiders!

  20. @villa41, your’re right it was carlisle…..i am surprised he is still starting as well. I expect after bye week, he goes to bench. We agree on Wheeler…love his motor, and his ability to go side to side, and coverage skill, which was a glaring weakness for wimbley.

    …..joetoronto is spot on about dvd…he was more suited to be out on the island, and the raiders had no db on team that could really play the slot receiver in a nickel package. Move was based more on need then player. I am just frustrated that we wasted a 3rd pick on a kid that we knew needed to be developed, only to cut him after a year. We can not afford to do that, and don’t see Reggie doing that in the future. With that said all the db’s we have now on the team, all have one year contracts, so I expect we will use draft picks next year on db’s, which will frustrate me even more.

    Bottom line….GO RAIDERS!

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