Dolphins lose Artis Hicks for season


We knew the Dolphins were saying goodbye to quarterback David Garrard on Tuesday.

We didn’t know that starting right guard Artis Hicks, signed away from Cleveland this offseason, would also be knocked off the active roster. The Dolphins announced Garrard’s release on Tuesday afternoon and added word that Hicks will be placed on injured reserve with a neck injury. It’s the old school injured reserve, which means that Hicks will not return this season.

It also means that the Dolphins might be up the proverbial creek without a paddle at left tackle for the season opener. John Jerry, who would be the likeliest successor for Hicks at right guard, is also dealing with injuries and might not be able to go on Sunday. On top of that, left tackle Jake Long is dealing with a sprained MCL.

Long is expected to play, but you’d like to be a little better stocked in reserve in case something goes pear-shaped before or during the game. The team brought back Ray Feinga, cut when rosters went to 53 men last week, but it’s safe to say that things are mighty thin up front on offense in Miami.

With Hicks done for the season, the Dolphins are now without the services of seven free agents — Garrard, linebacker Jamaal Westerman, linebacker Gary Guyton, wide receiver Chad Johnson, guard Eric Steinbach and safety Tyrell Johnson are the others — they signed this offseason. Wide receiver Legedu Naanee and cornerback Richard Marshall are still on the roster. The Dolphins hope Ryan Tannehill’s accuracy is a bit higher than that.

25 responses to “Dolphins lose Artis Hicks for season

  1. Sad to say… train wreck in slow motion.

    This is the saddest I’ve ever gone into a Dolphins season 😦 . Enjoy Hard Knocks tonight… may be the last time the Fins are on TV this season.

  2. Idc if we go 2-14, as long as those 2 wins are against the jets.. Lots of cap room along with good prospects in the draft to work with.. To me, this season will be judged on the play of tannehill solely.. But I’ll sure as hell be there every home game regardless.. Go Fins!

  3. Bad news like a cloud over head, however us long suffering fans will support the team and hope for the best. Bill

  4. Personally, I feel that Jerry had performed better then Hicks in the preseason. So no real drop off. But it does effect the depth of what is an already lacking OL.

  5. Artis Hicks was in the waning portion of his career. His true asset was his ability to be a swing lineman. Mr. Hicks could play every position except left tackle for a series or two! I hope that his injury heals quickly.

    Ireland has had an abysmal record with free agents. He overpays for damaged goods, enlists has-beens and behavior problems. This seasons scrap heap of free agent is embarrassing! Let’s hope that Jerry doesn’t eat his way into a heart attack, we drafted that guy! Hey let’s cut him because he is so unaware of his belly! I mean has that guy seen anything between his belly and his feet since college?

  6. As long as we beat the mother bleeping jets twice this year
    That’s our goal to start the season
    Lofty goals they are Luke

    When are we going to be good? We did we become punch lines? Where’s the Robbie family to save us?
    I pray Tannehill doesn’t get killed
    Any one want an over under on dropped passes this year
    Over/ under 100?

  7. If our organization had a qualified GM presiding over transactions the last 5 years, we would have been properly stocked at key positions so that a couple injuries wouldn’t have hurt so bad.

  8. Yeah but first home game they’re giving out free hats commemorating a team from 40 years ago!

    Free Hats!

    Who’s psyched!?

  9. That franchise will never win again…until it gets into the hands of an owner who has some semblance of a clue.

    Dolphins are a reflection of their front office…a zoo.

  10. fin fans, this year is going to suck but the team is moving in the right direction. vonte was there for 3 years, team still wasn’t very good so trading a guy whose rookie deal is about up and will be asking for a big contract was good. got a good speedster rec Armstrong that can get off the press unlike gates, hope to get Gaffney for leadership and reliability and there are 3 top 10 receivers that will be free agents next year, mike Wallace, Jennings who already played with philbin and bowe who already hinted at joining the fins in tweets with R.Bush. pair one of those guys with Armstrong, Bess and Gaffney, solid run game, solid d, likely a top 10 1st rd pick, 2 top10 2nd rdrs and 2 3rd rdrs, things are looking great for the fins! let the haters hate people.

  11. I’m more concerned with Legedu Naanee still being on this roster, he dropped everything thrown his way in the preseason

  12. Season ticket holder since I was 5 to both fins and heat games.. Unlike fake bandwagoners that show up at halftime, I’m there tailgaiting all morning.. You people need to take note because die hard fans are really what get teams hyped on game day.. This team can become something with a positive fan base.. Enough of the pessimistic attitudes, show your support and love for your city at games!

  13. Another quality free agent signing by Jeff Ireland. Good thing he’s been addressing the o-line for the last 5 years. With his quality draft picks & free agent signings since he’s been here we should win Atleast 2 games this year.

  14. This team sucks. And yes I am a phins fan. Good thing I got action on the texans a week ago when the line was only 10 points. i will shoot to 17 by game time.

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