Holmgren doesn’t know his future, but he won’t quit


This was supposed to be the year Mike Holmgren saw his reclamation project to fruition.

Instead, the Browns president might be approaching lame duck status.

With new owner Jimmy Haslam expected to appoint his own football boss at some point after taking over in October, Holmgren isn’t ready to step aside. He’s in the third year of a five-year contract, and won’t be the one to walk away from what he started.

I’ve never quit anything in my life,” Holmgren said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Asked if he envisioned fulfilling his contract (he’s in year three of five), he replied: “I hope so. That’s what my plan is.”

Holmgren said he hasn’t asked about his future, and that his agent Bob LaMonte hasn’t either.

“No, in fact, I try to keep LaMonte away from Jimmy,” Holmgren said with a laugh. “That hasn’t happened yet.”

Asked if he’d accept a different role in the organization, Holmgren deferred.

“That’s a pretty good hypothetical there,” he said. “Please, let’s work together on that. Let’s just see how it goes. I can’t answer that right now. Let’s slow down a little bit on that stuff and see where it takes us.”

Holmgren might be a lot of things, but stupid’s none of them. The arrival of Haslam’s guy Joe Banner seems like a fait accompli, and from the sounds of Holmgren’s statements, he’s being careful not to say anything to diminish the size of the golden parachute when Haslam pushes him out of the plane.

9 responses to “Holmgren doesn’t know his future, but he won’t quit

  1. Well, as a GM/Executive VP, you decimated the Seahawks, and your tenure in Cleveland as President hasn’t exactly been “stellar.” I’d say you’re on your way out, Mike.

  2. With Banner on board, Clevelanders should prepare for multiple Salary Cap Bowl championships and subsequent parades!!!! Thanks Joe!!!

    Still Waiting in Philly

  3. Holmgren’s plans usually work but take a while. Sounds like returning to coaching — for the Browns? — hasn’t been ruled out though.

  4. Holgram is one of the most overated NFL coaches or GM’s ever. He is still whining about the ref’s in his SB loss with the Seahawks. If he continues to loose maybe he can get a job as an analyst like Matt Millen??????

  5. tsizzle:

    You obviously have absolutely no idea (decimated the Seahawks!) what you are talking about.

    Much like his mentor Bill Walsh, he builds an organization from the bottom up. Winning instantly isn’t as important – that is if you want long term success.

    Holmgren’s associates (former coaches and front office people) have a proven track record and are still employed in the NFL – unlike most of the other ‘regimes’ that have came through Cleveland prior.

    With that said, I would totally understand if Haslam wanted to start over with his people.

  6. People forget that Holmgren is a larger than life personality. When you listen to him talking, he believes in the way he’s building this team. If you listen to Jimmy Haslam talk. He believes in the same philosophies that Holmgren has already installed here.

    Will Haslam clean house at the end of the year. Probably. But i wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps these guys around here for a couple of years to see if their plan works out.

  7. I’m tired of hearing what a football genius Holmgren is. He won a SB, what, 20 years ago? I think it’s safe to attribute that to Favre. Holmgren has gotten more out of that one win than Shanahan has with two. If someone can point me to the great dynasties he’s built than maybe I’ll reconsider.

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