Jags still have $28.7 million in cap space

As the regular season approaches, plenty of teams still have plenty of cap space.

Leading the way are the Jaguars, with a whopping $28.7 million to spend.  The Chiefs rank second with $26.6 million.  The Eagles are the only other team with more than $20 million, at $20.2 million.

The Texans and Lions reside at the other end of the spectrum, with $2.3 million each.

The full list is right here.

Until the start of the regular season, only the top 51 cap numbers factor in to the calculation.  Once the season begins, all players on the 53-man roster — along with all players on any reserve list — must fit under the cap.

Unlike past labor deals, teams may now carry over any remaining cap space automatically, from one year to the next.  Also, the per-team spending minimum still does not apply until 2013.

So there’s no a longer a “use-it-or-lose-it” component to the salary cap.  And there’s no requirement to use it until next year.  Even then, the excess carried over from past years isn’t subject to the 89-percent spending minimum.

73 responses to “Jags still have $28.7 million in cap space

  1. love all the morons who said the eagles screwed themselves out of cap space 2 offseasons ago by making a big spalsh in free agency. say what you want about them, they know how to handle cap space.

  2. Amazing how the Eagles seem to spend so much every year (even this year, they didn’t sign anyone new, but gave Desean and Shady huge raises, and gave nice bumps to Mathis and Cole), but always are near the top in cap space. Will be interesting to see how that compares in a few years now that Banner is gone.

    This carry over stuff, I’ve been bit confused. How long can you carry over? For example, if the Eagles have20 mil this year, and the next 2, could they hypothetically go 60 mil over the cap the next year? If so, that is going to make the league look very strange towards the end of the CBA. You could have teams like the Eagles with a cap twice as large as teams like the Texans and Lions (I just use them because they are at the bottom of the list, and both have guy locked into long term, very expensive contracts).
    I find it hard to believe that with all those smart guys putting together the CBA, noone said “hey, in year 8-10, the Eagles could have a cap of 250 mil, while detroit is at 140”. If so, it is going to be a very strange league for those last few years. Certain teams will literally be able to get anything they want, because they can just blow 3/4 of the league out of the water with every offer.

  3. Not an Eagles fan, but man, they signed a ton of key free agents the past 2 years, acquired key guys like Demeco Ryans via trade, and locked down Michael Vick long-term, and are top 3 in available cap 3 room?


  4. Some of the Eagles’ cap space is already spoken for due to their scheduled high 2013 cap liability. Of course, a lot of that will change before 2013, but they also have to re-up Rodgers-Cromartie as well as a few other guys.

  5. They shouldve just paid MJD the rest of their sapary cap money. MJD would be happy and the Jags would still suck, haha. Jennings is better anyways, pop pop.

  6. Why not use some of that money to pay the best player in franchise history? Instead they are purposely making him angry so he will never want to come back to Jax once he finally escapes that pathetic franchise. Kahn is a joke and is clearly trying to destroy this team and move to a better market. He should just do it and stop making a mockery of the NFL with this sorry excuse for a team.

  7. Pay MJD what he’s worth…and how the heck do my Eagles still have $20 million in cap space?

  8. Schefter reports the Giants are $700,000 over, Florio says they are $3,600,000 under. Wonder which is correct?

  9. One of the Detroit papers reported that the Lions are actually $700k upside down, and will need to either make cuts or adjust contracts to get under the cap.

  10. This just proves the Drew deal really wasn’t about money for the owner. Not all agents are created equal. Drew needs to seriously consider a new agent because his agent didn’t negotiate a deal which had an escape clause or incentives for outperforming his contract. Now he’s a top 5 back stuck in a bad outdated contract. This was Drews last chance to get a big deal. The next two years They’re going to run him into the ground and then either cut him or he’ll be playing for league minimum.

    Has Drew agent ever negotiated a ground breakingd Big Win deal that change the pay scale for his client like the deals for AP, Chris Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald?

  11. It’s not easy being cheaper than the Kansas City Cheapskates.

    Kahn rips off his fans and gets praised for it.

    It’s the great Kahn job.

  12. It’s so funny how everyone talked crap about how Carolina had so little cap room 3 months ago, now they’re in the middle of the pack @ 9 million. Suck on that.

  13. They will spend it all this off season. Multiple starters in a contract year and a couple targeted FA additions. Khan built a $3M locker room with the intent of luring free agents.

  14. I’m sorry; I put that in the wrong salary cap story article comments. I’ll bash Florio here like everyone does; that’s what happens when you basically write identical articles 15 minutes apart. In all seriousness though, I love him and his staff.

  15. Virtually unknown to the national media and the sheep that follow it…..The Jags have been quietly rebuilding this team the right way but only since 2009 when Gene Smith took over – through the draft and limited free agency. Similar to the Giants, Pats,Steelers, Ravens and other teams that are built to win perennially. (like their stance on MJD holdout) They purged the roster before the 2009 season, and went 7-9 and 8-8, the first 2 years. In 2010 they had a 15th game in Indy to clinch the South. Last year Garrard got hurt and the year fell apart, and the national media decided the only thing to talk about was how much of a bust Gabbert was.

    Gabbert is much, much better and has actual NFL WRs, a professional coaching staff and an offensive scheme. Blackmon is a flat out beast. Just got MJD back. Laurent robinson and Marcedes Lewis will contribute. The defense was ranked 6 last year even with a ton of injuries in the 2nd half of the year. Andre Branch has looked good early at DE and Aaron Ross is a good pickup.

    It took a while but a lot of the pieces are in place. They are in great financial position with the cap going forward to keep their young core together AluAlu, Monroe, Knighton, and MJD now that he will be in the last year to negotiate. All deals are done smartly and team friendly. Room for smart free agent deals like Pozlusny, Lowery, Robinson, resigning Mincey.

    Yep, Sounds like a 28th best team to me. At least you didn’t pick them 1-15 like the other national media. But don’t worry, Jag fans won’t remember these predictions when things come together this year.

  16. And 10% of that should have gone to MJD and he’d of been in camp 30 days ago.

    We’re spending more money on weight rooms, locker rooms and travel than we are on quality players. We should have found some FAs to help the OL. $32.5M to Laurent Robinson? Really?

    Hoping the football is better this year. At least I don’t have to look at Del Rio pacing the sidelines. Thank you, Wayne, for taking the trash on the way out.

  17. The Eagles will continue to be 20 mill under the cap until they figure out what to do with Mike Vick.

    Theyre 12 over next season already. With them being allowed to carry over, they are basically bust this season, and 8 under next season as it stands. And, they need to resign Jeremy Maclin.

    If Foles looks half as good as he did in the preseason during regular season play (once Vick is hurt) he will be playing next year, and the Eagles will be a very different team.

  18. I’ve been talking about this throughout the entire MJD holdout. Despite leading the league in cap space Khan still refused to pay his best player. Yes this is an orginization that is going places…!

  19. The Eagles being in 3rd on this list really surprises me considering how they have spent in free agency. it is a testament to their front office for sure.

    On the flip side, I was not surprised to see the Jaguars or Chiefs on this list. Both teams are cheap and until they start spending a little money their fans are going to continue to suffer while they continue to have subpar seasons again and again.

    Money doesn’t always equal success, but it helps.

  20. I see the Jags becoming the next Cinci, a squad that is, how should I put this, “extremely careful with money”.

    They’ll have $50 million in unused cap space, and will be .500 at best. Cinci won some games and made the playoffs, but aren’t a legitimate title contender. So what’s the difference between a 1st round exit in the playoffs or not making them all together? Not much of a difference in my opinion, considering you play to win a championship and anything less of that is failure.

    I just don’t see Khan paying ANY player a lot of money, I don’t care who it is. So even if they were 1 legitimate player away from being title contenders, I don’t see Khan shelling out any sheckles to bring anyone in.

  21. Free agents after this year:

    Rashad Jennings
    Eben Britton
    Brad Meester
    Terrance Knighton
    Daryl Smith
    Derek Cox

    Free agents after next year:

    Maurice Jones-Drew
    Eugene Monroe

    The team is smart to accrue cap space to sign their young core to long term deals.

  22. “nbcwantsitsmoneyback says:
    Sep 4, 2012 8:19 AM
    I’ve been talking about this throughout the entire MJD holdout. Despite leading the league in cap space Khan still refused to pay his best player. Yes this is an orginization that is going places…!”

    How are they refusing to pay him? He is signed for two more years. He is here, he is getting paid. Not that tough to figure out.

  23. With that much cap space, why dont they just pay MJD? I thought MJD was being greedy. Looks like the owner is just hoarding cash for whatever reason.

  24. I see a ton of posts about the Eagles signing a bunch of FAs.

    Tell me please. Who, besides Nnamdi, have the Eagles signed as a FA that is on the team this season? Babin? Demetress Bell that is making 3 mill? Youre all acting like they are a collection of players for hire.

  25. That’s pretty cool that the Jags and Chiefs owners can provide a cheapo product on the field and still make over 20 million to line their pockets!!

    And I thought I was happy making $28,000 a year at Best Buy!!

  26. I don’t like that new Jags owner even a little bit. Khan as in con artist. Next move the team will be heading to LA. Book it.

  27. I’d imagine Khan wants to keep that space open to use on his mustache care products: that thing must take a fortune to maintain to make it looks so perfect

    All seriousness though, I think he’s doing a good job steering the Jags back in the right direction…He’s got a big time receiver in Blackmon and the defense is still pretty solid…Jags will be in the playoff conversation soon

  28. “bobby2478 says:
    Sep 4, 2012 8:44 AM
    I just don’t see Khan paying ANY player a lot of money, I don’t care who it is. So even if they were 1 legitimate player away from being title contenders, I don’t see Khan shelling out any sheckles to bring anyone in.”

    Check what they paid Jeremy Mincey, Dwight Lowery, Aaron Ross and Laurent Robinson.

  29. @mojosmagic:

    He’s not your owner, is he? And if you knew anything about this team, this city and this owner, you would know they’re never moving to LA, or anywhere else. Ever.

    As for the cap space, the Jaguars have a number of players who will be coming to the end or the final year of their contracts this season (including Maurice Jones-Drew). One would think that the team not only has reserves to sign players during the season (in case of injuries), but also to start working on re-signing their current players to new deals. Perhaps even, if things go well, Maurice Jones-Drew.

    God, I would love it for him to have another great year and have Kahn say “Maurice, nice job, let’s talk about tearing up that contract or doing an extension.” I would love to feed a lot of people some crow.

    We’re not in danger, Skyler. I am danger.

  30. From about 2002 to about 2008, the Jags had a string of first round draft picks that were busts. Matt Jones, Derrick Harvey, Reggie Nelson, Byron Leftwich, Reggie Williams, et al. That reduced their long term payroll considerably, since they did not sign those guys to new contracts when their rookie contracts expired.

    Now, in the last few years, we have drafted much better, so we have guys who are coming to the end of their rookie contract starting this year. Those guys will need to be extended, so that cap space will go away next year.

  31. Hahaha I just saw that the Eagles were up there, how is that possible? They signed multiple high-priced free agents and then refused to pay D-JAX who played above his pay… Same thing with the Jags and their stud running back what’s with teams that low ball players?

  32. Teams save cap money by having alot of drafted players starting. Its really not that complicated. 2012 Projected starters drafted or unsigned free agents… Shady McCoy, Stanley Havili, Jason Kelce, King Dunlap, Danny Watkins, Tood Herremans, Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, Trent Cole, Mychal Kendricks, Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen.

  33. The next season will not be intense pats12. Everyone is dead, there are only 2 main characters left and one minor character, this half added show does not need to be dragged out any more.

  34. How much the Jags are under the cap has ZERO to do with whether they should give in to MJD’s ridiculous demands and rip up his valid contract.

    Sure, the money is there. Why is that a reason to throw it around like Pacman Jones in a strip club? If you won the lottery, would you start putting extra money in all your monthly bills just because you have it sitting around? Of course not.

    Giving a malcontent like MJD more money just because you have it to give sets a horrible precedent. It sends the message that all you have to do is hold out and demand more money and you’ll get it, regardless of the merits of your case.

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