Joe Philbin: If Dolphins go 3-13, it won’t be because of Hard Knocks


Dolphins coach Joe Philbin knows that many — probably most — NFL coaches would refuse to allow the Hard Knocks cameras into their meeting rooms. But with the final episode of the HBO reality show that focused on his team airing tonight, Philbin said he doesn’t see any negative consequences of having gone through the experience.

I don’t have any regrets,” Philbin told Albert Breer of NFL Network. “I’m not sitting in my office and saying, ‘Geez, why did we do that?’ And if we win 15 games, it’s not gonna be because they were here, just like if we lose 13 games, it won’t be because they were here. It was a good experience, we met a lot of good people. That’s really it.”

Philbin also said he doesn’t think the cameras were a distraction, because the cameramen just became a few more people going about their jobs at the team’s facilities.

“They become part of the fabric of the team,” he said. “You know their names, they know you. You see them earlier in the day than you do a lot of other people, and later too. You get used to them being here, and so you go about your business. It doesn’t change the way we do anything.”

Although the teams that do Hard Knocks have the authority to tell the producers of the show not to air certain footage from practices and meetings, Philbin said he tried to be open. He noted, for instance, that he allowed his meeting with Chad Johnson to be shown, even though Johnson probably would have preferred not to be fired on TV.

“I felt bad for him,” Philbin said. “He didn’t want that out there necessarily. But, for example, we’d released Derek Dennis from Temple earlier, and that was in front of the cameras. I just didn’t feel like it was right to treat Chad any different than someone like Derek Dennis. If you’re going to do it in front of the cameras with other guys, you gotta do it with him. I just felt like it was the right thing to do, but it wasn’t easy.”

But while granting access to a reality TV show wasn’t easy, Philbin doesn’t believe it was detrimental to the team, either.

40 responses to “Joe Philbin: If Dolphins go 3-13, it won’t be because of Hard Knocks

  1. If anything, the show simply cemented the low expectations for the team this year. In that way, it was ever so slightly beneficial to Ireland and Philbin. Better to get it out there that it’s going to be tough to beat Houston than to do it ’03 Wannstedt style and give everyone a heart attack after losing to Houston.

  2. If they go 3-13 it will have nothing to do with hard knocks, the lack of playmakers will be to blame. hard knocks was great for the fans.

  3. People like to complain about the Dolphins for being on Hard Knocks compared to more compelling camps (Jets again, Broncos, Cowboys, etc) but I’ll be grateful as long as any NFL teams agree to do it.
    I really don’t think it’s as detrimental as some will have you believe, these are guys that play on national TV every week in front of thousands of people.

    Also, the story last week from DT Chas Alecxih about getting lost at sea was the most riveting part of this season for me, surpassing even Ocho’s dismissal.

  4. I still think miami will surprise some people this year. Check out and follow @phins_phocus on twitter

  5. Selfishly I enjoyed seeing those scenes with Chad and Vontae Davis but I don’t believe some of what was shone put some of the players in an unfair situation. When Vontae Davis who was obviously stunned asked to call his grandma in the middle of Ireland trading him to Indy was a moment that should have remained private if it was me.

    With that said, The Dolphins Hard Knocks has turned out much better than expected.I think the jury is out as to what kind of HC he will be.

  6. I personally think Philbin is a terrible coach for many reasons that revolve around a completely different football philosophy that I have, but I will say that his conduct and professionalism while on camera for how he has handled himself has been very impressive and respectable, and those dynamics are one of the top highlights of the show that I tune in for.

  7. Thanks for Brandon Marshall.
    The Bears getting him for a couple of 3rd round picks was the best trade of the off season by far.

  8. Philbin seems like an earnest, hard-working guy, but seriously, he takes 10 minutes of pandering and double-speak to say something that a more direct coach would need 10 seconds to say.

    I expect NFL players to quickly grow tired of it. He’d probably be a good college coach. Miami sucks, go Jets.

  9. I hope Philbin gets fired on camera. If its okay for the players, it should damn well be okay for him to get fired on national tv too.

  10. “If Dolphins go 3-13, it won’t be because of Hard Knocks”

    It will be because they will be knocked hard and around throughout the season. It must suck to be a dolphins fan or simply takes to be a masochist fan by nature.

  11. I just hope teams keep doing the series. Sure, this was lower in drama than some of the previous series, but I wish my team did it. But there is no way they would.

  12. What was up with him complaining about Ocho’s f-bombs and then him dropping a few on camera this past week? It’s football, not church.

  13. If they go 3-13, that would be a hugh accomplishment, I have them at 0-16. See if they lose now, they’ll be rewarded later by drafting barkeley #1 and accumulate picks to trade for a few stars. Let philbin take charge oic adding key players, open up the check book because talent cost. The dolphins really wasn’t that bad and I though they could have been legitimate this year until they started shipping players out. They’re no such thing as rebuilding when you’ve been irrelevant since dan marino. If they don’t start making moves to get better then they’re gonna alway be known as the rebuilders every five years. Its time for new teams to step it up, pay attention to what the smart ones are doing, stop being the laughingstock of the nfl. Its time for teams like the dolphins, jags, cards, browns, etc to rise and finish competively in their divisions, show analysts that you deserve to not be written off before the season starts. Theres no excuse for why teams like patriots draft well and when you look back at it, a team like the dolphins could of had brady, gronk and so on. To conclude, I don’t expect the dolphins to be competitive this season but next off season, they better make some smart moves because fans are just waiting and waiting for their team to be on top.

  14. Well for sure it will be because of Jeff Ireland if Philbin is fired after a possible record of 3 and 13. I wonder though if owner Stephen Ross fired both Ireland and Philbin after a possible really bad season. How would each feel about being dismissed by Ross in front of the cameras? Just wondering!

  15. jaybertx says: Sep 4, 2012 3:36 PM

    What was up with him complaining about Ocho’s f-bombs and then him dropping a few on camera this past week? It’s football, not church.


    That’s what I mean about the double-speak and long-windedness. Philbin and his coaches were as blue as any Fins player shown on Hard Knocks. And when Philbin “confronted” Ocho about it, whatever point he was trying to make was lost in his rambling speaking-style. I bet he’s different went the cameras aren’t around, but either way, he won’t see any success as a head coach in the NFL.

  16. The guy I felt for wasn’t Johnson, but Michael Egnew. Every football fan in America knows Sherman wanted him a week into camp.

    My favorite moment, however, did involve CJ: He walks into a coaches meeting, sits down like he owns the place, and is pretty much told to get the F out of the room.

  17. If the defense can play like it has the last few years, improve a bit and if the offensive line gives Philbin time to run his offense then I see no reason the team can’t fight for .500. Guess it depends on if they can pull off some early wins. A little confidence early can do wonders.

  18. 3 games? i got them winning maybe 1, if they are lucky, that team has been in rebuild mode since Dan Marino retired, the coach is clueless, the players are talentless and the gm doesnt care, put a fork in them now!!!

  19. People can say what they want as clueless fans. The truth is there is not one Head Coach of a team that tells his team ” hey were playing Miami this week so take it easy, this win should come pretty easy. The Dolphins have been a hard playing team no matter what the record may imply. I will say at times they seemed unprepared and over matched. But they play with pride! Out of all the traditional sucky teams Miami is one that people are so surprised at their fall off. The truth is Wayne Huizenga was one of the most terrible sports franchise owners in History of sports. Ross doesn’t even have a clue on how to suck as an owner as much as Huzienga. In 30 years old and even I know that!

  20. Look here you “faceless” Macho Men… The vast majority of you all made comments a few months ago about “the Dolphins are going to be boring and you won’t watch Hard Knocks” Well, as usual you are wrong , but they say opinions are like @ssholes. It turns out you are on here commenting about the effects of the Show and like it or not it was the overall highest Rated HK ever!!!

    Go pity another Team. My Fins are not going to the Playoffs this year, but we will be back and are building towards long-term Success with or without your stupid, non-educated and unqualified comments.

    Seriously, some of you bashing Philbin? He should go to your workplace and write about you publically. He is obviously one of the best… billionaires trust their investment and only 32 folks in the world get the chance. How many of you can even claim you even the best at your McDonalds location????

  21. I’m still waiting for the “Good Football Reasons” coach Philbin talked about when commenting on the Dolphins selection for Hard Knocks.

  22. Fear the Dolphins! Fools think that only the fins are bad, with all kind of problems, I got news for you, this first week 16 teams will lose, and 16 will win minus a tie, so as you bash the fins if they lose, remember the other 15 who will lose. Scabs are a cancer, republicans also. Bill

  23. “They become part of the fabric of the team”

    I bet the players wouldn’t agree. The team is the team. Outsiders are outsiders. Coaching 101.

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