Martellus Bennett wants the rapport with Eli he lacked with Romo


As a tight end for the Cowboys, Martellus Bennett never had a particularly close relationship with his quarterback. Bennett says he’s trying to change that now that he’s with the Giants.

Bennett told the New York Times that he and Tony Romo were distant enough that in their first three years as teammates, Bennett didn’t even have Romo’s phone number. With the Giants, Bennett is going out of his way to make sure he and Eli Manning are close.

I want him to be able to read my mind and my body language,” Bennett said of Manning. “If he’s sitting down at lunch and there’s like four people sitting at the table, I just pull an extra chair and make extra room and sit next to him.”

Reading Bennett’s comments, it’s hard not to get the feeling that he had issues with Romo. Last year Bennett said he thought Romo and Jon Kitna should have competed for the starting job in Dallas, rather than Romo being handed the job. And Bennett has also suggested that Romo played favorites with his receivers, hinting that he agreed with former Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens’ beef about Romo targeting Jason Witten at the expense of other players in the offense.

Bennett would surely love nothing more than to have a good game against his old team on Wednesday night, demonstrating that he has the kind of connection with Manning that he never had with Romo.

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  1. Martellus isn’t smart enough, if there is one thing you can give to Eli and his favorite weapons, it is intelligence.

  2. He lacked it with Romo because 1 he couldn’t run a route correctly 95% of the time and 2 when he did happen to do it right he only caught the balls put right on him half the time. They don’t call him “Stone hands” Bennett in Dallas for no reason.

  3. Eli seems to have a good rapport with all his receivers. Nicks, Cruz, Ballard, Manningham all had their big moments last year.

  4. Right, MartyB..

    Because surely Romo throwing more passes to Jason Witten than he did to sympathetic duo of yourself and TO had everything to do w/ him playing favorites (maybe Romo’s a racist) and absolutely nothing to do w/ the fact that Witten is exponentially more reliable than yourself and Mr. Owens.

  5. “I want him to be able to read my mind and my body language,” Bennett said of Manning. “If he’s sitting down at lunch and there’s like four people sitting at the table, I just pull an extra chair and make extra room and sit next to him.”

    I would think most people would be able to read the body language of a 260 lb man shoe-horning his frame into a table meant for four. Good ole’ Marty-B. He always set the bar high.

  6. Marty B’s potential is as big as his mouth. He might do well in NY if he can tap into that potential but after watching him play in Dallas for years I honestly think that he doesn’t have the intelligence(read coverages) to be reliable pass catcher TE, excellent blocker though. If he does get close with Eli that should help with the mental side of the game.

    Let Go Cowboys!!!

  7. Can’t catch, chooses not to block, and never stops whining… the ultimate Cowboy, great on paper and at the combine, very average on the field… all of which won’t work with Coughlin in NYC. Surprised they spent money on this dude.

  8. He can’t run routes, and he can’t catch. You have to be able to do both of those things as a TE, and Tellus isn’t willing to work hard enough to get better at one or the other.

  9. You should really listen to Stephen A Smith and just shut up….. That said on behalf of all Cowboy fans please keep talking this is finally entertaining now that you are no longer here.

  10. Romo and Witten were roommates. You’re not gonna have any rapport when your opposite TE is sleeping with the starting QB.

  11. A fresh start might be all that a player needs sometimes. It sounds like Bennett just gave up over there in Dallas. Hopefully he goes out and show the Cowboys they made a mistake. ((even if he plays well for the Gmen it wasnt a mistake, Witten is a Probowler)) The Giants are filling a void so it could be a good marriage if he play well. No need to dwell on why it didnt work out in Dallas tho. Just make it work in NY.

  12. Sometimes a player just needs a change of scenery to remember why they love football. Eli has plenty of weapons if ‘stone hands’ can’t catch every ball thrown to him. And why wouldn’t he want to get closer to a 2-time MVP winning Super Bowl QB?

  13. He’s got the best TE coach in the business working with him now, and a QB who’s done more with a lot less at the TE position. If Eli can make stars out of Kevin Boss and Jake Ballard, just think what he could do Martellus Bennett.

  14. I can’t remember the last time that such an irrelevant player has been spoken about SO MUCH. Bennet is too young to be a “has been” so I’ll simply call him a “will be,” as in he “will be” a “has been.” He was given ample opportunities (too many, in my opinion) to solidify the backup TE position and failed miserably each time. This guy has an extremely fragile psyche that he still feels the need to take these not so subtle shots at the Cowboys and Romo. Get over it, your game is HOT GARBAGE!

  15. Let me start by saying that I have nothing against Martellus Bennett.

    I attribute the lack of rapport off the field between the two to their different personalities and interests. If Bennett were, say, an avid golf player or fan, then he and Romo might have been closer. But, Bennett was more interested in posting black Olympics videos on YouTube. (not that there’s much wrong with what Bennett did.)

    I also don’t think Romo plays favorites. But, he does remember when a receiver drops passes, or tips them into defenders hands. If Jason Witten did that enough, Romo would think twice about throwing to him.

    TO also accused Romo of playing favorites, yet in his time with the Cowboys, he posted double digit TD receptions, and three 1,000 yard receiving seasons (in line with his career numbers).

    At the end of the day, do your job, catch passes, and you’ll get the ball thrown your way. Just ask Laurent Robinson.

  16. what a loudmouth! you suck Bennett! also.. Kitna couldn’t carry Romo’s jock! there is a reason Romo had to come back in the game versus the 49ers and that is because Kitna is too old and slow and was throwing picks all over the field. Just get over yourself. I was hoping one of the Giants team leaders or Captains would muzzle this clown.

  17. Dude couldn’t grasp the playbook or a football and talked way too much. Case in point why him and Owens didn’t get the looks they wanted. Then again, Owens never was happy regardless…

  18. Dallas fans just can’t let it go.

    He’s got an all-world (best in the business) TE coach, and a better QB, and is the #1 TE on the depth chart, unlike getting fed scraps by Romo after the funboy tandem he had with Witten.

  19. So then how did Laurent Robinson do so well in this offense last year if Romo only throws to Witten?

    Romo throws to people he trusts. TO ran sloppy routes. Martellus couldn’t handle a hot read to save himself and couldn’t catch a cold. He was a great blocker though, you have to give him that.

  20. @thraiderskin “Martellus isn’t smart enough, if there is one thing you can give to Eli and his favorite weapons, it is intelligence”

    Didn’t Mario Manninham score a 6 out of 50 on his Wonderlich? And you can’t tell me that Plaxico or Shockey were Mensa members either.

  21. Who the he11 is this “All world TE coach” that people keep talking about?

    Bennett stole money while he was with Dallas. He was a complete tell on offense – you knew when he was in there it was a running play. He was more familiar with youtube than he was with the playbook.

    One thing Crayton and Robinson can tell you – Romo doesn’t throw to friends, he throws to the open guy that will catch the ball. What does that tell you about Bennett.

  22. “Martellus isn’t smart enough, if there is one thing you can give to Eli and his favorite weapons, it is intelligence”

    Yeah, it takes a lot of intelligence to catch ol’ Back Foot’s tosses. Like catching a punt.

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