NFL, Sky Sports reach a deal for coverage in UK

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NFL fans in the UK are better off than anyone hoping for real referees.

Because across the pond, they reached a last minute deal.

Sky Sports just announced a three-year deal to broadcast NFL games in England, allowing fans in a market the league’s trying to grow access to the games on television.

The agreement will begin with Wednesday’s Cowboys-Giants opener, as well as two live prime-time games each Sunday, plus Thursday games, along with all playoff games and the Super Bowl. There will also be access to RedZone, allowing Queen Elizabeth II a chance to real-time updates for her fantasy team.

“We are delighted to extend the relationship between the NFL and Sky Sports into its 20th year,” Managing Director for the NFL UK Alistair Kirkwood said. “Through their coverage the game has attracted many new fans in this country, and we look forward to another three seasons of excellent coverage of including the International Series matches at Wembley and the next three Super Bowls.”

Games already confirmed include the opener tomorrow night, plus Colts-Bears and 49ers-Packers Sunday, Packer-Bears next Thursday and Saints-Panthers and Redskins-Rams on Sept. 16.

8 responses to “NFL, Sky Sports reach a deal for coverage in UK

  1. “There will also be access to RedZone, allowing Queen Elizabeth II a chance to real-time updates for her fantasy team.”

    I heard she drafted Hightower with a Helu handcuff. Safe to assume she is not amused with Shanny right now, and if he ever comes to play in the Wembley game again, a stay in the tower rather than the Marriott might be forthcoming.

  2. Smiling here… 20 weeks of late nights and tired mornings arranged for 3 years.

    Now all that is needed is a boss that understands football and a large supply of red bull and I will be well sorted for football watching.

    First on TV here in the Uk in 1982 and long may it continue.

  3. I have seen a lot of football streams from ESPN-America(in fact that’s what I used when I wasn’t at home watching TV), is this a new deal ?

  4. Too bad they still can’t make a deal with Time-Warner Cable which covers about 25% of homes in the U.S.

  5. Hey, welcome aboard to our English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish friends who share our immense passion for football — great to have you guys on board!

  6. i watched it, and the coverage with … former player Robert Martin? It was a former blocking back..and they had another guy …. Fox England’s broadcast is reasonably well…they will chime in during commercial breaks on the Satellite broadcasts.

    There is a market, and this is an obvious attempt to find new markets bc the economy is rearing its ugly head on blackouts (Tampa, San Diego, Jacksonville).

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