NFLPA investigates Rosenhaus

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The curious effort of Yahoo! Sports to throw mud at agent Drew Rosenhaus finally has resulted in a ball of wet dirt that may stick.

Jason Cole and Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports report that the NFLPA is investigating Rosenhaus regarding his ties to Jeff Rubin, a former financial advisor whose role in a failed casino resulted in millions in losses for NFL players.  The union has exclusive jurisdiction over contract representatives, and trouble could arise if the NFLPA believes that Rosenhaus in any way breached his fiduciary duty to the men he represents by not steering them away from Rubin, or by directly steering them to him.

It’s the latest — but clearly most potent and noteworthy — article from Cole and Getlin regarding Rosenhaus.

In this specific situation, former Rosenhaus client Terrell Owens claims that Rosenhaus recommended Rubin in 2005.  Former Rosenhaus employee Danny Martoe, who by all appearances has been instigating much of the current controversy as part of his own beef with Rosenhaus regarding wages, has suppled information in an arbitration filing against Rosenhaus that suggests Rosenhaus was aware of possible funds mismanagement by Rubin.

“Let me say this on the record, I had no reason to believe that Jeff Rubin was doing anything illegal or irresponsible or unethical,” Rosenhaus told Yahoo! Sports.  “We never had any inkling that he was ever dishonest. We never had a player come to us until this casino fell apart.”

The challenge with issues of this nature is to distinguish actual wrongdoing from allegations instigated by those who operate in an inherently cutthroat industry.  The fact that the NFLPA is investigating the situation makes it above the routine background noise of agent-on-agent crime.  Thus, it will be important to monitor the NFLPA’s efforts, and to await its conclusions.

Indeed, there’s already chatter in some circles that this may not end well for Rosenhaus.  And if he has violated fiduciary duties to clients, it shouldn’t end well for Rosenhaus.

Still, until that happens, anyone who opts to crank out a Pamphilonesque diatribe on the topic risks becoming a pawn in a high-stakes chess match involving an agent who has been very successful and the many others who would love nothing more than to see him fail.

26 responses to “NFLPA investigates Rosenhaus

  1. Just the fact he’s directing NFL players to invest with a guy building a casino should have raised red flags to the NFL.

    Get him “God”dell…

    I’d like to see Drew to go down hard, he’s a major reason we have diva players like the common WRs we all know about. Promising them more $ and dividing them from the team. Case in point TO and the Eagles.

  2. Hmmm… So the NFLPA is investigating…
    That sure makes me feel better.
    I don’t suppose a pile of green from Rosenhaus to DeMo Smith will smooth it over. Naw. No way.

  3. I still find it shocking that there’s five or six teams out there that don’t have any receiver depth and Rosenhaus couldn’t find a job for his boy Plaxico.

  4. Well I don’t think there are any agents that are trustworthy. They are all snake oil salesman and opportunists. They only want to make money off of the players, and most players like Vince Young aren’t exactly the brightest individuals

  5. It’s possible that the legality of deals could be only the beginning of trouble for Mr. R. In a business such as his, just the sniff of playing fast and loose with the life savings of others is the absolute KISS OF DEATH. I would imagine merely on the basis of this very article, that quite a few, if not all of his clients might be headed for the door. By the time he goes through legal proceedings, he will more than likely be ruined financially. It appears as though all the public can do at this point is to wait for the “Next Question”….so to speak.

  6. Since the NFl condemn Vick over the gambling issue only, it makes sense to hunt Drew’s seedy connections to Casinos(read organize crime) and prosecute to the fullest intent of the law(badintent) !!I’m sure we can line up a block long line of broke NFL Drew clients easy. So let the show begin !! And please don’t show me old 60 minutes tapes of him breaking a concrete block with his hand ! He’ll be breaking rocks in his new home. The Rock. Big A.

  7. This should be interesting as he has made alot of enemies with alot of different people.

    I guess that eat everyone alive on the way to top might cost him a bit more than he expected.

    I can’t wait to see what else happens.

  8. I am pretty much in the Drew Rosenhaus is a scumbag camp. That being said, it is almost laughable that he is being investigated by the NFLPA. Seriously, is there a more inept, corrupt, and seedier organization in all of professional sports?

    Oh yes. I forgot the NBA Players Association.

  9. Yeah, T.O. is a trustworthy source; he’s just trying to find away to make some money or blame someone for the fact that he doesn’t have any, since he has been given the boot by NFL teams.

  10. What’s that old saying about a fool and his money?
    Oh, and P.T. Barnum had a pretty good one too!
    Zero sympathy for these guys who went to college for free and are not smart enough to not allow lawyers to fleece them.

  11. I’ll need a lot more info before I pass judgment on this case.

    Advising a client to invest in a casino enterprise is rarely a losing proposition.

    Advising somebody to invest in an industry where thousands of people have made tens of millions of dollars is hardly a violation of an agent’s “fiduciary duty” to his clients on its face.

    Unless there is a lot more to what went on here, on the surface it looks like an investment that went bad- which happens in the financial just about every single day. Sad, but not automatically criminal.

    It’s going to take a lot more than information provided by a disgruntled former employee to make this stick.

  12. Gary Wichard and Josh Luchs got penalized by the NFLPA for their wrongdoings and Leigh Steinberg crashed through his own mistakes.

    We will be okay if we see the Rosenhaus brand end. There are other (and better) agents out there and we’ll all survive. It’s not the end of the world if Rosenhaus Sports has a black eye in the agency business.

  13. Let me say this on the record for Mr. Rosenhaus. Pleading ignorance on the potential wrongdoings of someone you directed your clients to does NOT satisfy your fiduciary responsibility. You needed to have him vetted, and also disclose to your clients of any compensation received from Rubin for recommending him.

    Has Rubin been in the casino business before? It’s pretty much impossible for a casino to fail unless you lack basic business acumen or are a crook. Your business entails taking in massive revenues from gaming addicts hoping to hit the jackpot, and then paying back 90 or so percent back as winnings. Rosenhaus completely failed his clients here by steering them to this guy to (likely) line his own pockets.

  14. Take a look at some of Rosenhaus’ clients. He obviously targets the less intelligent players, players he can buddy up with and milk for every penny.

    Dez Bryant, Chad Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Kellen Winslow Jr., Plaxico, TO, Dante Stallworth…the list includes some of the biggest Clowns the NFL has seen.

    He’s a scum bag, all about the money and when these guys are washed up former players he won’t be there to help them (see TO). I’m all for adults being able to make their own decisions, but if the Union could shut down a guy like this it would save a lot of headaches for teams and players alike.

  15. WHO in God’s name would want that knucklehead for an agent??? You’d come out better doing it yourself! Not trying to be mean, but doesn’t he look like he can’t be trusted???

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