Patriots work out free agent Mike Kafka


Former Eagles backup quarterback Mike Kafka was among the biggest names to clear waivers following Friday’s final cuts. Despite the fact that Kafka was due minimum base salaries in 2012 and 2013, no team deemed him worthy of a claim after he was waived by Philly.

But there is still some interest in Kafka around the league, and the New England Patriots are one of the teams that is at least somewhat intrigued by him.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Patriots worked out Kafka on Tuesday.

The only two quarterbacks the Patriots kept on their final 53-man roster were Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett.

UPDATE 3:39 p.m. ET: This item previously stated that Kafka had practice squad eligibility remaining. He does not. A tip of the cap to Adam Caplan for the clarification.

26 responses to “Patriots work out free agent Mike Kafka

  1. Soft arm, decent head on his shoulders. Seems like a very nice and down to earth guy.

    He just doesnt really have the arm strength to cut it as an NFL starter.

  2. @patriots123456

    He’s a really smart kid. it wont take him long to get a grasp of the offense. however he doesnt have the arm strength. hes more suitable for a west coast offense, i liked him a lot in philly but he doesnt have the skill set to be an nfl starter but he still is a pretty decent backup

  3. Intelligent QB, high football IQ, quick learner, knew the offense well. Good guy, just not very naturally gifted. Weak arm, although I heard he improved on that this past offseason, just didn’t get much chance to show it. I’m curious to see what he’d do if given more of a chance. He definitely would’ve been the 3rd QB if he hadn’t gotten hurt and allowed Edwards the opportunity to showcase himself.

  4. The fact that Philly doesn’t even want him on their practice squad tells you all you need to know about him. He sucks.

  5. As an eagles season ticket holder, I am glad they got rid of Kafka. He just never showed me any reason why the eagles liked him so much. Any time he got playing time whether it was preseason or a game he always threw picks and never seemed to complete alot of passes. Maybe he will do Bette in new England, but he’s better off being a practice squad/ 3rd string qb

  6. He seemed to be an okay QB when he had to step in against the Falcons when Vick went down…Wouldn’t mind adding him to the practice squad but I would prefer resigning Hoyer instead as he knows the offense well having been here for awhile…Not sure if he’s practice squad-eligible though

  7. I bet that Belichick teaches this kid the ropes and turns him over for a draft pick or two. Kafka is a pocket passer with an average arm and a good feel for the game. I’m sure he will be able to stick around the league as a decent back-up.

  8. Just a favor to Reid from his friend Belichik. He’s not very good but Reid likes him and hopes he finds a job. Think of him as a slight notch below McCoy….with an injury.

  9. He stinks. I’d be shocked if the Pats signed him. Remember, Reid got DRC and a 2nd rounder for Kolb yet wasn’t able to get anything for this guy. That said, he’d probably be an upgrade over anyone on the Jets.

  10. brenenostler says: Is it the Patriots goal to work out every free agent, sign them, and then release them?


    More or less.

    It’s all about developing a “shadow roster” to call upon if needed in case of injuries.

    In most cases the shadow roster is made up of un-signed Patriots veterans, already familiar with the team and playbook. Some of their cuts will be signed but enough will remain available if they need depth late in the season. Gaffney and Branch may fall into this category.

    Unless Hoyer is signed by another team, he’d be their first choice to join the roster if Brady were injured.

    Kafka is being considered as a third string QB for depth should they need it – but hopefully not.

    Dozens of other players have received similar work outs so that the Patriots can see first hand their capabilities – whether its for their own team or to see the capabilities for players signed by other teams.

    It’s just smart football. I’m surprised more teams don’t do it.

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