PFT Live: Cowboys talk with Clarence Hill and Giants talk with Bob Glauber

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When PFT Live launches on Tuesday, it will be 32 and a half hours until the NFL season kicks off.

What better way to commemorate that moment than by talking to a couple of writers who follow the Cowboys and the Giants?

Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram will join Mike Florio to discuss how the Cowboys are feeling ahead of their matchup with a team that’s beaten them seven of the last nine times they’ve played. We’ll also check in to find out about the health of tight end Jason Witten and defensive tackle Jay Ratliff, two key Cowboys who might not be able to answer the bell in Week One.

For some Giants perspective, we’ll talk to Bob Glauber of Newsday. It’s been a relatively quiet offseason for the defending champs, who have used the cover of the fascination with the Jets’ personal punt protector to go about their business free of prying eyes. We’ll see how Glauber thinks that the tranquility will affect the Giants, who found their best football last season after coming under intense fire for losing four straight games in the middle of the season.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

7 responses to “PFT Live: Cowboys talk with Clarence Hill and Giants talk with Bob Glauber

  1. as a Redskins fan I can’t wait to see how both teams look coming outta the gate. I’m expecting the Giants will start conservatively attempting to establish that questionable running attack. Dallas will try to score early and set the pace. problem with that is usually when they press early they make mistakes, if that happens N.Y. will take advantage and win. if Dallas focuses on the run and don’t try to showboat Romo’s “skills” then they should keep it close in a low scoring loss.

  2. Dont be surprised if Dallas comes out “guns blazing”. Dallas has a lot of talent on offense and the Giants secondary is banged up. Look for a home run shot on Dallas’ first possession.

    Dallas 20, Giants 13.

  3. Giants where 9-7, period. The basement dwellers beat them TWICE with Rex Grossmen.
    We lost to them by 3 points, this with “their MVP Newman”. Lets see, we are upgraded to say the least at corner and inside line backer. We went through a whole year to master Ryans crazy blitzing defense.
    Yeah I Love me some Cowboys victory over a 9-7 Redskins sweep paper chumpions!

    And Skins fans, you are not worthy of even attacking.

    Eagles fans, well Vick. Nuff said there with that glass doll at qb and a coach on the hot seat.

  4. True the redskin beat the Giants twice yet the Giants beat the cowboys twice why worry about the redskins?

    The bottom line like it or not the NY Giants won the NFC East
    Then shut out the Falcons
    Knocked the snot out of the Packers
    Had a war in San Fran and came out on top

    Then once again beat Tom and Bill of the New England Pats

    Deal with it for until Feb the Giants are the Champions
    9-7 did not matter

  5. @caliz

    “We lost to them by 3 points, this with “their MVP Newman”. ”

    Nothing funnier than a Cowboy hater…
    27-10 NYG
    VCruz – 6 catches 112 yds. 2 TD

  6. What fun knowing at the end of tomorrow night either the cowboys or giants will be 0-1.

    Always fun when the season starts and everybody starts talkin smack. Being a Redskin fan I’ve got no smack, but hoping to gain some swagger as the year progresses.

  7. One thing is for certain…no matter who wins tomorrow night, it will be the only time this year that the Skins don’t share last place in the division.

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