The Week Zero power rankings are posted

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Before training camps opened, we ranked all the teams in the NFL, top to bottom and one through 32.

Now that the season is upon us, and thanks to that whole OCD thing, I decided that we should have a fresh look at where the teams stand in comparison to each other, no matter how meaningless it all is.

So here’s the list, determined by an average of the rankings submitted by the five PFT writers.  Which means that my opinion counts for only 20 percent.  Which means that the rankings will be better than they would have been if I had done them alone, like I used to.

Feel free to nevertheless complain.

10 responses to “The Week Zero power rankings are posted

  1. I don’t get why you post lists, and then post another article saying you post a list. You guys do this all the time, and I never get it.

  2. Why is everyone so in love with the Bears? They still have a porous O-Line, an aging defense and a pansy for a QB.

  3. I hate to say this but I don’t think the Steelers will make the playoffs this year.

    1) They don’t have last year’s cakewalk schedule.

    2) The dirty little secret behind firing Arians was not to “keep Roethlisberger from taking so many hits” or “get back to good old Steelers runnning football” but rather to somehow get some production out of a chronically underachieving Roethlisberger. If the Steeler defense gives up 20 points without scoring a defensive touchdown it is an automatic, written in stone, done deal loss for the Steelers.

    21st in scoring offense is PATHETIC. I guess we will see whether the problem was Arians or Roethlisberger. My prediction is that Arians and rookie Andrew Luck and the Colts will do better than 21st in scoring offense and probably better than the 2012 Steelers too.

    Roethlisberger gets blown out by 20 points against good teams and eeks out 13-9 wins against crap teams.

    I also predict that in Sunday night’s opener against the Broncos Roethlisberger will follow his usual fall behind by 20 points before getting a garbage time touchdown or two. I hope I’m wrong.

    3) If the Steeler defense can’t carry Roethlisberger on its back to at least six 13-9 wins the Steelers will go 7-9

  4. Love the list. Surprised more people didn’t vote for the Giants as no 1.
    I totally agree with where the Jets ended up. If you approach is d and running, you better be able to run, which they have shown early that it will be a big question mark with that line.

    I am a little surprised the Broncos were not higher. They pass the eyeball test much better than Chicago, Dallas, and even the Saints. Manning has taken many less talented teams to the playoffs in the past. I think they’re a lock for the division title in the fickle afc west.

    all in all a great start.

  5. citizenstrange:
    As a lifelong Steelers observer (notice I didn’t say blinded fan), I can not agree more with your assessment.
    I’ve noticed over recent years there are two kinds of Steelers fans: Those who follow the TEAM; and those who follow one player and are compelled to be apologists.
    The Pittsburgh sports media fall into the latter category.
    Good to know that others, such as yourself, are paying attention and actually know the game of football. I salute you.

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