Was Cowboys’ window ever really open?

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All this talk about whether the Cowboys’ window is closing and whether quarterback Tony Romo wants to talk about whether the window is closing overlooks one key question.

Was the window ever truly open?

That was one of the topics raised during the debut episode of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.  Here’s Erik Kuselias and yours truly discussing the issue.

And thanks to everyone who helped get the show on the air without it being a complete debacle.  (It was only a partial debacle.)  We had great insights and contributions from Tony Dungy, Hines Ward, Chris Johnson, Stevie Johnson, Ross Tucker, Shaun King, and Peter King.

We’re doing it all again tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. ET.  Unless Rita Kierson calls.

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34 responses to “Was Cowboys’ window ever really open?

  1. The window is open for every team including the Cowboys. The real question is can they keep it open? I say no. This team has talent but cant play together nor can they gel in the locker room. When Espn speaks about the great players of the 2012-13 Cowboys i say where? Who? If so how. They lack heart and lack of urgency. Without that shut the window on their ass!

  2. I never saw it.

    They only ever had one linebacker that could rush, cover and tackle well, and they ran 3-4. Their secondary wasn’t good at getting turnovers which was is the point of disrupting the passing game.

    On offense their line was big, old and couldn’t pass protect. John Madden used to look at their tackles and call out whether it was a run or pass based on their stances, because they all had a “tell.”

  3. Tony Romo and the Cowboys don’t have to prove a single thing to you, Florio. You’re not even on their radar. Your hatred for them only serves to illuminate how successful the franchise really is. The more mediocre they become, the more you talk about them. As a fan, I look forward to the day they win us another championship, but I do take pleasure in seeing them dominate the media coverage and ratings even through these 6-10 and 8-8 seasons. Keep talking about them…

  4. Weren’t they like 13-3 one year before getting upset in the 2nd round? I’d say a 13-3 year qualifies as a “window-open” year.

  5. Last year, they had both a top 10 offense and defense. Their problem was that they didn’t have the DBs to hold a late lead. With the addition of Carr and Claiborn, to say their window is closed is idiotic.

  6. I don’t care how good the quarterback is, if the rest of the team doesn’t have “it,” there is no window. The Cowboys will need to prove the entire team has “it” to be a contender. How else can you explain quarterbacks such as Trent Dilfer winning a Super Bowl? It’s not all the quarterback, there are several other players out there as well. Quarterbacks get too much credit, and too much blame.

  7. Of course it was open, and of course it is still open. At least 16 teams each year have a legitimate shot at making a run to the playoffs. The Giants were a missed field goal away from missing the playoffs entirely last season, and they were clearly good enough.

    As long as Romo is there, the “window” is open. But why are we singling out the Cowboys instead of the Chargers? The Ravens? The Texans (Schaub is only a year younger than Romo)? The Eagles? Each of those teams have QBs of comparable age (or in the case of the Ravens, a bus driver QB and an aging defense) and have yet to do it with their current cast.

    Let’s see some balance here.

  8. The Giants have proven over and over that your window is open. People right now aren’t even picking them to go to the playoffs although they are defending champs. I think the Cowboys have seemed like a reasonable candidate for a while, so yes it has been open unless you just really value your hindsight. Their records have been up there with the Giants and the Giants have won SBs.

    Jerry Jones is just a bad manager. I don’t think that he or his egotistical son will ever be the odds on favorite for a championship. Jones did one thing right. He brought in Jimmy Johnson.

  9. I just don’t get this team they play better when they have no pressure on them romo is a good guy met him a few times but always seems to crack under pressure I hope they make the playoffs which means more money for jerrah to get another facelift

  10. The window was nailed shut when Jerry thought he could take credit for Jimmy’s success and force him out

  11. The make-up of this team should serve as a warning to GM’s throughout the league. You can’t just throw talented guys with no character or heart together and expect great things. They really have no “glue guys” and they have no leaders. Jason Witten would be the one exception. Jason G doesn’t garner the needed respect and is not a strong enough personality to force this collection of “me first” players to live up to their hype. Poor old Wade had the same problem because everyone knows Jerry runs the show, not the coach.
    The stars on this team grab stats when it’s easy and check-out when it’s tough. They haven’t built this team right and they will suffer again this year with no playoffs. With the difficulty of their schedule, I’d say 8-8 would be the best to expect.

  12. @shinywalrus

    They said it about the Chargers 2 years ago, and it was true
    I’ve been hearing it for a year and a half with the Ravens. The whole “how much longer will Reed/Lewis play” thing? You didn’t notice that?
    The Eagles have a track record of turning over QB’s, and staying competitive. Plus the rest of their core is better than Dallas.
    We heard the same thing about Houston last year. “Can they win this year, because the core will be broken up for salary reasons”…and guess what, it was true. Where are Williams and Ryans?

    A little less crying please

  13. Florio, the cowboys will whip up on ur Midgets on 2morrow. That’s right the cowboys are going to shock the WORLD by beating the crap out of Baby Manning into submission. The cowboys will b the surprise team of this season by winning that RIGHT winning the NFC East, causing the iggels to fire Andy Reid. I predict the Cowboys will win 11 games this season an go on the win the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 2013. Tony Romo will finally get the “Ghost of Danny White” off his back an go into Cowboy laurel in the same breath as Staubach/Aikman, the plateau of Cowboys qb’s. I predict the score of the Wed nite game will be Cowboys 31 Midgets 17. GO Cowboys Super Bowl Bound!!!

  14. These opening night games are supposed to feature the champions of the last 2 years whenever possible. It was possible this year, yet the league selected the Cowboys over the Packers as the opponent for the Giants.

    That was done for only this reason. This is the night the Giants put up their championship banner. The champion home teams are undefeated in the opening night games since it began in 2004.

    Goodell, a man big on PR, feels obligated to not have the Giant fans feel let down. If that doesn’t motivate the Cowboys, then what does?

  15. No foul language and no lies, only calling you out on you perpetuating what you’re criticizing others for with the whole “window closing” bull…and my post is deleted. No one ever accused you of being unbiased so go ahead, Florio, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working out real well for you.

  16. I do not understand the media obsession with an 8-8 team that has won one playoff game in the past decade. The NY Jets are more of a threat than the Cowboys but nobody really thinks the Jets are a title threat. The Cowboys have a huge opportunity to go 9-7 this year if that is the window to which this headline references.

    Mediocrity….. Dallas Cowboys.

  17. No, no, no. No way in hell, and I’m sick of hearing about this on ESPN. They’ve won two playoff games since their last Super Bowl. The window is closed, the door is closed, the house is boarded up, and was demolished in ’96.

  18. The truth is ever since we went into the salary cap era, the Cowboys have slipped into mediocrity. Unfortunately they could no longer be the New York Yankees of the NFL.

    I just wish they could put a salary cap in for baseball, the cap makes it why I can love each and every NFL season and look forward to the next.

    The Yankees should win the World Series every year, but lately they haven’t been able to. Nevertheless, when they do win, it’s hard to get too excited about it because it’s kind of embarrassing when they lose considering the lopsided amount of money they have spent.

    But when a team wins a Super Bowl, everyone around the country goes nuts with excitement, because everyone knows the road to getting there is a great challenge, and money won’t by the trophy for you.

  19. These fools have only won one playoff game since 1996, and yet they still get the media coverage. This sorry ass team is completely irrelevant in this league. Come on.

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