Witten’s CT scan seems to be a state secret in Dallas


We know that Cowboys tight end Jason Witten officially is listed as doubtful for Wednesday night’s game.  We know that Witten had, after the doubtful label was applied, a CT scan on his spleen.  We know that, if the CT scan resulted in doctors clearing Witten to play, he’ll play.  We know that, if the CT scan resulted in doctors not clearing Witten to play, he won’t play.

And we know, several hours after the CT scan, that no one knows what it showed.

It looks like the Cowboys are trying to keep the results under wraps.  Technically, they complied with the injury-reporting guidelines.  At the time the labels were applied, he had a 25-percent chance of playing, so they applied the doubtful label.

But here’s the thing.  Unless the CT scan was inconclusive and another one will be conducted tomorrow, the Cowboys know what they plan to do.  And so they should update the injury report, either upgrading or downgrading his status.

The only thing that’s truly doubtful at this point is whether he’s truly doubtful.  The Cowboys most likely know whether Witten will play, and they don’t want the Giants to know for as long as possible.

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  1. Don’t think I have ever seen this website ever question Bill Belichick injury-game. Why is this being called on on what the Cowboys “should do”?! As you pointed out they are complying with the rules.

  2. you made no compelling argument on why they should update the injury report. there was nothing of significant value in this article. this reminds me of the scene from billy madison during the game show and the host goes “everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it”

  3. Seems if the scan had been bad news he would have been labeled “out”.

    Interesting that Witten traveled to NJ today however the TE they recently signed from the Bengals (Colin Cochart) did not travel.

    I don’t know, but I think Witten is going to play.

  4. Now, this isn’t a knock against Witten, but whether he plays or doesn’t it’s not going to change the outcome of this game. This is going to be a Giant sized win and this young man should rest up for week two.

  5. I don’t care what the scan says. How in the bleep can you place a man in a professional football game when his SPLEEN has come close to bursting such a short time ago? One can only imagine how he will be targeted!!

  6. When something is this close why risk it? Just sit him and when he’s healthy he can play for the glory hole.

    Till then he’ll have to be watching through the window.

  7. I really hope that this young man will not die in a football game because he didn’t stay out for another month. I’m already on the edge of saying f>>> football. No one can be a decent human and think it’s okay for a young man like Witten to come back early and die for entertainment. Does he have a wife or mother or kids??? Do we care about anything?

  8. So, the Cowboys have “technically” complied with league rules, but they “should” update the injury report. Ok, sounds kinda like they took advantage of a non-capped year, but should have complied with the league’s implied salary cap (which is “technically” collusion, BTW). Florio’s article is a waste of electrons…again. Go chase a different ambulance, blood-sucker.

  9. Well if Wittens on your fantasy team you have to sit him and put in your back up. 1 point is better than no points. Regardless of the CT scan results Coach Coughlin said they are preparing as if Jason is playing. Just like the Cowboy are planning on Nicks being 100% which he most definitely is not. 2 total series in preseason and constant pain in that broken foot? Both teams are banged up and its a loooooong year.

  10. Injury reports are pointless. A Good coach prepares his team for all scenarios, Tom Coughlin is a good coach he’ll have a plan for the Cowboys whether they have Witten or not.

  11. Witten will play u take it to the bank, the cowboys are using a ploy perfected by the New England Cheats. Witten will b there for Romo who will beat the crap out of the Super Bowl chumps on 2morrow. Romo will be THE QB in the NFL for the 2012 season, guaranteed. Romo will be the MVP this year hands down, simply because the Cowboys will b the surprise team in the NFL in 2012, just ask ur BOY Peter King, he has the Cowboys peg to win the NFC East an when Peter picks a team to win a division he is usually right. That’s why I c the cowboys not only winning the NFC East but the Super Bowl in New Orleans as well in 2013. Tony Romo will finally get the ghost of Danny White off his back, oh the cowboys will beat the superbowl chumps midgets on 2morrow nite cowboys 31 midgets 17, Jerry Jones will finally get that covet 4th super bowl ring . GO Cowboys super bowl bound hail tony romo MVP in 21012.

  12. If Witten were a banker then I am certain he could return to work. He is not a banker and if he returns to work before October then his doctors had better be receiving a whole lot of money from the Cowboys.

    I understand the exuberance of Cowboy fans but at some point it would be nice if NFL fans had confidence that players health was not being compromised unnecessarily. This is a serious injury and I don’t believe he is ready for an NFL game.

  13. Translation: “waaaaaaaah”. If we are going to bitch about false injury reports why isnt anyone investigating the Pats for lying about the olympic sprinter’s injury to keep him on IR all season?

  14. Witten is a game time decision. However today they cut the TE that they just claimed over the weekend from the Bengals.

    After looking at the scan,
    1. They took Witten to the game.
    2. Cut the TE they had just claimed as insurance if Witten couldn’t have played.

    Witten will be on the field tonight IMO.

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