Rodgers being realistic when it comes to Greg Jennings’ Packers future


On Tuesday, we heard that wide receiver Greg Jennings was thinking about the possibility that 2012 is his swan song with the Packers.

His quarterback has read the same writing on the same wall. Aaron Rodgers took a little walk down memory during a radio interview when he was asked about Jennings, before moving on to address the chances that this is the last year he’ll be throwing passes to Jennings.

“I think you have to be realistic about it and think that it might be. I have loved my time with Greg, Greg and I are going to be buddies whether he’s here or not,” Rodgers said, via “It’s been great throwing to him, but there’s a lot of guys who may or may not get paid the next few years, and obviously with Jordy (Nelson) and his contract situation, I think you have to think about whether or not there’s room for all of us. If there’s not, obviously you wish Greg the best. He’s a great guy and will be a great friend.”

Rodgers’ own contract situation is going to wind up impacting any decision on Jennings. He’s signed through next season, when he’ll make $10.5 million, and Drew Brees’ extension has recalibrated the playing field for Rodgers on the contract front. Barring a devastating injury or an unforeseeable total fallout with the Packers front office, Rodgers is going to get a massive deal in the next couple of years and it will take some creativity to fit a big new deal for Jennings (and linebacker Clay Matthews) comfortably under the cap as well.

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  1. Drew Brees, born with less-gifted talents, does just as much if not more on the field than Aaron Rodgers, who was blessed with much more gifted talents!!!!!!! Boo-Yah!!!

  2. I would pay Jennings and Matthews, and let Rodgers walk. Graham Harrell has a bright future with the Pack.

  3. Brees was blessed with a coaching staff that was willing to put bounties on opposing teams’ best players. Their one Super Bowl is a fluke.

  4. I don’t think anyone besides a Saints fan would take Brees over Rodgers. Brees isn’t even as good as Brady either.

  5. How is it the eagles can sign Vick, desean, babin, cole maclin and McCoy to big deals but the packers can’t find the same room for Nelson, Rodgers and Jennings?

  6. Yeah, Brees lead the league in TD passes last year. It only took Rodgers sitting out the finale while Brees and Graham padded their stats in a meaningless game. That and about 150 more passes to have one more TD.

  7. Obviously Jennings has been such a huge talent and contributor and has many years left playing at a high level. That said, the Packers have so many good receivers that they may not be in a position to pay Jennings or frankly need to.

    Who will you miss more Jennings or Driver?

  8. He deserves a big contract. Seems like he could have been a little bit more supportive of Jennings here, but I guess he was just telling it like it is. The really good teams are just deciding to struggle along with younger players because of the cap. That’s why Manningham and Jacobs aren’t with the Giants now. The Giants just replaced them with rookies.

  9. fuglyflorio says: Sep 5, 2012 9:30 AM

    Translation … I’ll just throw the ball to someone else.

    Greg Jennings is a talented football player. The Packers face the next phase of a young, great team – getting the players signed to deals. At some point, you’re forced to make a tough decision or two.

  10. It’s probably smarter to let Jennings go than Raji, Rodgers, or Matthews. WR is one position where they have an abundance of depth.

    You don’t want to tie up too much money on a few special players, otherwise you end up like Detroit where half of your salary cap is taken up by four players, and you can’t make the moves necessary to fill holes.

  11. While I agree the Pack are pretty talented at the WR position it would amaze me they wouldn’t at least make a nice offer considering they just brought back Driver who is well past his prime

  12. Ted Thompson is a brilliant GM, and as such he probably subscribes to the theory that’s better to let a player walk too early as opposed to too late. Barring injury, Jennings will get another large contract with a new team.

  13. Driver took a massive pay cut to come back. The Packers have to spread the wealth. Greg Jennings will have to decide whether the benefits of playing on this team are worth the sacrifice of not getting top dollar. We all hope his answer to that will be *YES!*


  14. Well then Jennings should just head on down to Miami to reunite with Philbin! Then the Phins would at least have one real receiver

  15. kvanhorn87 says: Sep 5, 2012 9:46 AM

    How is it the eagles can sign Vick, desean, babin, cole maclin and McCoy to big deals but the packers can’t find the same room for Nelson, Rodgers and Jennings?

    Don’t forget about Nnamdi and Peters as well, and not to mention they are around 20M under the cap.

    Seems legit.

  16. Rodgers probably should have just plead the 5th on speaking about Jennings. But I like the way Jennings is approaching it……logical and with a shrewd look at the end game. Both are great players, but QBs like Rodgers don’t come along often, and GBs receiving corp is VERY deep and good! Love to see them both stay, but don’t really see it happening.

  17. Woodson and Driver will be gone next year and this will open up the salary needed for Jennings, in the short run.

    Packers have over $10 million in cap space this year that, under new rules, can be carried over to next year.

    But, with Matthews and Raji on rookie contracts, they are due a huge raises.

    My best guess, is Rodgers’ will give a hometown discount for multiple years and huge guaranteed money, and everyone is happy.

  18. kvanhorn87 says:Sep 5, 2012 9:46 AM

    How is it the eagles can sign Vick, desean, babin, cole maclin and McCoy to big deals but the packers can’t find the same room for Nelson, Rodgers and Jennings?
    Maybe the lower paid role players for the Eagles are making less than the same players for the Packers?

  19. I think we can be realistic and say theres no way Jennings walks. He’s too good, he’s too good at making other guys good, and he has just hit his prime. I told everybody when the Packers won the superbowl that the best part about it for me was knowing that it was a young team thaty was going to seriously compete for the next 4 years, not just a one year flash in the pan. Rodgers to Jennings is not being broken up anytime soon, going 5 deep at reciever is nice but you let the cheaper guys walk and let Rodgers make their replacements, you don’t let the best guys walk and just assume you’ll be able to unearth a diamond in the rough.

  20. “Wait…there’s an ESPN Wisconsin?”

    Yes, there is a world outside of the 5 burroughs and New Jersey.

  21. Packers will find it difficult to keep all their offensive weapons after Rodgers re-signs for twice the salary cap he takes up now. Either Jennings or Jordy Nelson will have to go. Even after that, the Packers will still have less cap to work with.

    I think as this year goes on, and fails to be a repeat of last year, and the prospect of losing talent becomes a closer reality, last year’s sloppy game against the Giants will become one of the biggest wasted opportunities in Packer history.

  22. kvanhorn87 says:
    Sep 5, 2012 9:46 AM
    How is it the eagles can sign Vick, desean, babin, cole maclin and McCoy to big deals but the packers can’t find the same room for Nelson, Rodgers and Jennings?

    Eagles are awesome at cap management that’s why.

  23. Pretty sure if Rodgers wants Jennings to stay in GB he will. There has been plenty of examples of players using their influence to keep they’re buddies on the team. Not a GB fan so if my team had Aaron Rodgers I would want them to do whatever the he’ll he wants. I remember the Broncos in the late 90’s (when they were actually good) and they had some key players who took voluptuary pay cuts to keep key players, could be wrong but I think Elway did to keep one his recievers.

  24. The Eagles do a great job with their cap, and thus they have room to maneuver. They make a point to sign guys to longish contracts before their rookie contracts run out and thus they get good market value.

    I also know that they had a lot of room last year since they were paying about 2 dollars for their entire core of LBs and safeties.

    But the problem with WR is that there is the out of this world WR, and then there are the very, very good ones. Megatron and Fitz drive up the price for that 2nd tier and make them a bad value unless a team is really desperate for a #1.

    So it becomes a question of paying 1 guy 10 to 12M, possibly more. At that pricetag, the guy better be un-coverable. If not, you are better off stacking up depth if you plan on utilizing 3+ WR sets. If you don’t sell the farm for a #1, you can pay a little more for a 3 or 4 that can exploit the dime/nickle on 90% of teams.

    Almost feels like WR could become the next RB where teams will only pay for the elite, and then below that they just try to reload with younger guys.

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