Bad games could get the “worst” of the replacements

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On Tuesday, the NFL acknowledged during a meeting with various NBC personnel that the best of the replacement officials will be used for the highest profile Week One games, starting tonight in New Jersey.

Implicit in this plan is the reality that the lesser games will get the crews deemed to be less than the best crews.  It’s a concept that Peter King and yours truly discussed during Peter’s in-person visit to PFT Live on Wednesday.

That’s potentially bad news for fans of teams like the Rams and Lions or the Cardinals and Seahawks or the Panthers and Bucs or any of the games that are deemed to not be the most compelling of the weekend.

Then again, that could be good news for fans of those teams, depending on which team a bad call may favor.

Regardless, George Carlin once said that there’s a doctor who’s the worst doctor in the world, and someone has an appointment with him tomorrow.  Similarly, there’s a crew of replacements that is regarded by the league as the worst of the replacements.

And two teams have an appointment with them on Sunday.

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  1. To all the “worst” replacements.. please email me for all the best places in Cincinnati as I’m sure you’re going to be there often.

  2. Quoting George Carlin. Finally, some well deserved props. Still, u will never live down picking Bengals over Steelers. U better hope Big Ben gets hurt.

  3. Don’t they do the same with the regular refs? The best go to the playoffs and Superbowl – Do they do the same thing for big regular season games with the regular refs?

  4. As a fan of one of the teams who will be in “bad games”, I am hoping like crazy there’s a monumental screw-up in tonight’s game that forces the League to bring back the real officials.

    If a game-changing screwup takes place in a regional game between smaller-market teams, not many people will really care, outside of those two small fanbases. A screwup on national TV involving a popular franchise with a large bandwagon, on the other hand, will bring the real refs back right away.

  5. Is it kind of ironic that the most incompetent of the replacement crews will also get the fewest camera angles to use in the replay booth, since this implies they’re going to get assigned to the bottom-of-the-barrel “regional broadcast” games?

  6. So this wasn’t true before? If regular refs were being used, would the best crews go to Minneapolis, and worst ones to Green Bay? Or, are you saying that all of them are exactly equally competent?

  7. As a Rams fan this might be good news. Maybe they wont call an obvious false start that we always commit anytime we get in the redzone and its 3rd and short

  8. This first week is a BIG deal for the refs. I can only hope they come out okay. I know they all want to do there best. Good luck refs.

  9. This would be true even if we had the “regular” officials back, no? Of course, the worst “regular” official team is far better than the best “replacement” official team. Besides, why wouldn’t the NFL do this?

  10. Well every game the Seahawks are in are “bad games”…except when they play the Niners they can actually get some national exposure.

  11. I think this is overblown, the “worst” refs are only marginally worse than the rest of them. The mistakes that they make are specific and can be gone over and corrected making the lower refs not doomed to be there in any way. As a policy it actually makes sense in multiple ways, it’s both an incentive for their performance and makes sense with those games (including playoffs) being the most seen and important.

  12. How is this any different than with the regular refs? There is going to be a “last place” officiating team then too. Last time I checked they did not have a lottery to see who officiates the playoffs, but the best performing refs get the gig.

  13. trollhammer20 says:Sep 5, 2012 3:57 PM

    As a fan of one of the teams who will be in “bad games”, I am hoping like crazy there’s a monumental screw-up in tonight’s game that forces the League to bring back the real officials.
    Why not hope they get it right? Sounds like you’re just biased against them.

  14. To everyone talking about hoping the replacement refs make huge mistake,

    You want these guys mess up so that we can get the part time refs back so they can try to dictate the playoffs like last years giants packers or lions saints game? You want them to mess up the the nflra has all the cards and can come back and not have to be accountable. You want the refs to make a mistake period? Why should you want others to fail? Are you jealous that they got hired by the nfl? I mean I want the best of the best as well but what if these guys are just better. What if all they need is time? Why do you want someone to fail so badly. I mean that’d be like me saying I hope you get fired from your job just because I wanna see you fail. That’s childish and stupid

  15. the Dolphins are so screwed! They will have the bottom of the ref barrel all season. Maybe we can use the cheerleaders to distract the refs while we commit holding or pass interference, it’s our only hope!

  16. Here’s another thought. So the fans will be able to tell which refs the NFL thinks are bad refs by watching who refs the lower tier games?

  17. giantsfan,
    When a company experiences record profits in part because of the work that you do, then turns around and locks you out; that’s f’d up.
    The league created rules to turn the NFL into a high-powered offensive league and the officials definitely held up their end of the bargain protecting the likes of Brady and Rogers. It’s time to compensate them for doing what they were told, not locking them out and going on the cheap.
    I hope your place of employment doesn’t try and dick you down like that when you meet sales quotas or what have you.

  18. The non-scabby scabs looked better by the end of preseason, but some of the games looked real bad. The Niner/Indy game, the Niners lined up for a FG. Indy threw a challenge flag as the Niners kicked the FG, on a non-challengeable play. The refs called a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty on it. They moved the ball 15 yards, giving the Niners a 1st down. Then, when the Niners were about to run a play on 1st down, the whistle blew. The refs took the penalty back and wasted another 4 minutes trying to decide where the original line of scrimmage was. They never said why the flag was picked up, they moved the ball back 15 yards, and finally let the Niners kick the FG. Stupid.

    And, for all the safety concerns put forth by Goodie Goodell, the replacement are letting a bunch of helmet to helmet hits go unpenalized.

    The only good thing is, if there are blown calls in less ‘important’ games, be sure ESPN will show them to death.

  19. this means the NFL can pick who goes to the superbowl this year and makes the better story.. Mistakes, wins, can be blamed on replacement refs

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