Cowboys change mind about activating Lance Dunbar


Early on Wednesday there were reports out of Dallas that the Cowboys were going to shuffle their roster before the game against the Giants.

Running back Lance Dunbar was reportedly going to be activated from the practice squad while tight end Colin Cochart, claimed off waivers from the Bengals a few days ago, would be waived after the team declined to bring him to New Jersey. Dunbar did travel with the team and was ticketed for a special teams role against the defending champs.

That ticket’s been revoked. The team had until 3 p.m. ET to make the move, but Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that they changed course and decided not to activate Dunbar. It had been their plan to make the movie, per Mendez’s report, but they opted to go with 52 men for the game.

Naturally, that leads us to wonder if Dunbar was left on the practice squad because the Cowboys might have a player in mind for his spot on the 46-man roster for Wednesday’s game. Someone like tight end Jason Witten, for example.

Witten’s status remains up in the air with just a few hours left before the game and the season get underway. He has reportedly offered to sign a waiver absolving the team of liability if he got hurt against the Giants, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out if he’s going to be on the field.

4 responses to “Cowboys change mind about activating Lance Dunbar

  1. I think it means Jason is NOT playing so they need to keep the 3rd TE on the roster, at least for this week.

    I endorse this move. I would rather not play Witten and lose to the Giants than play Witten and beat the Giants and lose Witten for the rest of the season.

  2. Some NFL players are “soft” and seem to have trouble playing through pain (insert Vick’s name here). Jason Witten is NOT one of those players! He’s hardcore. I became a fan (of him, not the team) several years ago when he made a reception, kept running & refused to go out of bounds even though he’d lost his helmet.
    This guy still had his jaw wired shut and wanted to play.
    However, this is different.. a ruptured spleen can cause someone to bleed to death. Better to wait another week or 2…make sure his spleen’s had time to heal.

  3. It’s becoming a fuster cluck. My understanding was Dunbar replaced Cochart’s spot who didn’t travel to the game. So I though they already had a spot for Witten?

    Hey boys and girls Jerry Jones big circus is in town!

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