If Mike Pereira still graded NFL refs, he’d give replacements an F


Mike Pereira’s job used to entail supervising the NFL’s officials and grading them on the quality of their work. If Pereira still had that job, and if he were grading the replacement officials by the same standards that he used to grade the regular officials, he says he’d flunk the replacements.

In an interview with ESPN, Pereira said he believes the replacements are doing their best. But he doesn’t believe their best is good enough.

“People have asked me to grade them because that’s what I used to do when I worked for the league,” Pereira said. “For the level that these people are working at, I think they’ve done a pretty good job. I think they’ve worked within their capabilities. For Division II or III people, I think the job they’ve done would be like a C-plus. I would say this, though: If the regular guys are on the field and they perform like this, they get an F. They have done a decent job for their capabilities. Is it NFL, the level we should expect in the NFL? No, I really don’t think it is. I think it’s not going to resolve itself for a couple weeks, but I think we do deserve a bit better product than we’ve had on the field.”

Pereira has consistently taken the side of his old officiating colleagues in their ongoing battle with the NFL, so his comments aren’t surprising. At this point, what would be surprising is if the officials working tonight’s Cowboys-Giants game run everything smoothly and make it through the opener without any major mistakes.

78 responses to “If Mike Pereira still graded NFL refs, he’d give replacements an F

  1. Does anybody care what this guy has to stay? It seems like he always has a hidden agenda and I cringe everytime FOX goes to him during games.

  2. He pretty much said what you’d expect an ex-ref to say.

    These replacements will get better every week and lets see if his opinion changes at all………it should.

  3. We’ll see how fast Jerry Jones’ tune changes the first time Romo gets flattened on a late hit with no call, or his team gets a non-foul PI that gives the Giants a TD, etc.

  4. There will be at least one headscratcher tonight. I just don’t want to be the one out there telling JPP, Ware, etc who did what and messing up calls. God have mercy on them. lol

  5. This is getting ridiculous. The replacement refs are doing fine and will get better every week. If you want to talk about integrity of the game, how much integrity will the game have if it bows to the referees and they continue to have no accountability? If the regular refs had half the scrutiny on a weekly basis these replacement were getting I’d be ok with the pay increase.

  6. I bet Ed Hochuli is working out like a mad man during his time off. His guns are gonna be EPIC if this gets delayed much longer.

  7. While he was grading refs there didn’t seem to be any consequences on a bad grade. Refs that weren’t very good kept coming back year after year.
    Maybe he isn’t very good at grading.

  8. Mike Pereira was nothing but an apologist for every awful call the regular refs made for years. Some of his utterly and totally lame explanations protecting those horrible calls were from outright fantasy land.

    The regular refs are his buddies and his opinion on this is so one sided as to be valueless.

  9. Mike Pereira is impossibly biased and should not be considered an impartial observer in any discussion regarding NFL refs.

  10. Soooo….tell the real refs to drop their ridiculous demands and go back to work with their tails between their legs.

  11. You do realize that there is even a replacement ref who was kicked out of the lingerie football league because he wasn’t good enough to perform there, right?

  12. I can’t stand this guy, he doesn’t add any value to my game-day experience, but I can’t believe that so many of you support the replacement refs. Do you not know football? Have you not been watching? They are the worst, it’s not even close, and its an absolute embarrassment to the league.

    If you just want to be entertained, I can understand it, but if you played the game, care about the game, love your team, and want them to win…what the NFL is doing is complete BS. Negotiate a deal or hire real replacements from the college ranks and not these rejects.

    If they were the best replacements I would feel better, but they hired hot garbage for reasons I forget and don’t care about. If you don’t want to pay for what you told us was the best, fine, but hire the best replacements you can.

    Now that I said all of this, watch them go out and have a great weekend. Hope they do, but I don’t see it.

  13. What grade did he give the refs last year when they let colt mccoy back in game after getting trucked? What about the grade on the steelers/seahawks SB? These are hypocritical, cherry picking goons.

  14. The most frustrating thing about football is that certain rules are so subjective that most plays can be interpreted any number of ways. Is it a catch? Was he bobbling it? Was that the right spot? When was foreword progress stopped? Was his hand coming forward? Should we measure? Why only worry about the spot on critical plays; the play before was a bad spot but nobody cared at that point. This is why I could care less about who officiated. Has anyone ever watched a football game and not had at least a minor gripe with something that an official did? I doubt there has ever, in the history of football, been a game that both sides felt was officiated 100% perfectly.

  15. the fact that mike Carey remained employee during pereira’s watch confirms this man is an idiot. the lockout is simply trading out crap for puke, so spare us the chicken little routine.

  16. This guy has gone on every media outlet he can find to say how horrible the refs are gonna be… They all stink because anyone of them at a moment’s notice can cost your team a game. If I’m an O-Lineman, I’m getting my hands inside & I’m grabbing every time until they call it.

  17. This guy is such a tool.. He was cool to listen to when he was on the NFL network.. But now he thinks he needs to be more than he is…

    I dont think the New guys are doing that bad..
    Sure the first couple pre season games had some waiting for calls.. But it takes time to gel..

    I say let those other Refs hang them selves.

  18. Yeah, he said he would give them a C, not an F. I know you guys are wildly pro-ref for some reason, but I watched the interview and he said C, he said he would give the regular officials an F. You had to the spin the H outta that one!

  19. This is the same Mike Perreira that defended Walt Coleman’s “tuck” ruling against the Raiders and gave the ball back to Brady?

    He has zero credibility. He’s always been a shill for the NFL and I can’t think of one time he ever took a position against the status quo.

  20. In our house it is always a race to see who can hit the mute button first when they go to Pereira for some “expert” analysis

  21. Article about Mike Pereira. Bunch of comments about how all unions are bad. Bunch of comments about how “part-time” referees shouldn’t be making more than ‘me and my full-time job.’

    Way to stay on topic, fellas.

    P.S. No one cares that a professional working for the NFL, part-time or otherwise, is making more money than you. If you have a problem with that, it certainly isn’t the referees fault. Whine about it to your buddies, not on a football website.

  22. first off yes they arent the best, so it wouldnt take an expert like him to grade that,becuase any random person could and probably would come to that solution. but second of all give them some credit for gods sake some of these guys are coming from d2 or d3 schools where they dont care as much and the competition level isnt nearly as high. so stop ragging on them becuase theyve missed a few calls here and there just be happy the season isnt put on hold until the real refs reach a compromise

  23. I think I’d do a better job. I watched a game where they took back a TD because they said his knee was down. Then they spotted the ball where his KNEE was and not where the BALL was. lol?

  24. Mike is one sided always, his comments no one cares. He gets a F in the prodcast both and what he brings to the game.

  25. Gee, I thought the NFL’s lackey Ray Anderson said the league was locking out the refs because they needed to introduce some “accountability” into the refereeing system? Now we hear that Mike Pereira’s job was to grade officials on a weekly basis.

    Guess this dispute really is more about nickle and diming the officials than “accountability.”

    And while we are at it, when will Mr. Goodell be held accountable for the cluster **** he has presided over the last two off seasons?

  26. Gimme a break, have u ever seen this guy EVER say that he thought the refs on the field got the call wrong??!!!!! He agrees with everything, it’s a joke and a waste of a segment !!!

  27. He should have been this harsh on Bill Leavy and the rest of that SB XL crew. Those refs cost poor Seattle a superbowl win. Forget about these meaningless preseason games, that was the superbowl!

  28. Either he’s a shill OR the new refs are doing a bad job. You gotta pick one guys, you can’t have it both ways.

  29. Hope that reliance on the scab refs means that NFL accelerates central review of all games by head of officials, they way they do in the NHL from Toronto. And then keep that system.

  30. Part of me wants to see these guys completely screw the pooch tonight. Half a dozen egregiously bad calls including one that decides the game.

  31. MP is trying to get himself a 100% raise to do what a HS gym teacher could do, of course he is gonna say this. I will take a few bad call to give these average joes a shot, its not like the greedy overpaid refs of old got everything right anyway. Its refreshing to see these refs out there, who are HS teachers on the side, workin there ass off and not worried about how to increase their face time on TV. Suck it Pereira, the gravy train is over.

  32. If Collingsworth and other tv announcers are going to criticize the replacement refs then they need to continue the criticism when and if the “regular” refs come back.

  33. Here’s what it comes down to. These f-wads want more than $75000 for a part time job. 16 weeks of work for 75K. Screw ’em, keep the “scabs”.

  34. yahmule says: Sep 5, 2012 8:39 PM

    Part of me wants to see these guys completely screw the pooch tonight. Half a dozen egregiously bad calls including one that decides the game.

    The other part of you ran down your mommas leg.

  35. Sorry Mike Pereira … I don’t find anything wrong with the officals … infact I love them. The Raiders are not getting screwed.
    I find it funny how the new officals are not penaltizing the Raiders as much as the regular refs do … maybe Mike can explain that.

  36. 5 penalties called on the Cowboys on their final touchdown drive actually helped us run the clock down; then we finished it off with a brilliant throw and catch to Miles Austin; leaving no time for Giants; game over; 10 days to work O-line for Seattle road game; stars look bright!

  37. Did you idiots consider that maybe Pereira is against the replacement refs BECAUSE THEY ARE OBJECTIVELY INFERIOR TO THE REGULAR REFS, and not because he’s simply butt buddies with them? God, the way most of you talk about the refs is just plain dumb.

  38. Good thing he doesn’t. ref makes calls from one angle and might not catch all the action that’s why so many miss calls but replacement or officials refs makes bad calls

  39. This falls squarely under the category of “Duh.”

    What would any thoughtful person expect Pereira to say in this situation?

    Pereira, likeable as he is, made a lot of severely stretched arguments regarding bad calls too. Pereira is a good guy — but he can deftly manipulate an argument to serve his alterior motives.

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