Jabar Gaffney visits the Raiders


Another team is interested in the services of free agent receiver Jabar Gaffney.

Gaffney visited with the Raiders today, a league source told PFT. The visit took place two days after Gaffney worked out for the Dolphins.

The Patriots released Gaffney on August 27, making him one of the better free agent receivers available. Last year the 31-year-old Gaffney played for the Redskins and led the team in catches (68), receiving yards (947) and receiving touchdowns (five).

If Gaffney is on a team’s roster for Week One, his base salary for the 2012 season would be guaranteed, so teams may want to wait until after this weekend to sign him. But multiple teams are interested in signing him.

23 responses to “Jabar Gaffney visits the Raiders

  1. Why would you consider an aging Jabar Gaffney over Louis Murphy who was shipped away for Cheez-its

  2. This guy led the redskins in receiving stats. So you know he is a solid CFL guy. Redskins, thats funny.

  3. makes complete sense ….if moore and ford injuries linger, we need a vet to play…nothing against streater, or criner…just saying…(maybe plaxico as well)

  4. I’m shocked this guy is still available. Is he a burner? No. Can he take over a game? No way. But every WR corps in the NFL needs a guy like this. A steady, hard working veteran presence who can make the crucial catch every now and again.

    I’m a Jets fan and I’m still scratching my head as to why they have no interest. I would looooove this guy in green next year.

  5. The receiving corps is all banged up. This is just kicking the tires to see what he has left in case Moore, Ford, and Criner can’t go against SD. Ford is looking doubtful, but, hopefully, Moore and Criner can play (although Moore will probably be rusty even if he does play).

  6. I remember after his first couple years with the Texans he was considered a bust, just goes to show what David Carr can do for you!

  7. How is this guy still finding work in the NFL? He seems to me like Reche Caldwell, except able to still find a spot.

  8. Gaffney may not be an “elite” receiver, but he seems to put up good numbers wherever he plays, so he always seems to find a job. I guess he defines the term “journeyman”, kind of like a utility infielder in baseball who goes from one team to another every year.

  9. I hope the Raiders sign him. The receivers get hurt way too often, plus DHB is the most veteran receiver and hes still developing. A guy with some experience would be a good thing.

  10. Not much else on the market right now. Dolphins is a failure of an organization and them not signing him right away proves it. It’s almost like they want to be a horrible team.

  11. The reason he is not being signed is because his Salary ( over $2M) is Guaranteed. After this weekend he can be signed for Veteran Minimum with Contract Incentives. Read the Article. He will be a Dolphin, Jet or Raider by Monday.

  12. A guy that can’t get a job with anyone else would become the best WR on this pathetic roster.

  13. slickster35 says: Sep 5, 2012 5:02 PM

    A guy that can’t get a job with anyone else would become the best WR on this pathetic roster.
    Such a bitter little man. Maybe your team will win a playoff game one of these decades, and you can let go of some anger.

  14. Its a rebuilding process guys, lets see what RM has next? Hopefully its FIRING CRAPKNAPP! this guy sucks! Dumping all the load on DMC who they say want to keep healthy. So give him all the work load and tell him to go win for you! CrapKnapp
    makes teams worse as far as im considered. How about Cable? the water boy? the Janitor anyone but this clown!

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